Unconditional Love


Well I have done about all I can do this year.  Our wounded numbers are down, but the seriousness of the wounds is up. Today I went to deliver some items to ICU and as I stood outside a room waiting, I saw an image I wish everyone could see.  It was not that he was a typical, good looking man about mid 30’s.  It was not the fact that the man in the ICU bed was hooked to every machine possible.  It was not the fact that he was an amputee.  It was that as he slept, his wife sat next to him with a loving, but concerned look on her face.  His bed sat quite a bit higher than her chair and she sat there wrapped in her shawl watching him as he slept.  It was an image that I had a difficult time looking away from.  I really did not look at him, but at his wife.  If it was at all possible to look at someone with so much love that it heal them, she would have been the one.  When the staff was finished with what I had delivered, I moved on, but that image will be forever in my mind.

Tonight I stood outside the USO and listened to new troops talk about all the wonderful, beautiful things that had happened since arriving at LRMC.  Most would think that a strange statement, since they were all patients.  However, several were thankful for the 10 minute hot shower.  One had not had a shower for over two weeks.  That shower was almost all cold water.  Another man said his last shower was 12 days ago and he had hot water, but it was either all hot or all cold.  Another said that he had thought rain had completely disappeared.  He said he had not seen rain since March 30th.  Another waited to speak and all he said was, “this is paradise,” and he felt like he might finally be able to relax.

Today I worked 9.5 hours in honor of Sharon Buck, LHCP’s treasurer.  Sharon has been with LHCP from almost the very beginning.  She manages to keep the Board and all our finances organized.  Her help has been invaluable!  Thank you, Sharon!

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