WOW, It Is So Green here


The weather has finally turned nice again.  This morning, as patients arrived, I was standing outside talking to a LRMC employee.  The first thing I heard from one of the patients is something I have heard year after year.  “WOW, it is so green here,”  as he was staring at the grass next to the Chaplain’s Clothes Closet,  and said, “that grass over there looks so nice, I would just like to go lay in it.”  Just as he finished saying this, a loud pop from the parking lot was heard.  I am not sure what it was, but it sounded like it could have been someone smashing a soda can on the asphalt.  As far as I could see, each of the newly arrived patients from the field jumped and exclaimed every word imaginable.  One patient went down to a knee immediately; even though they were safe in Germany, their bodies and minds were still on high alert.

We have cleared out almost 12 feet of storage space and now the winter jackets can be brought in from the bunkers before it snows.  I have never seen so many beanie hats, rosary beads, decks of cards, stationary, pens and pencils in my life.  I spoke with several patients tonight and even though it is a nice evening, (about 60 degrees) the patients are arriving from 100 degree weather and they are very cold.  I ran into one patient on Sunday that had on all of his military winter gear.  He had the flaps down over his ears and the facemask covering his mouth and nose.  He said he could not believe how cold it was here.  It takes them about a week to get their bodies adjusted to the temperature here in Germany.

I would say 99% of the pillows on the shelf in the Chaplain’s Clothes Closet are LHCP Stitches of Love pillows.  There were several pillows that got lots of comments today.  When I looked at the pillow it had a LHCP tag with the name Kitty Grandma of NC, Maria is that right?  I know it is your mom.  (That’s right, Karen.  She has 8 grandkitties!)  The pillow had tropical fish on it and another had cartoon characters.  The cartoon went first and one of the fish went second.  Callie, you did good, great job!

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