Troop Thanks 2014

These are thank you notes from our troops that the Landstuhl Hospital Care Project has received for 2014.


troop thanks

Christmas shipments



Christmas Shipments


Christmas Shipments

Christmas Shipments

December 12, 2014

LHCP, You are amazing… Thank-you very much. We just received the shipment of toiletries (toothbrushes, dental floss, conditioner) AWESOME. Let the stocking stuffing begin…


December 2, 2014

Thank-you. We are decorating our clinic and spreading the wealth across the installation!!!

Thank-you so much!


December 1, 2014

Hi Karen,

Thank-you for the abundance of Christmas boxes. We have been extremely busy during this past month or so, both in the clinic and in our various outreach responsibilities across the installation. We are in the process of stuffing all the stockings you sent to pass out to some of the higher-risk units on
base, so any kind of “stocking stuffer” items would be most relevant for us at the moment.

Thanks again for all your love and support. You may never know how many lives you have touched and blessed with your generosity.


Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Mental Health Element Chief

November 11, 2014

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE


Wow – those boxes got here fast! They arrived just in time. We are ready for the masses. Toiletries are unpacked and displayed. Video games will be set up soon (we want to ‘secure’ them to the furniture). Sweats and shoes are shelved in our ‘Chaplains Closet’. Christmas decorations will be put up after Thanksgiving. We’ll send some photos to you when we get it all set up!

Blessings to you and your family,

Chaplain R

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” – Annie Dillard

October 31, 2014



I received your boxes. Thank you soooo much! We are fully stocked now. Our patient flow is pretty slow at the moment which is good for our troops. I will let you know if there is anything else we could use right now I think we are doing pretty well with supplies. Please let me know if there is anyone we could send a personalized thank you to for the things you sent. The gowns are especially useful.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Thank you again!

Best regards,

October, 2014

TROW family:

The CFC has thousands of amazing organization worthy of your donations and support.  However if you did not have a preferred organization or wanted to expand your impact, I wanted to share some personal intel on one organization:

On my last deployment I personally work with Karen Grimord, the president of  Landstuhl Hospital Care Project (CFC# 12282), they literally provided a personal quilt for every wounded warrior we aerovac’d.  This quilt stayed with the member from the battlefield hospital all the way to their personal home.  It was a very touching gestured that was very moving to witness and meant the world to our wounded warriors.  They also provided hand sanitizers and dispensers that could be mounted throughout our treatment rooms and helped prevent the spread of disease.  They sent pallets of boxes filled with goodies, civilian clothes for our wounded warriors to wear, pillows, and other thoughtful gifts.  They do tons more.

Since its inception, each month LHCP has honored a military service member who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Every box which is shipped from LHCP is labeled with information about the Honoree. The monthly Honoree’s story is attached to the box so others can read about those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

The reactions and gratitude I personally witnessed from the warriors were priceless, I will never forget it and it truly made a difference.

Again this is NOT to steal or steer your donations away from your charities, but if you not know which organization you wanted to support or if you wanted to do more, LHCP is clearly worthy of your support.  Don’t take my word for it, check out their website:



Serving America’s largest overseas U.S. Military Hospital, supporting wounded/injured military members hospitalized overseas in Afghanistan,

Germany and Middle East, U.S. VA hospitals. Their admin cost are only 4.7%

Plus they were awarded the Best in America: The Independent Charities Seal of Excellence is awarded to the members of Independent Charities of America and Local Independent Charities of America that have, upon rigorous independent review, been able to certify, document, and demonstrate on an annual basis that they meet the highest standards of public accountability, program effectiveness, and cost effectiveness.

Thank you all for what you do every day.  Our beneficiaries are fortunate to have you here on our team.  Have a wonderful and blessed day.



Program Operations

San Diego, CA


Sep 18, 2014

Ms. Grimord,

If you could send about 25-30 sets of twin sheets and pillowcases that would be great. Somehow sheets are like pillows and disappear very quickly around here. I know some go with patients, and some get soiled and have to be disposed of. I am redeploying back to the states within the next week or so. I will probably not be here when the package arrives. If you could use LT AM as the contact person replacing me that would be great. Thank you and your organization again so much for your support during our deployment. I am truly grateful for all the items that made our time here a little more comfortable and tolerable. Being away from home and away from families can be very challenging, but knowing folks like you are behind us give service members more strength and resilience to push through and make a difference while deployed.




