Troop Thanks 2008

Afghanistan TMC
Afghanistan TMC

Friday, 2008 Dec 26 Snail Mail


Thank you for your recent care package of all the DVD’s, pj’s, magazines, and candy, we received it on Dec 4. CPT E. throughly enjoyed the PJ’s, and the rest of the soldiers who come into the aid station really appreciate the DVD’s and magazines. Thank you for your generosity.

Happy Holidays

Aid Station in Afghanistan

Tuesday, 2008 Dec 9

Ms Grimord -Thank you very much! Please thank those who work for/with you to make this and all you do happen for our brave Service Members.This will definitely help.

Thanks again and have a great day.


Sunday, 2008 Nov 30

Our thanksgiving meal was OK. Better than the usual, but of course, nothing like home. Our med group had their own dinner and invited the wing staff.

I got your box(es) of flip flops! You don’t do anything halfway do you? And even the boxes are always nice coming from you!

Military mail can be rough, but that nice double walled cardboard will be handy when it comes time to start mailing home some of the stuff that’s been accumulating in my room!

Anyway, I better get going. Just wanted to drop you a quick note. Talk to you soon.


Wednesday, 2008 Nov 26


I received the shirts yesterday, and they look very good! Thank you so much, and many, many thanks to the company (New Life Industries) that processed them. I will give them out this coming Sunday at our last “farewell” party. Thank you so much for all your help and support throughout our deployment. I will try to send some pictures after our party. Thank you so very much again!!

Radiology, 86 CSH

Wednesday, 2008 Nov 19

Newly arrived are towels and stockings. Towels have been as much of a Christmas

gift of their own. My buddy and I are going to get up Christmas day 0100hrs and put stockings on each CHU (combat housing unit). Each person will awake to a little Christmas surprise… it’s nothing extravagant, but I hope they appreciate the effort.

Medevac Crew Chief 

Wednesday, 2008 Nov 19


You all are so WONDERFUL!!! THANK YOU!!

I just got an email from a group I support and they asked for towels, flip flops, and sweatshirts. It’s getting cooler over here so I imagine the request for sweatshirts will go up. I’m not sure if you saw the news last week about those 6 guys that got shot by an Iraqi Army guy…by your aid, I was able to get blankets and sheets the hospital needed in a hurry for those guys. They were pretty short and I was able to send a runner to my supply room and get a box of each that I had for “emergency” situations. Well, everything else is going pretty good. Thank you again for everything you, and your group do!!


Tuesday, 2008 Nov 18

Thanks for all you do Karen!! We got the blankets…RIGHT ON TIME!! We really were in need of them!


Chief Wardmaster

Tuesday, 2008 Nov 4 Snail Mail

Landstuhl Hospital Care Project
C/O Sharon Buck
To Whom It May Concern:


On behalf of the Army Community Service Financial Readiness Program at the United States Army Garrison Grafenwoehr, and the Soldiers and Family Members we serve, I would like to thank you for your participation in the Coupon Exchange Program. Your efforts will truly help them save money, and will have an impact on their personal finances.

Thank you for your amazing effort, your dedication to our military families, and your patriotism.

Very respectfully,
Ryan D. Yarnell
Personal Financial Readiness Specialist
Army Community Service
USAG Grafenwoehr

Tuesday, 2008 Nov 18


Just received the 7 Littmann stetescopes today. Thank you so much, and the blankets are being distributed to some of our soldiers that didn’t receive too much in the way of winter gear. It’s getting colder here, so our time in the tents will be much more pleasant for them now. Thank you again.


2008 Oct Email from Afghanistan

It is getting almost cold here in Afghanistan. The highs have been in the fifties and we are starting to see a freeze every night. The good thing about the freeze is it kills the mosquitoes so in a few weeks I can stop taking my Malaria pills. The snow in the mountains also keeps the insurgents from coming down and attacking our bases. I haven’t seen the mountains for several weeks because of the haze that occurs here, but I’m told there is a layer of snow already.

The soldiers I’ve spoken to are very concerned about the future both here and back home. We see the news about people losing their homes and their retirement, and see the stock market plummet day after day. A lot of soldiers are not sure what there are going back to. Since the election the mood has been gloom and doom. They are especially concerned about pulling out of Iraq and seeing the country revert back to a terrorist hide out. All the lives and sacrifices they have made there seems to be unimportant to the public back home. The soldiers have always realized that America is not at war, only the American Army is. Only now that cynical reality becomes very real.

Personally I am very apprehensive. I have seen the enemy and have seen the bitter hatred in his eyes. They will not stop, and as we lose control here and bow to the political pressures that are leading us to another Vietnam, meaning where we cannot attack because the enemy is in another country so they can attack across a border but we cannot, it will only be a matter of time before we are forced out by our own impatience. The enemy has been fighting for hundreds of years and are perfectly happy to wait until America grows tired of losing a few brave men each summer and gives up. They have the patience to stay hidden and stay low profile until the American public’s patience wears out. They have the patience to continue to fight for the next hundred years, Americans do not. The future does not look good from here. It would not “look good” if America strikes our enemy’s with the power and might we are capable of. We are over here “bullying” the Taliban and Al-Qaeda remember. I also fear that Iran will prove to be a more formidable enemy than anyone thinks.

Many people ask me when I will be through here, or when I’m coming home. I have been put in some very difficult living conditions. I have been scared to the point where I’ve crapped my pants. I have been tossed around and physically injured. I have also been allowed the opportunity to stand next to an American warrior and help him defend my country. I wouldn’t exchange this for any job in the world. Maybe I’ll come back when I turn 60, but as long as there is an American soldier I can support, I will stay right here.

God bless our soldiers.

Sunday, 2008 Oct 19

Hi Karen!

I think I’ve gotten 5 boxes of blankets and one of towels/toothbrushes now (I’m only uncertain because one of the nurses decided to open them one day before I could see them. Anyway THANK YOU! I didn’t expect so many. I think we should be good for the winter now =). Would you believe we’re out of flip flops again though? I was shocked at how fast they went. I’m attaching a prioritized list of stuff that I know off hand we need. If you have an over abundance of any of it, we’ll take it.


Sunday, 2008 Oct 5


First of all THANK YOU, I’m going home…… Me and my unit and all the patients we have treated over this long 15 month deployment cannot thank you enough, our gratitude is immeasurable. Thank you very much. I will continue to support you through CFC donations. And telling people of the great work you all do.

SSG W, Michael
2nd Squadron 2d Stryker Cavalry Regiment
Aid Station NCOIC

Todd Jackson
Todd Jackson

Friday, 2008 Oct 3


Thank you for the 3 boxes of blankets that were received today.

Thank you very much and I look forward to your next opportunity for our wounded men and woman.

Kirkuk Iraq

Friday, 2008 Sept 26


We just received one of your packages with the fitted sheets and quilts. I wanted to let you know that they have all been given out between the FST and the C-Med Co of the xx Brigade Combat Team, xx Infantry Division that is co-located with us and assists us with some of our trauma patients. We gave out our “Big Daddy Adult Pajamas” last week to a team of U.S. Casualties that were shot up…but not too bad. The Soldiers were very appreciative to have them after we cut all their cloths off, to assess and treat them! The Chief NCO from xxx just delivers us a bunch of Starbucks coffee, 15 bags. Is there a way we could get a coffee grinder and a French Press for Coffee from your Organization. If not don’t worry about it. Please tell all the people that are donating items and time that we are humbled by their support and that we are very happy when we get the packages you send. It is a touch of home in a place that often feels forgotten. Your organization and support has lifted spirits and assisted us in our ability to provide basics for our staff and our patients alike. On a special note, please thank the people who have been making the quilts, they are absolutely beautiful and everyone wants one. The 300 to 400 thread count sheets were like gold. All sheets sent are now in use by our Soldiers. We look forward to everything you send.

Thank you and God Bless,


2008 Sept 11 Email from Afghanistan

September was a time to remember the 9-11 actions against our country that brought us here.

