You Can’t Do That!

The motorcycle rally is still in the process of being planned and we are still not sure of a date yet, maybe the month of April. However, I met two patients, one from the D.C. area and one from Michigan. Both said they would like to be there with us. The one who was probably hit with an IED and has scarring to his face can ride, but the other said IF he can not ride his own bike by then, he would like to be a passenger with someone else. Please keep him in your thoughts for a speedy recover so he can ride his own bike at the motorcycle rally.

Kathy, can you keep an eye out for the break-away pants that you found last year? If you find a deal on them let me know please. THANKS.

Two guys came into the clothing closet both in wheelchairs. I had to laugh because they were trying to help each other, but each could barely take care of themselves. The one would say you can’t do that I will help you and would hurt himself and the other one would make fun of him with some joke. Then the next time the second one would say I can help you and he would hurt himself. The first would laugh at him. Neither would let me help until finally I just said O.K. guys, enough is enough!! They had me in stitches telling jokes. What a funny pair and they did not know each other before coming to the hospital. They were both in the same room and both going to D.C. on the same MEDIVAC flight. The friendships made down range and here at the hospital I hope last the test of time.


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