Sep 17, 2014


Today I got two more boxes of snacks. I appreciate your support as always. I am set to leave Afghanistan in less than two months and I just want to let you know that I really do appreciate all of the support that you have provided to myself and to my troops since we have been deployed. You were a blessing during my deployment in 2012 and again this deployment. I appreciate all that you and your organization have done and I will never forget the support you have provided.

Thanks again. Take care.




Sep 8, 2014

Ms. Grimord,

You seem to know exactly what may be needed when. The hospital seems to be getting low on sheets and pillow cases, as well as a new group of hospital staff will be coming in shortly that could use some of them also.

I will be rotating out shortly, but will give you the contact information for one of my replacements if that is OK. Your help and support has been tremendous. The staff here are truly grateful for all you have provided for us and the patients.




Aug 13, 2014

Ms. Grimord,

Received the pillows and towels today!! Thanks again so much. The pillows as always are a huge hit for both the patients and staff. The towels replenished our diminishing stock for patient use also. Both are greatly appreciated. I cannot say enough about your tremendous support of us.



NY Veterans Thank You Letter

Aug 11, 2014

I wanted to thank you first thing this morning for your support.  I received a portion of your shipment this weekend and have already started getting it to the right people.  The guys are very appreciative and the movies/music was a nice bonus for everyone out here.   I will keep an eye out for the boxes of pillows.  I already received the Clogs, blankets, some shoes with the towels and razors, as well as, the box of movies and music CD’s.

Thank you again from all at Sx.

Very Respectfully,



July 29, 2014


Greetings! Glad you made it back safe!

I wanted to first, thank you immensely for your support of our Troops.

Third, please find attached, pictures of the goodies you sent…we stuffed backpacks with the stuff you sent, and handed out the sneakers for a few hours!!! We culminated the Enlisted Call with a good ol “Murican” BBQ with the Grilling Sets you also sent!!!

I’ll be putting something in the Mail for your and your team here shortly, but definitely, before I leave!

I will be departing at the beginning of xx from Afghanistan and will fortunately be passing by Germany to Warrior Transition Program as I re-integrate to the harsh environment of Hawaii!!! I’ll be heading there to check back in to my command, take leave and transfer to Washington State.




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July 29, 2014


Greetings from XX where I have heard many wonderful things about you and
the organization you represent. Thank-you for bringing a smile and many
comforts from home to many of our service members currently deployed. Please
let me know how I can facilitate the donations. We certainly plan to continue
outreach efforts and I look forward to working with you over the course of
these next six months.




July 29, 2014


The towels arrived. Thank you so much for your support! We are all very
grateful. All items you send are put to good use. On behalf of Captain Ed XX
and NAVCENT FWD HQ AFG team, Thank you.




July 25, 2014

Ms. Grimord,
Thanks again for the pillows and the shirts/jerseys. The pillows were able to restock our supply. Somehow, they always seem to get used up. I think some get transferred with our patients when they move to their next level of care. The shirts/jerseys were a tremendous hit and were passed out very quickly. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness and packages. They really go a long way to improving our attitudes and morale.




July 25, 2014


Thank you very much. I received a big box with my shoes and many wonder items too.

Please tell the donor that I appreciate the gift and thank you very much.




July 25, 2014


The shirts and soap came. No fighting over the soap, but a slug-fest for the shirts!!

I had a swarm of folks around as I unpacked them and they were all gone in 15 minutes. Everyone loved this gift!

Of course no one can wear them until on the way home, but I’m in sure they will be travelling through many airports sometime soon.

The soap will be very useful as well.