The National guard troops that are currently stationed here are from the state of New York.

They put on a very nice ceremony as the anniversary is special to many of them.

I’ve talked with many who had family members or friends killed in the attacks.

I was allowed to participate with a couple of squads that flew flags on the anniversary.

I felt honored that I was allowed to fly my flags along with the military personnel’s flags for 911.

The rest of September was uneventful, just as we like it.

The weather cooled down from the 90s to the 80s and it was actually very pleasant weather wise.

God bless our soldiers.

Afghanistan 9-11 flag
Afghanistan 9-11 flag

Wednesday, 2008 Sept 10 Snail Mail

Dear Ms. Karen Grimord

We want to personally thank you for your care package of med bags, blankets, dvds, and snacks. Thank you so much for your hard word and dedication to soldier. We really appreciate everything you do for us. You have helped to bring comfort to many soldiers.

Thanks so much!

SGT xx 
SPC xxx

Tuesday, 2008 Sept 9

At this time, we are well supplied…..thanks to you, on blankets and pillows. We are using the blue blankets for all our patients and have been using the bath blankets with our local national patients. We do get some children here with bad trauma and they like the pillows and we usually have some stuffed animals that we give out. Any small stuffed animals for the little ones would go a long way in cheering up children. Trauma and amputations are especially hard on 3-10 yr olds. They are also emotionally tolling on us. It makes us feel better as providers when we can give a small gift to the little kids and see them smile. You’ve been great and please send out our thanks for everything!

Maj, Chief Nurse

Wednesday, 2008 Sept 3

Forwarded to LHCP from America Supports You

Subject Line:

Thank you for your support


I am here in Landstuhl Germany ready to ship back to Afghanistan in the morning and wanted to thank you for the support you have given me and the others who have come here.

I received a gift from Mr./Mrs. Waggoner of Redford, MI (name on LHCP sponsors label) through the Landstuhl Hospital Care Project. I could not find an e-mail address to send them a thank you so if it would be possible to forward this to them I would greatly appreciate it.

What you are doing is greatly appreciated, never doubt that. Please keep up the good work.


T. F.

Wednesday, 2008 Sept 3

I think I spoke to soon! right after I sent the email a box got dropped off here at the TMC, that was perfect timing! We all here really appreciate everything that you put in the box for us, it means a lot to me and I am sure some of the others feel the same way. I passed out the stuff to all my battle buddies here and let them go through the box and read the card.

thank you so much


August email from Afghanistan

My one year anniversary of being in Afghanistan was this month, and I have a lot of memories. Usually I say “wow where did the time go?” but this past year seems like I’ve done a lot to remember. I’ve made two emergency trips out of here, one in a medical evacuation helicopter and the other on commercial for the passing of my mother. I also went on a normal vacation trip through the Kabul International Airport. I’m now considered an old pro at getting in and out of this war zone. I’ve done more living this past year than I have in the past several, and I own very few material things. I have no house, no car, my meals prepared for me, my laundry done for me, if I had someone to change my bed I’d have just about nothing to do. If it wasn’t for the guys shooting at me it would be just about livable. Oh yea, I forgot about the 12 hour work days and the hiding in bunkers when the sirens go off. Ah, minor details. I really am happy to be doing a job to support the effort here and to be among the finest Americans I have ever seen. The warriors here are a special breed of people. Which is why I signed up for another year and intend to sign up for several more.

Of course there is always a reminder that the enemy is close. Last week 6 French soldiers were killed about a mile from here and 4 kidnapped and later killed. The French contingent here are teachers and not infantry soldiers. After they were killed a couple of Special Forces groups appeared here. I always feel a little safer when those guys are around.

Checking Heart
Checking Heart


Thursday, 2008 Aug 7


We did receive the scrubs and the sheets. We are happy to have them. It’s hard to believe how difficult it is to get stuff sometimes. Were the pillow cases mailed separate from the sheets?

I just asked the Commander of the CMC if they would like some blankets and they said they would like 50 to distribute to their Soldiers for the winter. They could also use socks if you still have some left. They rarely have any socks etc.. in the PX here on our FOB (we did get the ankle socks you sent us and they were a big hit). Do you guys ever get media entertainment stuff for Morale and Welfare etc. such as movies or Wii games? The Air Force bought the unit a Wii gaming system, but they do not have any games here. The guys were curious vs. ordering online.

Pillow Honoree Web
Pillow Honoree Web

Tuesday, 2008 August 05

THANK YOU!!! You’re GREAT!! I got the lights and siren from that super nice guy (Jim, LHCP Vice President) that got them for us. I also just got a box of quilts, CD’s, and DVD’s. THANK YOU!!!

Take care,


Friday, 2008 August 01 (Snail Mail)

Thank You so much for your support we receive the boxes with the stationary, blankets and ankle socks. I separate it and distribute them to the guys from my brigade. Thank you so much for your hard work.

Take care,


Bob Updike Wins
Bob Updike Wins

Tuesday, 2008 July 15


Yes we got the coolers. THANKS!!! I have been meaning to email the guy that sent them and tell him thanks!

We needed four and he sent six, so he actually helped the Helicopter crews too. We gave them the extra two coolers to use when they fly out on missions. They liked them a lot too! THANKS!

It’s funny, I was just about to email you and let you know that we have not gotten the lights and sirens yet. I’ve been looking and waiting for them…I understand the delays though. We are still in need of them and are still looking forward to getting them! THANKS!!

You and your group have been SO SO helpful!!! We can’t thank you enough!!


Tuesday, 2008 July 09


They got here ok!! THANKS!! We installed them a couple days ago, and have had to use them twice already. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!! People will actually get out of our way now! IT’S GREAT!! My whole crew appreciates them more than words can say!

One another note……you sent me ten boxes of pillows!! THANKS!! I have given them to the ICU/ICW, some of our medics to use as seat cushions on their long missions, and I sent one to my brother in Afghanistan (Bahgram Airport)…. They all GREATLY appreciate them.




Sunday, 2008 June 29


I almost feel bad always asking for things and not being able to give back. That’s one reason why we were willing to help that other unit that is already here.

We can’t explain the appreciation we feel from all the support that you and others are giving us and we would like to pass on that support. So, if you know of anyone that needs something over here, if you could pass it along, maybe we can help too. THANK YOU!!


Thursday, 2008 June 30 (Snail Mail)

Dear Mrs. Grimord,

I wanted to thank you personally for your care package. It not only supports us welfare & morale as well. Thank you & God Bless.

xxx Med Co (GA)
US Army Combat Medic & Nurse 

Also signed by others in the unit

Thank you for everything you have done for us here. It is greatly appreciated 🙂
Thank you for your support!


Thank You!
SPC Jonathan C.

Friday, 2008 June 27

On another note…YOU ARE AWESOME!! We had Christmas in June yesterday!! We got the two boxes of pillows (one went to the ICW and one went to another squad of our guys to use while on convoys-sore butts), and we got the boxes of sheets, towels, and blankets!! My team was SO HAPPY!! Talk about a morale booster!! THANK YOU!! We also got two other boxes from a different group so it was AWESOME!! They were all REALLY happy yesterday afternoon!!

Again, thank you!! I’ll let you know when the lights and sirens get here. We’re still looking forward to that one!


Tuesday, 2008 June 24


Thank you so much. I just received the boxes with pillows and pillow cases.

Thank you for all the support.

My best wishes for you.


Tuesday, 2008 June 24


Thank you so much for including us here at the CASF in xxxx. We could use some of X-Large Shirts and Large means shower shoes.

The patients prefer the shoes that do not go between the toes.

We are also use some large comfortable shorts. The weather here is very hot and the patients prefer shorts.

Thank you again,


Friday, 2008 June 20 (Snail Mail)

Dear Karen Grimord

On behalf of the staff at the FOB xxx TMC, we thank you for all the soldier care packages we’ve received. We have been able to assist soldiers with personal care items in emergency situations. We appreciate your support for our service members on the front line.


