Very Special Sneakers!

Pictures of the new WWMC at LRMC

As Kathy says, I have arrived in Germany.

New Chaplains Clothes Closet

Today is June, Friday the 13th and it is cold.  What is with this Germany weather?  THIS IS JUNE!!  I brought all short sleeve shirts and at the last minute threw in my jean jacket, thank goodness.

It is the start of a 4 day weekend for the military here, but I have decided to go ahead and work today, as wounded will still be arriving.

After today, I think men are much worse to help pick out clothing for than women.  There used to be a commercial about a woman in a shoe store and the salesmen were carrying shoes out and she was not happy with any of them.  The boxes of shoes were just piling up around her.   Well, that was the picture today several times, but it was men each time.  LRMC had a BUNCH of shoes donated to them.  Now I have to admit that I don’t think I would go to the store and buy 99% of those that were donated, but when you have nothing to put on your feet, any shoe is a good thing to have.  After I broke my metatarsal in my foot, I hunt for comfortable shoes, not so much for a fashion statement.  These men, on the other hand, had to see every shoe in their size and then wanted to see shoes up to a size larger so they could find one that was ‘smokin’ or ‘hot’ or ‘jazzin’.

I had to laugh today because I had two men in the WWMC trying to pick out one pair of shoes each.  I also had a woman in there.  She was picking out clothes.  She finished picking out her sweats, shirts, pj’s, underwear, shampoo, mirror, conditioner, jacket, socks, lotion, etc and the men were still working on their one pair of shoes.  I had shoes EVERY WHERE!  When they all left, she came back to tell me I had the patience of a saint.  I told her not really; that I was laughing the entire time because women are supposed to be the indecisive ones.

The last guy that came in for shoes brought his buddy.  After trying on several pairs and teasing him, I knew I had to bring out a VERY special pair of shoes for him.  I told him that after watching him try on all the others, I now knew what he liked and had found the right pair for him.  He was not sure as to believe me, until I opened the box, flipped back the paper covering the shoes, and his buddy standing next to me said, “WOW, those are it!”  Just as he started to say he wanted to see them, I  flipped the box for him to see the hottest, most jazzed pair of basketball sneakers you ever saw in pumpkin orange!  He almost fell out of his chair.  We all had to laugh and he made a decision on one of the other pairs very quick after that.  I think he got scared that I was going to make him take the orange ones. 😯   I think from now on I will bring the orange ones out first and after those, they will take anything I bring out second since they’ll be afraid they’ll have to take the orange ones.

I listened to a romantic story today.  A kid came in and will be going home with both his knees torn up.  He said that he had just been home on leave but was going home for good now.  He told me that when he went home on his mid tour R&R, he wanted to surprise his wife.  When he landed, he called his local florist and arranged for them to deliver four dozen roses to the house about two hours after he was to get there.  He knew his wife would be at work and he wanted to do the house up in roses and take a shower before she got home.  Well, he got the surprise of his life also, because his wife was not at work.  The power had gone off at her place of business and she was sent home.  She was at home in bed.  He saw her car and was disappointed.  He left his gear outside and quietly went inside.  He wanted the flowers to hurry and get there before she woke up, so he sat in the living room without making a sound for two hours, just waiting for the flowers.  He said he was just sitting there nervous and waiting.  He had put a note on the door for the florist to not ring the door bell, but the note blew away and they rang the bell.  He just sat there.  His wife got up, came into the living room, screamed and fell back onto the bed.  He said 3 guys from the florist came in with their arms full of flowers and stuff.  He was so disappointed that it didn’t happen the way he had wanted it to, but he really did surprise his wife.

Today I worked 8.5 hours thanks to the support of Mr. & Mrs. Wagner from Redford, Michigan in memory of their nephew Stuwart Barton.

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