July 25, 2014


I just wanted to send you a message and say thank you for the sporting shirts that you recently sent out. You would have thought it was Christmas in Afghanistan the way the Soldiers were going through the shirts. All of the Soldiers were pleasantly surprised and it showed on their faces. I really do appreciate the morale booster. I was also wondering if you could send another round of snacks and goodies. I honestly thought that it wouldn’t be possible to go through all of the last boxes that you sent out, but they have completely disappeared minus a few remaining items. Our PX here is going to be getting less and less items in as the forces draw down, so I have found that Soldiers rely on items that your Organization so graciously sends to us. Again, thank you for your continued support and have a great week.


CTF Mountain Warrior

July 25, 2014

Dear Karen,Thank you very much for the packages you and your organization sent us. I have been receiving the shipments all day, and little did I know how they could go taken away so fast. Your pillows were a resounding success amongst our troops on FOB Gamberi. I and my entire team are most appreciative of your kindness and consideration.

Thank you.

July 25, 2014

Hello Karen,

I hope your time in Germany is going well. I just wanted to say thank you for
all of the items that your organization has supplied to our deployed members
over the past six months. You’ve improved the morale of hundreds of deployed

I also wanted to introduce you to Capt E (Cc’d on this email). She will
be replacing me as the Mental Health OIC effective immediately and will be
your new point of contact here. Please include her in your contact lists. I
know that she is very appreciative for the work you’ve done and looks forward
to having a good working relationship with you as well.

Take care and thanks again for all you do,

Capt B

 July 21, 2014


July 11, 2014

Navy-Warrior-Transition-Program Navy-Warrior-Transition


July 8, 2014


July 1, 2014



June 23, 2014


June 2, 2014

Ms. Grimord,
Received a box of blankets, clogs, snacks and toiletries today.  Thank you very much for the package.  All the stuff got distributed quickly.

Thanks for your continued support.

CDR Rich


May 29, 2014


Received 3 boxes with goodies!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your continued support…it warms our hearts to see the effort manifested-thank you for caring and for what you continue to do…

Again, thank you!


Combined Security Assistance Command – AFGHANISTAN


May 27, 2014


Good evening from Afghanistan.  How are you and your crew doing?  Hopefully things have been going well for all.  Things here are going smooth so far for the first two months.  I was wanting to see if it is possible to get a few more packages of jerky and other snack goodies?  My Soldiers here have been chowing down on all of the previous stuff that you sent.  I also wanted to thank you for the iTunes cards that were sent out previously.  Soldiers came back and said that they were able to download some music at the local MWR with the cards, so that was a good morale booster.  Thanks again for all of your support.  As always I appreciate you and those that help support us.



May 13, 2014


Thank you for the BBQ items, we had a command social engagement last night, went well, and there was much surprise and appreciation for the weber mini-smokey-joes.

CMD Surgeon Office
Thank you for the BBQ items
Thank you for the BBQ items!

May 13, 2014

Landstuhl Hospital Care Project,

I wanted to send a personnel thanks from our unit to you and your organization. We have been receiving your care packages and they always seem to come at just the right time. The blankets were especially well received and have made life here significantly better. Many troops, including myself, were using a sleeping bag before they arrived. Thanks again for all you do, and please know your efforts have been a real help to the troops in our unit.



May 12, 2014


We got more stuff today, more than I ever expected (like 10 more boxes) of pillows, razors, back-packs, tide soap, etc etc. That was 5 hours ago, and most is already gone through our distribution (madness, happiness, and many comments of thanks to you and your group). Three boxes of odds and ends still remain for the pickers.

You got the photos I sent earlier I hope? Well today looked very much the same. The back-packs were a big hit and the first thing gone. The bar-soap was also gone ASAP. Shower shoes also mostly gone now except for the extreme sizes.

Thank you so much for all your work. I always love the quote that “work is love made visible”, and this is certainly true of what you do.

Best Wishes,

Tim, Afghanistan

May 3, 2014

Ms. Grimord,
Received the package yesterday, and again thank you very much. The socks are great and the coffee, well what can you say about coffee. We here thank you from the bottom of our tired, but comfy feet to the top of our full stomach.