CPT Y. J. and
FOB xxxx TMC Staff

Thursday, 2008 June 19


Thank you so much. I did not keep anything because now we are giving support to other units. But your help is so amazing. Let everyone know that everything is on the way to the patrol bases. At this point we are helping.6 other units.

These companies are patrol bases and the units are infantry units. That does not count my company xxx.

Wow you don’t have an idea of how many soldiers we are helping. I’m so happy to know people care about us here and are so kind to spend their time helping us improving the quality of our living areas here. As soon as the guys receive the packages I will forward to you an email with pictures of them. There are no words to express my gratitude. I know they need the help. I did keep any thing for my unit because we live in a big camp. A couple of weeks ago I had the experience to visit one of the patrol bases for my reenlistment with the army. (5 more years but now I will be a nurse)

Well about the base I was so surprised. When we arrive I asked a silly question “where is the patrol base?” cause the place was nothing else than a couple of tents and the trucks were the guys go on patrols and a trailer that is used as an aid station. And some sand walls around the place protecting the perimeter. (with no a/c) when I asked for the bathroom everyone look at me like I was crazy. They just answered “hey are you sure you want to use it?” it was just a wood box with no door and a hole. You do what you got to do in a bag!! And then they burn it. The mosquitoes were everywhere. I did not even eat I felt so sad. They were so happy because we brought donuts and candies with us. I thank God my mom can sleep tight because I’m in a big camp and the facilities are not perfect but at least we don’t lack of basic things. This is why I get so motivated to do this. I know they need it. And that day I realize that the real soldiers are those guys there at the patrol base. Lacking of every thing but keeping their heads up for our country until we get home. Thanks

Thank you soo much. As soon as I get pictures I will send it to you.


Thursday, 2008 May 29

Your packages have been great. We don’t get supplies here on a regular basis and our supply convoy was attacked and destroyed yesterday. The casualties are increasing due to the summer months. The blankets have all been handed out and the other supplies as well.



Anti-IED Vehicles
Anti-IED Vehicles


Fallen Comrades
Fallen Comrades

Lamb Kabobs
Lamb Kabobs

New Hummers
New Hummers

Pure Courage and Bravery
Pure Courage and Bravery

Strange Looking Vehicle
Strange Looking Vehicle

Watching them Go
Watching them Go

Monday, 2008 May 26

Dear Karen –

Once again, my heart reaches out to THANK YOU for the shipments and gifts that you have sent to us this month. The towels, shorts (WOW!!), sock and blankets were greatly needed and much appreciated. And the Girl Scout Cookies are ALWAYS such a plus and welcomed treat for all of us! Once again, everyone here is astounded and thrilled at the generosity that you and your team continue to send to us.

As we prepare to return home soon, I am proud to pass on your legacy to our successors and to let them know that they too, will be supported and helped in their mission here in Iraq. Thanks again for all you do for ALL of us.

Lots of Love – L

Friday, 2008 May 2

Dear Karen

I also thank you very much for everything you have sent us. The PJs are great, although our ARMY Cmdrs. Say we are softening up their soldiers when we put them in the PJS and robes you sent. LOL. Some of the guys say “Hey if I get hurt will you take care of me here.” LOL. I also have received the gowns and smaller white towels you sent. They are perfect!!! Before you sent me the gowns, we had no gowns for our pts. going to the OR. NONE! Of course, for our trauma pts. They are to the OR naked. But covered in lots and lots of warm blankets, but for our other surgery pts. It is great to have a nice warm gown ready for them. It just makes it easier for the entire OR staff. So thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! Also the medication bags are wonderful! They are great for personal hygiene products to and the troops love them. The AEROVAC team also thinks they are cute too!

Thanks again,


Tuesday, 2008 April 22

I received the box of scrubs and gave them to our little TMC.

Here’s a picture of our TMC.


Monday, 2008 April 21


Glad to hear from you. Since we are pushed out so far, we don’t have a PX or any stores here. The mail comes once a week, sometimes once a month…..

One thing the troops here could really use are WebCams so they can see their families.

We just got internet and that would make a big difference. Since we don’t have an MWR, any MWR type stuff would be great.

We treat a lot of local nationals here and it would be nice to give something to the kids. Scrap metal sells for $4 here. The kids collect it up and the adults disassemble it. 2 weeks ago, a local national blew off his arms and left leg while trying to take apart an unexploded mortar round. He lived…….

Thanks again for any assistance you can render,


Sunday, 2008 April 20

Karen, yes the wedges are wonderful. I also cover them with a sheet too so you know the old infection control stuff. SOOOOOO I love to use them after we have maintain. the airway on a fresh post op pt. and I need them to cough and deep breath later. They are great. Thanks. It is more homey now. We did a lot of cleaning and rearranging when we got here. I almost wish I wasn’t soon leaving because I have unfinished projects. We have unfortunately been busy lately.

Do you happen to have any more of the little cotton pull string bags (LHCP Med Bags). They are great for putting meds. And dressing supplies in for our patients who we fly out of the AOR???


Saturday, 2008 April 19

I’m so sorry. I just can’t get caught up.

Were work as hard and as long each day as we can but sometimes the workload due to mission requirements can be hectic.

Karen, I don’t know any way I feel is appropriate to thank you for what you do for us. Once units get established things normally come together. Supply channels have to be established and then of course the waiting begins. There are so many “Homeland Heroes”, I can’t believe it. In 24 years of service I have never reached out to anyone outside the normal Military Channels.

Sometimes the ability to wait is more then we find acceptable and make due. Other times we get lucky and find wonderful people like yourself.

God Bless you,

Saturday, 2008 April 19

Hello Karen!

I received the box of scrubs and pillows today. Thank you very much! I took what we needed for our Radiology dept and shared the rest with EMT and the wards. Thank you again for all the help!


Saturday, 2008 April 19

This is a little pic. Of our MSU. I hung the new curtains and we made up the beds. The quilts are sent along with our heroes when we fly them out to a higher echelon of care.

A variety of black shorts and sizes would be great. Maybe just 1 box would be OK. Of course anything we get we put to use.

Thank you Karen. I appreciate everything you have done for us. You are a doll.

Capt, USAF

Friday, 2008 April 18

I’ve done a lot of traveling since I emailed last. On February xx, 2008 my mother passed away in peace at home. I traveled to xx, for her funeral. From the time I got into the armored vehicle here in Camp xx to the time I checked in at the Radisson Hotel in Rapid City was 42 hours. I didn’t even get to stop in Amsterdam, or any other place long enough to get out of the airport. After mom’s funeral I made the same trip back.

On March xx th I took off from Camp xx again only this time I was on vacation and had lots more fun. I spent the first night in Dubai in a 5-star Sheraton hotel room just to pamper myself. WOW that was pretty nice, a long way from the 9X7 container I call home. Dubai is absolutely an incredible place. The construction of the world’s tallest building is along with a couple of hundred other huge buildings being built in Bar Dubai which is the part of the city on the West side of the river. The skyline is littered with 200+ ton cranes everywhere you look.

I took a walk along the waterfront and passed both some fair sized yachts and some foreign cargo boats. I felt at ease and relaxed everywhere I went because I knew there was no crime in this city. They deal with criminals very harshly as does the rest of the middle east. There is no graffiti either, the city is very clean. I had lunch at the Dubai Creek golf course, and a taxi ride around the city. The taxi driver was Indian and had been there 13 years. He told me the one bad thing about Dubai, traffic. He said it was a good thing we were going across the river in the afternoon instead of rush hour. It would have taken us several hours to get back. I then took the taxi into the oldest part of the city into what’s called the gold soak. There are literally hundreds of shops with gold merchandise displayed and no bars on the windows.

Dubai is an excellent place to buy gold and I purchased some bullion coins as an investment. Even walking around with a bag of gold coins I was not concerned for my safety.

