With A Tease And A Thanks

We had a troop brought in with an infection and was placed in ICU.  His mom was called, and after talking with the young man’s liaison, I told him to stop by the WWMC for a quilt that I had just unpacked.  There were about 20 quilts that were just beautiful.  They were a little large, but very nice.  Just as we were talking, the mom was brought in by another liaison.   Since the first liaison had to go, I went back to the WWMC and grabbed one of the quilts and took it to ICU.  I got there just as she was being briefed by the doctors.  I just handed the quilt to the liaison and left, it’s not my place to stand there as a mom is getting told about her son’s condition.  Later, the liaison came down to thank me.  Well, to thank me the best way some of them know how – with a tease that I was not as unbalanced as I looked.  He gave me a pat on the back and said thanks.

Just knowing that this kid had a bad infection reminded me of Justin and has me thinking about him.  Many of you might have joined after this kid grabbed my heart and I shared the stories with the yahoo group, but you can find it in the messages on the yahoo group.  I hope that they can get this patient’s infection under control quickly.

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