April 11th, 2014 Afghanistan


I received five boxes a few days ago and the snacks and pillows were a hit as I remember with my last deployment. The big pillows go VERY quickly as do the blankets. I appreciate you sending the items to my Soldiers and I. It is nice to see the smiles on their faces when they come by and pick up some of the “goodies”. Since I work the night shift here, I don’t get my mail until the end of my shift when the mailroom opens and I believe that I have some more boxes from you waiting for me to pick up in the morning. Again, thank you for all that you do to support the troops to include myself and my Soldiers. Have a wonderful day.



Saturday, March 22, 2014

Note: These two are from the same person.

I am emailing you to see if you still send out packages to troops deployed to Afghanistan. I was deployed to Afghanistan from March-December 2012 and I used to get packages from you frequently. At that time, it was awesome to be able to distribute the packages to the Soldiers within my Brigade, and they were much appreciated. Please let me know if this is a service that you still provide. Thank you and have a good day.


I would like to take this time to thank your organization and the people that work and volunteer in your organization for all that they provide for the men and women deployed away from their families. It is a huge morale booster when packages are received and it is great for me as a leader to see the smiles that come to the Soldier’s faces when they get items from the packages. Your organization was a great support for my troops back in 2012 when I was deployed to Afghanistan and it is good to hear that you are still supporting the troops now that I am deployed again back to Afghanistan until sometime near the end of the year. I know there are people out there that are probably asking “Why are you still providing support for the troops when they are supposed to be leaving Afghanistan by the end of 2014?”. In my opinion, the American public should show support for the troops until the last troops come home. My wife was actually just telling me yesterday that she had read an article talking about how a large coffee franchise (I won’t name them, but I am sure a lot of the people reading this drink it) thinks that the war should be done and they no longer support the effort, therefore they no longer support the troops that are still fighting the war. Well needless to say we will no longer be buying any coffee from them. It is not the Soldier’s fault that we are still here fighting this war. We are just doing the job that we swore on an oath to do. If we are sent home earlier great, but if we are told that we have to be here past 2014, then that is what we will do, but for heaven’s sake don’t forget about us and give up on us. We are here fighting for the freedom of those in the United States, so they can sleep peacefully at night. I know that it can be easy just to say we are done providing support, but sometimes making that harder decision can be the more gratifying choice. In closing, I would like to thank the Landstuhl Hospital Care Project for still supporting those troops that are here till the end.


Friday, March 21, 2014


Once again thank you for your donation to the CASF USO. Two boxes of wonderful warm blankets arrived, just in time, as our quilt and blanket supply was getting low.

We are always very thankful and appreciative of all that you send, and all that you do.

Thank you and all those in your organization, for their dedication and help.



Sunday, March 20, 2014
Clinical Pastoral Division

Dear Mrs. Grimord

Thank you for your generous donation to the Chaplain’s CLothes Closet (CCC). our donation will be used for direct support of our wounded warriors.

The CCC started in October 2001 at the onset of Operation Enduring Freedom and continues today to provide clothes and comfort items for wounded and ill warriors who come to Landstuhl Regional Medial Center for treatment. Frequently, they arrived here with minimal clothing items. The CCC provides new essential clothing and toiletry items for these men and women.

The Chaplain’s Closet serves more than 350 warriors each month. Since the Chaplain’s Closet is a non-funded humanitarian entity within the Department of Defense, we rely on the generous donations of fellow Americans and others. One hundred percent of all donations directly support our wounded and ill service members.

Please continue to pray for our wounded warriors and their families, and again thank you for your generous donation.


Chaplain (Col) Baker, Jr.Chief, Clinical Pastoral Division

January 15 2014

To: Karen Grimord

Subject: Packages received,

I just wanted to let you know that your packages came and were given to SSG xx and 1LT Xx of D Co 1-8 CAV. They wanted to say Thank you so much because it will be so much better for them. You literally filled their tents and now they will be very warm. Just last week we had snow about 4 inches. I am requesting a picture for you as I don’t know if they will/ have got in touch with you yet? They are a busy group of soldiers. Anyway, I will be leaving. My time is soon ending here. Guess where I’m headed for my next tour? Landstuhl Army Medical Center. We are pretty excited so around xx we are moving. Again, thanks for your love and support of us over here especially the medical folks as well as the Cavalry.

Have an awesome day.

Major O-D

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