A 17 hour flight later I arrived in Atlanta and then on to my brother’s house. My sister was there visiting and the three of us threw a big party the next night. I stayed in xx for the next week visiting. Had lunch with the gang at the company I used to work at, and then a friend close enough to be called brother, and I went down to San Carlos Mexico for a 5 day fishing trip. I did almost nothing for those four days except reel in a couple of fish when it was my turn and we went into a small fishing village called Mulege (Moo-la-hay) for one night’s dinner. That little trip is an email in itself.

When we returned to the US I went to the hospital for a check-up by my doctors who gave me a clean bill of health to return to the theater.

Driving back to xx gave me a chance to reflect on my life as it is, what I am doing in Afghanistan, my plans for the future… yep – that drive through the desert is really boring! One final day in xx to visit with my brother and I was off back to the middle east. This time I got a room in the hotel that is right in the Dubai airport. After about 30 hours it was great to just stop and rest without having to go get a taxi and travel anywhere.

Here is a picture from my room view of half of the Dubai airport.

The next morning I put on my scarf and headed back into theatre.

Now that I’m back in Camp xxx and rested from my vacation, I’m getting back into the swing of things. I’m now working days here which is night time in the US and finally get to see the sun for more than an hour at a time. I looked at a picture taken myself and realized I look like a ghost compared what I used to be.

We’ll see what happens here, the Marines are starting to arrive and things are getting active. I’ll check in next month.

Monday, 2008 April 7 (Snail Mail)

Dear Karen,

Thank you so much for the box of scrubs! We find that our wounded Marines and Sailors like these the best, as they are the most comfortable. Without supporters like you, our jobs would be much more difficult. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


The Medical Staff at Camp Fallujah STP

Saturday, 2008 Mar 22


I am the Medical Officer here at a small outpost on the Afghan border. Our supplies are few and far between due to our location and the only way to get here is by helicopter. Some months we go 2 months without supplies.

My biggest problem is when we get wounded and we can medivac them out due to weather. I am trying to get small portable DVD players, DVDs, CDs, for the wounded to watch/listen to while awaiting a medivac flight.

We also treat some of the local nationals, US civilians and Polish troops.

Any blankets, sheets or any other supplies would be much appreciated.


Thursday, 2008 Mar 13

Hi Mrs. Grimord

I really appreciate the last package you sent us. the look on some of our soldiers faces when they got their robes was priceless. people have told me how they just regret not being able to where them to work. and the blankets are being used to help keep patients comfortable who have to be here for one or more days.

The rest of the hospital staff and I really would like to thank you………………………. thank you for all of your help again.


Tuesday, 2008 Mar 11


The labels are nice. I still have the one from the sweat pants I received.

Someday if I have the chance I’ll stop by that VFW, donate to them and thank them for their support.

I’ll be working on my local fraternity groups when I take my real vacation in a week.

Thank you for all your efforts Karen.


Friday, 2008 Mar 7

You guys are Awesome!

Do you ever get tired of me telling you that? I sure hope not, as I want to say it loud enough for all to hear!!! You are more wonderful than I think you realize!

To that end, I want to let you know that we received the shipments of robes (O my gosh-they are soo nice!), watches, PJ’s, phone cards another O my gosh!!!), CD’s, clocks, towels, blankets, and cookies, cookies, COOKIES!!!! – and so much more! It’s like Christmas all over again, and everyone here is amazed and impressed by the incredible way you have of supporting us. I just don’t have enough words in my vocabulary to express how much the items you send are appreciated by so many. I am always overwhelmed by your love and energy and generosity. You are truly and angel doing God’s work here on earth.

I can’t believe Easter is so early this year, but I want to send you tons of Easter wishes and lots of Easter hugs. I hope you have a beautiful celebration, Karen. Please know I love and respect you more than I can ever say. HAPPY EASTER, HAPPY SPRING, my friend!!!

Tuesday, 2008 Feb 26 (Snail Mail) dated Feb 17th 2008

Dear Ms. Karen Grimord

Thank you very much for all the wonderful goodies that we received. Everyone here at the AF Clinic enjoyed everything and is overcome by the generosity and kindness you have shown to us. The towels are the best part. Everyone loves how soft they are and that they are just a small part of home.

Being deployed for any amount of time can take a toll on anyone, any packages received are a small reminder of what we are fighting for, and for that we say thank you! Don’t stop doing what you do.


Capt NMC

Monday, 2008 Feb 18

Hi everyone!

I hope this finds you well. I am writing to once again thank you for all you have done for us here at xxxx Surgical. Our time here is coming quickly to a close and we will be leaving here in less than 2 weeks. Our replacements are in country and there are only 2 nurses coming this time! We will no longer be doing surgeries here and much of the trauma is to be diverted to other parts. We will also no longer have ward patients…all of these changes show how much this country has changed. How wonderful!

It has been a great tour and a big part of that is because of what you do. As soon as I know of my replacement, I will pass on that information to ya’ll! I’ll talk to everyone soon!

Allie 🙂

Tuesday, 2008 Feb 12

Hi Karen,

Thanks for the emails in response to my letter. I didn’t realize how big your organization is! Just realize how much everyone “out here” appreciates what you all do for the troops.

We are a surgical unit and love to operate on trauma patients. The problem is that someone has to get hurt before we can do our job. It is a double edged sword!

Tell everyone in your organization how much we appreciate what they are doing for the troops. Sometimes, it is hard for me and the Soldiers here on the ground, to read on the internet what the politicians say and how some people at home don’t support what we are doing. People like you and your organization help us feel supported and feel like what we are doing is what we are supposed to be doing!

Keep warm and safe and hug your family for us.

Tuesday, 2008 Feb 12

Hi Karen!

……………….By the way, wanted to let you know that I have received the shipments of towels, bath blankets, blankets, and the rest, and love you for it!

I have been unable to get internet access for several days, or I would have let you know sooner. Thank you for everything, and for all you do!

Yer friend – Lxxxx

Thursday, 2008 Jan 19

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Just thought I would update you all. I have received all of your packages and they have been shared with lots of different people. We have been able to get a bunch of stuff out to the different Forward Operating Bases, some stuff has gone to the kids, some to our patients and some for us. Thank you again!

I would like to report that all of us that sat for our oral boards for the Fleet Marine Force pin passed! We are just awaiting the General to sign off on our paperwork and we’ll be able to wear our pins officially.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have mine strategically hidden on my uniform until that time 🙂

We have seen not a huge amount of patients (always a good thing), but have seen more than our counterparts in Ramadi. Soon we’ll be heading outside the wire again to do some more Continuing Medical Engagements and, as always, I am looking forward to provide whatever care I can, along with our other medical providers.

I can also tell you that we have less than 50 days left here. My roommate is leaving on an advance party to set things up for us back home, and she will be leaving in about a month’s time. Less people are coming to fill our spots…this means, through time and effort, that the area has improved. It makes me reflect and be thankful for everything that has made it this way…I am proud of each Soldier, Sailor, Marine and Airman for what he and/or she has done while we have been here. My LtCol told us just recently that 2007 has been a pivotal year for the Al Anbar province in terms of coming to peace and less hostility, and I couldn’t agree more.

Anyway…I just thought I would briefly update all of you and wish you well. Before I know it, my replacements will be here and we’ll be headed home.

Talk to you all again soon!

Wednesday, 2008 Jan 23

I wanted to let you know that I/we received the sheets (wow! They are great!!), and the blankets, quilts, and CD players today. Thank you so much for the great and very welcomed donations for our guys and gals. You never know how far reaching your generosity is with all of us. I look forward to the bath blankets, and will let you know when they arrive.

You are an awesome lady, and I am fortunate to get to know you even a little bit. I hope to meet you in person one day I will be honored to shake your hand (or give you a hug!

Singingly yours



Friday, 2008 Dec 26 Snail Mail

Hello from Iraq

Thank you so much from your thoughts. Mail puts a smile on all my soldiers. We all have internet but boxes bring a smile every time.

Thank you so much and please extend thanks to all that think of the soldiers. The hardest think is being away from our friends and family.


