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Monday, March 15, 2010

It is a grey, cloud-covered day.  Not much got accomplished today, but I did a lot of stuffing envelopes for mailing that was past due since the secretary has been out ill.  Glad I could be of help there.  Then spent some time at the shredder, until I broke it.  I was told it was old but I still feel responsible.

I talked to a patient today with a torn ACL and he will be here for a couple weeks going through rehab.  They were going to send him home, but he wants to go back down range.  So, he will do his rehab here to build muscle strength and then have surgery later.  He has his ticket home, yet does not want it.

I have finally started meeting some of the liaisons that are here this trip.  One that stands out so far really seems to go out of his way for his patients.  One of the other volunteers asked him where he was from and he said, “where your mom patted you on the head if you were good and kicked your a** if you were not.”  I laughed a little and said that sounded like he grew up in the military and he said close, he grew up in Georgia.

Our patient went to ER Saturday night with loss of blood capillary refill and increased pain.  She was put in a new splint and today went to orthopedics.  She arrived around 2pm for her appointment and at 2:30 still had not been seen.  The tech came out and told us that the doctor had to admit two patients and so it was taking longer than expected.  About 20 minutes later, back to the exam room.  Good and bad news.  The ankle is broken, but the knee is not.  Into a walking boot and the patient can start putting weight on the foot tomorrow.  The orthopedic clinic seems to work pretty well.  They are busy, but they still thought about coming out and checking with patients that had been there a while and how to best serve them with any changes they could make.

How you can help from the states?  We are in need of break-a-way pants.  These are the basketball type pants that have snaps on the sides.  We have some that have been homemade, but the guys look at them and say “pass.”  They are walking around in shorts and it is still quite chilly here.  We can use M, L, and XL.  The snaps must go all the way to the waist.

My hotel neighbor is a wonderful woman who is an OR nurse at LRMC.  She said that she ran an OR in the states in the plastic surgery arena.  She said before she retired she wanted to do more with her life than work with rich women looking to improve on what they had, so she decided to bring her talents here.  She did not think she would be accepted and was so happy to find out she was.  She loves her job and will be here for 2 more years.

I hope the weather is nicer for spring cleaning.  It was chilly, chilly, chilly today.

Today, I’d like to thank Dianne and Frank Lane for their donation to my trip.  Dianne has been a Yahoo Group member since July 2007.  She and her husband Frank have been constant supporters of LHCP.  Thank you Dianne and Frank!

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