Warehouse Work

Oct 4, 2007

Not much time left here but still lots of work to be done. I asked for more boxes to be brought from the warehouse and with it being a down day I imagine not to many volunteers will show up to help with things tomorrow.

They are getting ready to move items from the warehouse into a room closer to the WWMC so anyone that was at work today was pulled away to help with that work. I was very busy today with trying to get all the items sorted. A large amount of the items unfortunately had to go into the garbage today. The amount of items with expired dates is just so sad. The rest of the items were all packed up and sent to our units and units that I have been receiving addresses from Marty at AnySoldier.com. This would have been much more difficult without his help. The weather is holding out for my trip very nicely here, but I did not get much accomplished today as we had lots of patients that came in today. They either were just coming in and needed something or knew I am leaving and wanted to just talk. Tomorrow, Oct 5, will be spent finishing the boxes I did not get done today.

I know that many volunteers would not have wanted to come or work at LRMC to spend most of their time unpacking, sorting and repacking boxes. I mean really, think about it, that is what I do in the States but this is where LRMC needs my help this trip. Those patients that needed help received it from me when I was here and from others when I am not. But the big picture is the number of troops that were served by all those packages that were unpacked, sorted, repacked and shipped out of LRMC. It consisted of troops working at the chaplain’s office and needed to get the warehouse cleaned out so they could get to items easier, it is also troops on the wards, ill or wounded that needed items we found as we went through the mountain of boxes every day. It is the nurses, techs, and corpsmen that know the wounded on their wards have the comfort items they need to feel better. It is also ALL those troops in the Middle East that received all those boxes with ALL those goodies that LRMC had and now all those supplies are with the right people. That is what matters.

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