Tuesday, 2008 Dec 9

You do such wonderful work on the behalf of so many. We thank you. Always remember, no one can ever defeat the heart and spirit of a volunteer. Best wishes to you and your family especially during this Holiday Season.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Tuesday, 2008 Dec 02

Hello Karen,

First I’d like to say thank you for everything and the tremendous amount of support you have given this unit while we are here. I’m almost sad to say that we are to depart the area of operations in the near future. So if there are anymore pending shipments, please put them on hold as we are winding down our operations. I will get you a POC for the next unit that will occupy this hospital. Thanks again so much

86th Combat Support Hospital
Intensive Care Unit

Wednesday, 2008 Nov 26


I can’t thank you enough for what you and your group have done for the Soldiers and other people here where I am. So many lives have been touched by your group! THANK YOU!!

I just got a box of DVD’s, flip-flops, sports bra’s, and shaving cream!! THANK YOU!!

I had some people needing those items and they came right on time!! THANK YOU!!!

I was approached again today by a Soldier. They need more blankets and sheets and they asked if I had any more. I had 4 boxes of blankets and two boxes of pillows to give them…but they said they needed more. Do you all by chance have any more blankets or sheets? I know you have sent so so much, but there is still a need….I just can’t say enough how much we appreciate your group!!


Wednesday, 2008 Nov 19

LHCP is the best!!!! This was so awesome and helpful! I really appreciate the labels and the phone cards and so does all the other soldiers that work here!!

I think I have enough labels to get me through the next year so I wont have to bug you for them.

Please keep me on your contact list though because I still like to get emails from you. Have a great day and I will be in touch.


Monday, 2008 Nov 17

Not sure if I let you know, but we received a box of sheets from you about a week ago that was sent out on the 22nd of Oct!

Thank You!!!

FOB/Firebase xxx


“Life is not tried, it is merely survived, if you’re standing outside the fire…”

Friday, 2008 Nov 14 Snail Mail (partially letter)

Memorandum For: Karen Grimord
From: SMSGT Steven K
SUBJECT: Blankets for Troops


I would like to express my deepest gratitude for sending us those wonderful blankets. The troops latched right onto them. The blankets and comforters provided by Services are well worn and not of the greatest quality. In Services defense they do the best they can with what they are given. I know Chief N. received an order of 600 blankets from you and they will be put to use…. My troops are using them right-a-way as the nights are getting a tad colder with each passing day.

The Christmas stockings are very nice and will be put to good use with the holiday’s right around the corner. I can’t believe how thick and colorful they are. You weren’t kidding when you said they were good ones.

The last surprise you threw in there will give the chaplain’s the greatest joy; 300 calling cards are just unbelievable. You cannot even imagine how fast these will be put to good use over the next month and a half. The chaplains used to have a reliable source back home, but that resource has dried up for some reason.

In closing I would like to thank you again for this great donation to the men and women of the United States Air Force and supporting agencies.

First Sergeant

Friday, 2008 Oct 24


HELLO!! R&R Was great! Thank you! Oh, THANK YOU for M&M’s!! WONDERFUL!!! The toothbrushes were great too…I’ll probably keep a couple for myself to brush away the chocolate..:-)

So, as far as the blankets and the sheets that you have..I was talking to someone the other day about all the supplies we’ve already given them..I asked him if that was enough…well, he said there were SEVERAL more Soldiers that need accommodated. So any extra that you can spare will be put to good use over here where I am. We greatly appreciate it!! I just can’t say it enough!!

Well, again, thank you!! I’m trying to get caught up on my emails, but I’ll email you again here pretty soon. Oh, and a side note… I know this isn’t medical stuff, but if anyone has cartoons on DVD laying around….the kids in us love cartoons. The Simpson’s and Family Guy are some favorites, but we’re open to just about anything. THANK YOU!!!

Till next time,

ER Entrance (Evening)
ER Entrance (Evening)

Wednesday, 2008 Oct 22


Thanks for the last box!! We appreciate everything in there and everyone loves it when there is a box from you. I was wondering if you got my email a little while back about labels for my label machine? (LHCP yahoo members sent 60 rolls of labels, so all is now well) I am on my last roll. Thanks again for everything.


Sunday, 2008 Oct 12

Hi Karen

Just wanted to let you know that we got your box today. Not a moment too soon either. Just last night, the nurses were coming to me looking for flip flops. We had just done an inbound mission, and all we had left was size 7-8 flip-flops, and one of the guys looking for them had a size 15 foot. I don’t know why we had a sudden huge demand for flip flops, but it’s a good thing we at least had some on the way. I’ve had my parents, and some other people asking what the troops over here needed/wanted, how they could help, etc, and I’ve been telling them they can feel free to send us whatever they want, but the best thing would be to support the organizations (such as yours) that support us. I named a few names, but yours was on the list…….

That’s about all I have to say for now… I just woke up and haven’t had my first cup of coffee yet 😉

Thanks again!

Friday, 2008 Oct 3


Thanks for keeping us in mind, yes we can use baby wipes and toothbrushes. You have been fantastic, the soldiers, civilians and host nation personnel have been really grateful….oh! not to mention the staff is tremendously appreciative for all the goodies that you have sent us during our stay.

C. K-J 

Friday, 2008 Oct 3

Just to let you know, we received two boxes of sheets and one with the nice crutches in it!

Thank you!

Navy Nurse Corps
Critical Care/Trauma RN

Thursday, 2008 Sept 25

PARTIAL EMAIL (LHCP was able to send another 300 blankets out the day this email was received). Your monetary donations are needed to purchase the pillows and sheets.


Another reason for writing this email is to ask a big favor. We are getting a “shipment” for lack of other words…of new Soldiers to our post. I was approached today and was asked if I had any sheets, pillow cases, pillows, or blankets. The request was for about 300. Thanks to your kindness and previous donations I was able to give them about 75 sheets, 70 pillow cases, 100 pillows, and about 50 blankets. Is there any way possible you have an excess of these items that can be shipped out soon. For security reasons I can’t say when they will get here but we need by the time I go on R&R….I understand that doesn’t give you much time but if it’s all possible SO many Soldiers would be very grateful! If you can help, we would be so so appreciative. I know this is asking a lot, and it’s short notice, but I was just approached today.


Thursday, 2008 Sept 25


It is the end of my rotation out here at Kirkuk RAB Iraq and I wanted to thank you for everything that you have done for us.

To help the soldiers and airmen that may come through the xxxxth EMEDS doors during the next rotation, I thought that TSgt X would be the POC for your group.

His email is x. Please send any future emails to him.

Thank you again,
 SSgt JM

Tuesday, 2008 Sept 16


We got your package with the sheets, movies, teddy bears and music CDs and magazines and toiletry items. When I opened the box, it was like a feeding frenzy. The guys look funny wearing the surgical caps with the pink flowers….but they are sports and wore them today during two surgeries! The surgical caps are actually a good idea, but if you can get some of those that are more Male centered….Sports teams, Army or something. We only have two females on the team and 18 males (soon to be 1 female). None of our females are in the OR or ER where surgical caps are worn. Several of the music CD’s have already been grabbed to add music to ipod libraries. The movies are in our MWR Room for the whole team to view. The twin sheets have all been distributed to the Soldiers for immediate use as well as the socks. The Teddy bears and children’s blankets will be provided to the children as we get them. The 1st to get some will be a 2 yr old we are taking care of with 20% BSA Burns. The people here that we care for are very appreciative. Most with burns would die if we did not provide care. Please keep the care packages coming they are truly appreciated by our Soldiers and our patients.

I give the slim jims about 5 days!

Wednesday, 2008 Sept 10

Thanks so much for sending supplies. We have received two boxes of blankets, one box of sheets, and most recently a box with soxs, bags, and party items. We are putting your supplies into good use. I will send some pictures soon so we can show you the help you are giving our soldiers and our aid station. We still have not received the Lifepak 12. (Mail has slowed to a crawl in Iraq and Afghanistan)

Thanks again Dr xxxxxxl

Friday, 2008 Sept 5

Received the small VFW duffle bags. GREAT gift for the troops. They are being put to good use. We are having to pull out of our 3 positions. I will give you the new address/location soon as we get it.

