Troop Thanks 2016

These are thank you notes from our troops that the Landstuhl Hospital Care Project has received for 2016.


At times, LHCP receive wish lists from US Military stationed in the Middle East for the orphans in their AOR. We collect used clothing, shoes, items to send to these US military units for distribution. Here are pictures of the Orphan Wish List for 2016 being distributed.

September 20, 2016

Good Day Ma’am,

I received the packages, thank you very much.

We put together goodie bags for a group of kids who were coming over to meet us and our Afghan counterparts. We were going to show them the airplane and afterwards give them their goodie bags. Unfortunately, ten minutes prior to us beginning, we had an active shooter on the Afghan base where we work out of. All the Americans had to hump back to our American base and the Afghans were holed up in their own bunkers. After all was cleared, we were allowed back on the Afghan base but all the kids were gone and they handed out the bags to them before they left as I instructed them as I didn’t know how long we were going to be holed up for so I wasn’t able to get any photos with them.

I did get photos of us handing out some of the charity donations to the Afghan orphanage. That was pretty cool and they were very grateful for the donations. I’ve included some photos as well.

Thank you for the donations and everything else. It has been a pleasure. I’m leaving next week and I’m looking forward to seeing the family again and meeting my new daughter in person. Take care.


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August 22, 2016


We have received your shipment of towels and pillows. Thank you so much! The
members here are greatly appreciative.

Very Respectfully,

N W. W, SSgt, USAF
Mental Health Technician

July 28, 2016

Thank you so much for the most recent donations. The corn hole board was opened and immediately put to use by our deployers, as were the Frisbees. The next time that our students and staff use the things you sent, I’ll send a few pictures.
Everything that you have sent has been put to good use by our deployers. Just two weeks ago one of the students had lost luggage between down range and here. The clothes that you have been able to donate provided an excellent option for this student and greatly relieved the stress of the lost luggage.

Msgt SO
Mental Health

June 30 2016

Thank you very much, ma’am! Also, we received the towels yesterday. Thank you for them. Happy Independence Day!

SSgt S O
Mental Health Techncian,
Deployment Transition Center

June 29, 2016

We have received the items you mailed us. Please allow me to express our deep
gratitude for your support. People and organizations like yourself give us
hope and courage to carry on, knowing our efforts are not in vain. Thanks

Very Respectfully,

LTJG AAnderson
Medical Service Corps, US Navy

May 19 2016

Good Day Ma’am,

We received the packages from LHCP and I wanted to say thank you very much. It was very heartwarming to see that an organization is taking time out of their schedule and providing us with mementos of home. Seeing the other troops’ smiles when they saw the Hostess treats was one of the best moments I’ve had since I’ve been here. Thank you and LHCP again for thinking of us and providing a little reminder of home.


May 17 2016

Karen and LHCP
Thank you so much for sending things out so quickly. You and your various donors are providing a tremendous service. My words cannot express the gratitude of my heart, but…

Director, Deployment Transition Center

May 17 2016

Good afternoon Karen,

Thank you so much once again for your generous contribution in purchasing
the Alpha stem AID to support our Navy & Marine patients. The patients here are benefitting from this little
gadget and our staff (cc’ed) are excited that we can offer something new
besides medications to help with anxiety, depression & sleep issues. I just
thought I should let you know that the patients are loving it and reporting
positive improvement. I just saw one today who is undergoing a lot of stress
and he fell asleep while waiting for his session with me. He noted he is
more calm and relaxed.

Once again thank you for your commitment to serve our sailors and marines.

With deep gratitude,


May 16 2016


We received our boxes last week and I wanted to say a huge huge thank you.
This week we had 50+ sailors here and once again the LHCP has been the
unsung hero in so many ways. Our new OIC was out this week previewing
everything. He was overwhelmed with all you have done and even in his words, “this
place couldn’t function without support organizations like the LHCP.” I
look forward to the two of you meeting.

I walked by this dumpster near one of our buildings last week. Over the
years there have been so many things thrown in there from pillows to flip
flops. But this time there were just a few broken Play Station 4 games.
Since the PS4 consoles are in good shape I assume they were scratched or
broken… who knows.

Thanks for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chaplain JS

May 12 2016

We received four boxes today from you. Thank you very much for all of the supplies! Our students will definitely put them to good use.

Mental Health Technician,

April 27 2016

My name is Judy Strickland, I want to thank you for all the truly lovely pillows that you send for the traveling soldiers. I wish you could see all the smiles on so many faces from those who have received your pillows.

I have sent you copies of our latest Kabel magazine that tells of happenings in the Kaiserslautern Military Community and the local area. Please look on page 24 and the photo of the soldiers with your pillows. In writing you I am fulfilling a promise I made to Airman Sharp (the gentleman on the left). He was truly overjoyed when he picked out his travel pillow that you sent. He said he wanted to personally thank you and tell you how very much it meant to him and his buddies that you thought enough of them to make and send the pillows. He really wanted to personally thank you so this is our way of passing on his heartfelt thank to you. The thanks was also echoed by his buddies in the picture. They are smiling to you also in the picture.

Please know how much your and your helpers generosity means to these fine young men and women in uniform. Thank you for caring about them and being so generous with your support by the lovely pillows.

Thank you so very much,
Judy Strickland


April 25, 2016

April 25, 2016

April 24, 2016


Good morning. I wanted to say Thank You for the wonderful support toward
WTP (past, present and future). The staff here along with our Returning
Sailors really appreciate the supplies, gifts, and time you’ve given.

Very Respectfully,

OIC, Warrior Transition Program
Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center

March 31, 2016

We received the towels today and the wonderful quilts. Thank you again.

March 30, 2016

Thank you so much. We do a lot of outreach with units and get to talk to a lot of people and we always brag about what a great organization that you are. I always brief people on the Heroes who have lost their lives and whose faces are on the packages that you send and people are very humbled and they are very appreciative of what you and your staff do for us. Thank you! V/r Amy

Feb. 23, 2016

Good Morning!

Your coats have been lifesavers.  The weather has been quite challenging this winter and there is no way our Returning Sailors could have survived the reintegration trips without LHCP’s support.  So, on behalf of the many sailors who have told me thank you… THANK YOU!!! We still have a full supply of coats, but stocking caps and gloves are completely depleted.  The only other items that seem to be running low are socks and men’s underwear.  If these are items you could help with, we would be so grateful. Again, thank you so much for all you do.


Feb. 23, 2016


I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you very much for the LHCP donation to the returning sailors of WTP. 32 members were able to enjoy a good German meal because of your organizations kindness. Everyone of them was extremely grateful enjoyed their meals. We almost ran out of space on this card as some of them really wanted to thank you. We look forward to working with you in the future.

K.S. Rice

Troop Thanks Feb 2016

Feb 23, 2016

Good morning ma’am, We received some blankets and pillows and we are so ecstatic. Our military members here are so appreciative of the items that you all send. Thank you for all you do V/r MSgt H

Feb 8, 2016


Thank you so much! The pillows and the blankets have been a huge item here at Al Udeid. We have people coming in daily asking about them. Blankets would be great and anything you donate to us is appreciated. We just enjoy receiving items that make our troops feel loved and appreciated. Thank you again for what you do and for all of the volunteers that help make your organization run.


Feb 2, 2016

Good afternoon ma’am, I just wanted to send our many thanks and
gratitude to all of you who have sent us the fantastic donations.
The pillows and the blankets have been a HUGE hit and have gone very quickly. We look forward to continuing to work
with you throughout our deployment here.

NCOIC, Mental Health Clinic