THANKS AGAIN, you have brightened a lot of soldiers lives.


Thursday, 2008 Sept 4

I look at you as part of our team. Thank you for your support.

God Bless, 
T. S. J
Chief Nurse, 

Wednesday, 2008 Sept 3


Thank you so much for your support in helping our wounded warriors here at the Contingency Aeromedical Staging Facility (Xxxxxxx). Our job is to launch and recover patients. Our patients arrive from all over Iraq, they are stabilized and packaged for transport to LRMC. They sometimes arrive with nothing to wear. Sometimes supplies are hard to get in the AOR. Our facility can hold 50 patients and I can expand to 100, were having a difficult time keeping sheets and blankets and it can get cold on the flight to Germany. Thank you so much for sending the blankets they came at a time when we were running very low. Bath towels are also in short supply, so if you have a supply, Xxxx can always use towels.

Since I am leaving you can address the packages to Xxxx.

Thank you again for your support for our mission to help our hero’s home.

C. R-D, Lt Col, USAF, NC
Chief Nurse


Wednesday, 2008 Sept 3

Hello Karen!

Thank you for all of the things you’ve sent me lately!! They have really been great! I got a bunch of quilts, more pillows, the duffle bags, and….DVDs. THEY HAVE BEEN GREAT!! Oh, I got sweaters too! I just wanted to check in with you. I haven’t heard from you in a little while…oh yeah, I got blankets, sheets, and pillow cases too…. You’ve been busy! THANK YOU!! It seems like there is something that will be here in the next month or so but I can’t remember what it is.

I just wanted to send you a little note and tell you thank you for everything and see how you’re doing.


Wednesday, 2008 Aug 13

Dear Karen

On behalf of the troops that you have helped here many thanks to you and the organization.

Everything that you all have provided us here is greatly appreciated. Will forward much of these items to other facilities that we have affiliations with.

But, with your permission there are many ,many local national Afghani children we see in the TMC are very poor. I would like to give some of the things you send to them. Please advise me.

If you have a connection to groups or people with children’s clothing, shoes, sneakers, combs and brushes etc. Again please advise me on the usage of the donations you send

Respectfully Yours,


Monday, 2008 Aug 04

We have been in dire need of pillows and such here at our MTF and we received two full boxes today from the Landstuhl Hospital Care Project. Attached to the box was a note that told us this shipment was made in honor of SSG Nino Livaudais, KIA 3 APR 03 while rushing to the aid of a pregnant women…to that end, we made a little note to honor and thank him for his sacrifice and to remember him. I think SFC Bxxxx may be out of town, do you think you could pass onto someone in 3rd BN for us or ask MSG Mxxxxxx if he could?


Received the packages today…thanks so much!! PFC Cxxx is with 75th Ranger Regiment and we wanted to ensure the Rangers knew that you all have honored one of their own…thank you for all your group does for us…we have already given the pillows to some of our Soldiers that are inpatient with us and it truly brightened their spirits. We also received the socks and movies.. 🙂 Thanks again!!


Monday, 2008 July 21

Fortunately I had a very quiet 4th of July, there were no fireworks. We really don’t like fireworks here, plus it is hard to see them when you are hiding under a vehicle.

It has been quite inside the wire so far this month. Not so quite outside since one of our neighboring bases got overrun and we suffered many causalities. The Taliban army received many more causalities, but they were expecting that.

The weather has been very nice until late afternoon when the wind picks up. Temperatures during the day are mid 90’s and lows in the mid 60’s. The wind should stop around the end of July.

We wrapped up a season of poker at the end of last month. I came in 5th and won a DVD player and a wireless X-Box headset.

Friday, 2008 July 18

Hi Karen,

Jen at Al Asad here. Thank you guys so much for the boxes of blankets and pillows, we got them last week. The travel pillows are perfect for MEDIVAC patients. If you still have them available we could use 1 more box of the travel pillows. We could also use 1 or 2 cases of ankle socks, we seem to go through them like it’s going out of style. We would also appreciate any DVDs you could send.

Tuesday, 2008 July 09

I do want to thank you again for all the much needed supplies that you have sent our way. We are so grateful for what you have done for us.

Because of you and your program, the troops are spoiled with so much.

Thank you.

NCOIC, Intensive Care Ward

Sunday, 2008 July 6 (Snail Mail)

Dear Ms. Karen Grimord,

I wanted to personally thank you for the care packages of magazines, snacks, pillow cases, and shaving cream. Thank you so much for your support and dedication to soldiers we appreciate everything you do for us. Your donations have been sent to our soldiers on patrol bases with very little. Thanks again for all your support!

With Thanks!

CASF Pillow Picture
CASF Pillow Picture

Thursday, 2008 June 26 (Snail Mail)


On behalf of all of us at the aid station, thank you for the pillows, linens and such that we received from you. Everyone picked out their favorite pillow case patterns and colors of towels. The remainder we took over to the chaplains office, to be distributed elsewhere on the base. We appreciate your generosity, giving of your time & means to make this deployment a little bit easier.



Tuesday, 2008 June 24


I spoke with my team, and a few Soldiers from another team. We would be grateful to get some baby wipes, pens, T-shirts, and sweaters. Size doesn’t matter. You can send as much as you’d like. I really don’t know how much to ask for….so hopefully you understand. We REALLY appreciate it!!!

It is so awesome how much you assist us!! I put the pillows in the ICU and the ICW to be used for Soldiers that are headed your direction. I think it would be awesome if you got too see the benefits of your actions and a Soldier had one of the pillows upon arrival to Landstuhl. We thank you and they thank you!!!

Take care.


Monday, 2008 June 23

The 555th received the nice blankets and pillows this and last week . Thank you all very much.

Could I have some sheets and hospital blankets if there are any anywhere. We go thru those quickly especially if we are evac’ing patients.

The “nice” blankets don’t work well for us here for patients (because the blood and body fluids just doesn’t come out), so we will save them for the unit replacing us for their personal use. That is why I am requesting hospital blankets.

We will be redeploying within about 30 days. Thank you so much for what you have done for my Soldiers, and all of the Soldiers you and your organization have supported. It is hard to feel like we are believed in and supported sometimes from the media.

You and your organization help dispel that media propaganda.

We will return to FT Hood soon, but will not soon forget you. See you again, I am sure!!


Friday, 2008 June 20 (Snail Mail)

Dear Ms. Grimord and LHCP members

Thank you so much for the packages. I brought the pillows immediately down to the ER so they could start giving them to the patients. I am trying to remind people not to thank me, but to thank the wonderful people like you who are sending us these packages, and taking your time, money and effort. I write a thank you letter to each and every person who sends a package. People like you are the reason America is a great nation. You are bringing a lot of joy to a lot of people, and I wanted to be sure you were told. I am not a huge fan of sending emails, as I am writing, This is on a table in my laboratory in my hospital in Western Iraq. You just can not really hold and share an email. Once again, thank you for everything you do for soldiers, America could use more wonderful people like you.

Thank You


Thursday, 2008 June 19


THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR THE PILLOWS AND CASES!! I didn’t realize there were pillow cases too! I took half the box to the ICW to be given to Soldiers when they fly to Landstuhl. The nurses were very appreciative. They are an awesome item to give the Soldiers!! If you get them from time to time, we would greatly take more. As of now, we package Soldiers to Germany with blankets as pillows so I’m sure they will appreciate the pillows! You’re doing an awesome thing! We greatly appreciate it!! I’ll let you know when the lights and sirens come in. We also got the box of scrubs! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!! I never would have imagined that you would send so many. We greatly appreciate it!!

My brother is in Afghanistan serving with the xxxst Division Headquarters.


Somewhere in Iraq

SGT xxxxx

Tuesday, 2008 June 17


You are our guardian angel. I never realized the supply situation until I tried to get my arms around it. It’s definitely too big. Its individuals like yourself and the individuals in the Landstuhl Hospital Care Project that bring joy in so much heartbreak and frustration. We are truly blessed. Thank you.

NCOIC, Intensive Care Ward

Tuesday, 2008 June 17

Dear Karen Grimord

Thank you SOOO much for the donations. We received 3 boxes with pillows and shower shoes and snacks. Thank you so much for it. I forwarded the boxes to the guys at the patrol bases. I know they need it the most.

Thank you for being so kind and taking from your time to give us this donation. There are no words to express my gratitude.


Thursday, 2008 June 12

Ma’am, We received two boxes today and I want to thank you for the clothes, CDs and Movies. All items were truly needed. We have been sending our troops to Landstuhl in paper exam shorts because our clothing supply has dwindled down to nothing.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Again, thank you for everything you are doing to help our soldiers make it through this difficult time with a little dignity and comfort.

NCOIC Intensive Care Ward Afghanistan

Sunday, 2008 May 18

OK after my vacation I heard many of you asking for pictures and the real story. I won’t sugar coat anything, this is the way it is.

We have had a couple of incidents here that have heightened our security to a high level. There was an assassination attempt on the Afghan President Karzi about 5 miles from here in the center of Kabul a couple of weeks ago.

We know the enemy is among us and are getting more sophisticated and crazier. We are prepared however.

More and different international troops stop by now. Several Romanian soldiers got out of this strange little vehicle.

The tracks are made of rubber so they can drive anywhere. I stood by and took a couple of pictures. Everybody who walked by said something like “what the hell is that” or “isn’t that a clever little vehicle”.

The NATO soldiers who drove this in are from Italy. This is one of the new Hummers that is being made.

Here is one of our new vehicles. This is one of the new Anti – IED vehicles that are rolling in.

Notice how it dwarfs the Hummer next to it.

Here is a picture of some soldiers getting ready to go on patrol. I am truly honored just to support these fearless men. The pure courage and bravery they show to go out and face the enemy is nothing like I’ve ever experienced before.

Some young some old, they are all heroes.

In the back of my container condos there is a memorial to two of the first soldiers killed at Camp Phoenix. This little waterfall is a meeting place for the warriors who want to gather and talk with other soldiers when they need to.

It’s a peaceful reminder of our fallen comrades.

I took a little walk and caught a chopper coming in over the wire to pick up some troops.

These warriors are headed for the mountains.

I said a little prayer for them as I watched them go. Those of you who really know me, know that doesn’t happen very often.

Last April and early May the locals who own the small businesses inside the wire threw a couple of parties. They had an Afghan band and served the famous lamb kabobs with non bread that I love so much.

After my third helping of Lamb & non bread I had to go to work, but they didn’t miss me they partied all night. I did stop to have my picture taken though.

We still have our poker tournaments on Sunday and Thursday

Don’t forget, if you want to help our efforts over here check out the link to the Landstuhl Hospital Care Project at the bottom of my signature. My story of getting back into theatre from Germany is in the Troop Thanks section. The front picture is of our TMC here.

Take care everyone, yes I’m keeping my head down.

God Bless our soldiers.


Sunday, 2008 May 25


It is the end of my rotation out here and I wanted to thank you for everything that you have done for us.

Thank you again,

SSgt(s) NG

Thursday, 2008 May 8

Well, we have received lots of boxes from you recently. Pillows, lounge pants, long sleeve t-shirts, mirrors, AND phone cards. I didn’t unpack all the boxes myself so am sure I missed some of the items, but we have received (besides the phone cards) about 7-8 boxes maybe as many as 10 from you recently. Thank you and your org for all the hard work and supplies. All will be put to great use – as you know. Will be sending a new list in the next few days.

Thanks – take care,

Hospital Office
Hospital station

Tuesday, 2008 April 22

Mrs. Grimord,

We did receive your shipment of blankets from the LHCP several months back. We shared a couple of these blankets with some of the Soldiers we encountered within our Task Force and passed the rest along to the Air Force Theater Hospital (about a block away from us) for distribution to wounded Heroes coming through their facility. Those who received these blankets were greatly touched by their quality and the thoughts and love behind them. Thank you so much for all that y’all do to make a difference in the lives of Soldiers, Airmen, and Marines at such a trying time in their lives. Your efforts really make a significant difference as they begin their road to recovery!

“Vindico Infula Odio Sumptus”

506 EMEDS Love
506 EMEDS Love

Monday, 2008 April 21


I sincerely apologize, at the time you responded I was overwhelmed trying to catch a bird from here to another site. After 22 plus years of service I have never seen this type of wide spread effort. As you can imagine the upcoming elections are a tremendous concern for us. We (Seniors) of course have knowledge that is not in print and shared with few throughout the DOD, and it obviously should be that way. Future plans, INTEL etc.. Just add to the anxiety of who will be the next US President.

I often find my self taking hours to write a simple thank you note. I’m the most Senior and almost oldest Soldiers in the organization. I’m responsible for everything that does and doesn’t happen in my Battalion and for those Units in my AOR that don’t have a CSM. Soldier and personnel care is our #1 concern. Fancy high equipment is useless if families and soldiers are not properly cared for.

These youngsters are merely on loan to us and I “will” do everything in my God given power to take the best care of them I can. This is where miracles like you come in. The Military Seniors are very well aware that the support provided to our Military Men and Woman by “Homeland Hero’s” like yourself is critical to our mission success. We actually discuss these matters as factors to consider when making far more critical decisions concerning our missions. You all are more of the “Team” and “Force Multiplier” then you may even realize. Our wounded and “Recovering Heroes” are of tremendous concern to us. They will rejoin their Units and tell their stories both good and bad. It’s a blessing when they return with the message that “America” is still behind us with their support and outreach.

I must get moving. Please write or contact at anytime –

Middle East Hospital
Middle East Hospital

Saturday, 2008 April 12

Hey Karen

Sorry I haven’t talked to you recently, I haven’t been on my AKO account in a while.

First, I would like to thank you for sending the flip flops, scrubs, pens, coffee supplies, and everything else you have sent.

Everyone up here really appreciates the support you have given us since we have come into contact with you. I am trying to get together some photos of me and everyone I work with in the ER so you can see the people you have helped.

As always anything you send, I will make certain that anything you send will be put to good use. I can’t tell you how lucky I feel that we have a contact like you. Everything you have done to help make our lives a little better is very appreciated. I have been working with another unit out here at the hospital for some time now. I am going to be going home in late June, and I was wondering if I could give your contact information to the unit that I have been working with when I leave. The unit is the xxxxxth team and they are a great group. I have been working with them for the past 6 months and they have become almost family to me. unlike my unit, they are full time Army and are here for a much longer deployment. I think they are going to be here until xxx of this year. Anyways, before I give your info to anyone I wanted to make sure it is ok with you.

Thank you for everything.


Middle East
Middle East

Got Gold?
Got Gold?

Middle East Mall
Middle East Mall

Sunday, 2008 March 3o

Dear Karen

Thank you so much for the blankets we received. We really appreciate all the efforts your group goes through in order for us to have these nice things here. It certainly makes it easier to bear through. We kept some here at the Clinic and the rest went to the patients at the hospital. They were very appreciative as well.

Thanks again for your kindness and generosity.

May God bless you and all your efforts,


Tuesday, 2008 Mar 25


Three big boxes arrived today. I was ready to write you about a missing box (one mailed with another on the 26 Mar, and received weeks ago), but it arrived yesterday. Two big boxes came today. Thank you and please thank your sponsors who have given so much.


Saturday, 2008 Mar 22

Hello Karen,

Happy Easter. If I haven’t told you lately, you are a heaven sent…. Thanks so much for the DVD players and movies, our soldiers, coalition forces and host nation personnel are thoroughly enjoying the movies with the headphones. I also received the blankets and towels, those always go a long way. I’m putting in my bid for flip flops of all sizes.

Thanks again for all you do.


Friday, 2008 Mar 21 Snail Mail

LHCP, Justin Boots and Adopt a Chaplain

Thank you so much for the donation of phone cards. Your kindness means a lot to our whole family. As many of you probably know through personal experience deployment is hard on all the family members and having this ability for more communication with each other means a lot.

Thanks so much again-

Aaron, Nichole & Aiden

Tuesday, 2008 Mar 11

Dear Mrs. Grimord:

On behalf of all Sailors and Soldiers assigned to the …, Kuwait, I would like to thank you for the box of robes and pajamas that you have provided. Your immense efforts and dedication helped support my crew and increased moral during this arduous duty in support of OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM/OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM.


K.D. Captain, U.S. Navy, Commanding Officer

Friday, 2008 Mar 7

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED


We received a box with a story on it about a Medic who was killed doing what he does. I just wanted to let the family know that the Pajama Pants are being put to use helping our Wounded Warriors. Thank you for your support.

SGT Exxxx

Friday, 2008 Feb 29

Karen, I will take all the blankets you wish to send me! We go thru them like water thru mesh! (was gonna say “water thru a kidney”; being medical and all).

The little med bags are great! I didn’t know what they were really for before but that’s how I have been using them!

Great for hiding feminine products! One, I placed a couple stuffed toys in for a civilian patient with 2 small children at home. She loved it! I still have plenty of the med bags right now, 20 or so.


86th CSH
TF Mosul

Middle East
Middle East

Sunday, 2008 Feb 24

Dear Karen –

I feel as though I have been neglectful in expressing my/our gratitude recently in all that you send and do for us. I want to let you know that we recently received the shipments with the wet wipes, batteries (SO COOL!!! And so needed!), stationary, pens, hygiene items, ceramic coffee mugs, blankets, towels, mats, hoodies, coffee, creamer, robes, bath and thermal blankets, flip-flops, cloth bags, and so much more! These items are above and beyond expectations and are so welcomed and appreciated!!! Folks LOVE the cloth bags, the robes are a huge hit (and disappeared almost immediately), as are the coffee mugs! And the hoodies are huge with the patients (most of the young – and you know how they like those as a fashion statement now-a-days). I can’t thank you enough, but know that my heart is full, and everyone here sings your praises.

More and more, patients, staff and men and women service members are blown away by the support and generosity we see from those of you who demonstrate that through your efforts and generosity. You truly are a godsend. This war is genuinely being won on all fronts as a collaborative effort from the collation forces AND all the folks at home and all you do to help us here. Please know you are a HUGE part of all that goes on here.

Hope you and yours are well, and enduring the winter weather. Take care and know you are always in my prayers.

Sincerely, your friend – xxxxx

Tuesday, 2008 Feb 12

Good Morning Karen,

Thanks for the last shipment of calculators they really came in handy for both ICU’s….everyone says thank you! :*)


Tuesday, 2008 Feb 12

Karen, have you been thanked lately?

Just in case…THANK YOU!!!!

I am grateful to you for all you do for us.

Senior Health Care NCO
xx Sustainment Command (Theater)


Tuesday, 2008 Feb 12 (Snail Mail) dated 29 January 2008

Department of the Army
Headquarters 2-3 Brigade Troops Battalion
3rd Infantry Division (Mechanized)
Fort Stewart, GA

Dear Ms. Grimord:

On behalf of the Soldiers of the 2-3 Brigade Troops Battalion currently deployed to Iraq, I’d like to offer my sincere appreciation for your generous outpouring of support. Our Soldiers selflessly serve their country with dedication and professionalism every day without expecting much in return, but when they receive a gesture of encouragement in the mail it absolutely makes their day.

Please accept the enclosed gift as a token of our gratitude. Your support means so much and has made far-away Soldiers feel a little closer to home.

Sincerely Yours,

CPT Christopher F. Botterbusch
Home Detachment Commander

Saturday, 2008 Feb 2

Hi everyone!!

It’s that lovely time of the deployment when I get to tell all of you that I have one month left (or around that)! Things are still going quite well here and, while we have seen a few more traumas than we’d like, they are all leaving us stable as can be! From what I hear, the next group coming out to us will be 30 fewer and they are thinking of making this hospital a true Shock Trauma Platoon in that only traumas will be seen here. We get the occasional routine run-of-the-mill patients, but since they are down-sizing the entire base, so too are we.

The number of nurses coming out is going to be fewer and I myself have no one to turn over with. It is nice to know that things are going well enough that we have to down-size a hospital rather than increase the number of people.

Nothing too much else to report. For those that have sent packages, I have gotten them and thank you! We are stacked to the brim with books and other supplies. All of what you have sent has been so greatly appreciated!

Thank you all again. I’ll email you all again soon…January seemed to pass by so quickly. The next thing I know, it’ll be the time when our replacements are here and I am turning over to you guys!

The very best to you all! And until I update again…:)


Thursday, 2008 Jan 24

Good Morning Karen,

I cannot believe how helpful your organization is. I received the last shipment of supplies and of course they came in quite handy. The staff was amazed at the amount of supplies you were able to send…..

truth be told so was I. We all also appreciate the letters regarding fallen military members; we all think that’s really special of you.

So, thank you very much, all supplies will be utilized.

We will be looking forward to the next shipment of supplies.

Thanks again in advance

Tuesday, 2008 Jan 09

My full name is Robert Uxxx, I am a contractor with ITT Systems Co.

I was flown from Camp Phoenix Afghanistan to Landstuhl on Nov 10 with some internal bleeding. I had no clothes other than the bloody ones I came in. At discharge a Lt in the patient movement took me to the “Chaplains Closet” where I picked up shoes, a coat, t-shirts, sweat pants and a carry bag. This allowed me to go to a hotel in Landstuhl and eventually return to Camp Phoenix. I am eternally grateful.

I’m also a Mason, Shriner, and Elks member, all of whom support our veterans. They will all be fully aware of this organization and the help you provide very soon.

Tuesday, 2008 Jan 15

Dear Ms. Grimord

I wanted to thank you for the comfort items that you sent us. What a wonderful gift for the EMF Kuwait staff and patients to know that the folks back home care, and are willing to go that extra mile to support those serving.

Your gifts have done wonders for morale and are greatly appreciated. It means so much to know that people other than our families support the troops that are far from home. Your special gift as will as your time, love, and caring is very much appreciated.

Please pass my sincere appreciation to all of the members of the Landstuhl Hospital Care Project. We look forward to the time when we can come home to our family and friends. God Bless you for your gifts of love and your support, it has touched each of us in more ways than you will ever know. Thanks!


Charles E. xxxxx
Command Chaplain
EMF Kuwait 

Wednesday, 2008 Jan 02

Hope you and yours had a blessed Christmas and all are well. Wishing you a wonderful 2008 – and thanks to you and all who help through Landstuhl Hospital Care Project for all that is done for our military – downrange, hospitals and veteran’s hospitals. It is a blessing to work with you all.

Warmest regards,

Wounded Warrior Ministry Center
Landstuhl Regional Medical Center

Wednesday, 2008 Jan 23

I wanted to let you know that I/we received the sheets (wow! They are great!!), and the blankets, quilts, and CD players today. Thank you so much for the great and very welcomed donations for our guys and gals. You never know how far reaching your generosity is with all of us. I look forward to the bath blankets, and will let you know when they arrive.

You are an awesome lady, and I am fortunate to get to know you even a little bit. I hope to meet you in person one day I will be honored to shake your hand (or give you a hug!

Singingly yours

Friday, 2008 Jan 11

Just wanted to send a quick thank you for all that you have done so far!


Friday, 2008 Jan 11

Thanks for the awesome box of sheet sets, the ICU at xxxx was in great need.

We are very appreciative and completely shocked and excited all at the same time.

It was like Christmas all over again.

AN, USAHospital

Tuesday, 2008 Jan 01

Ms.Grimord– I’d like to say Thank you for acknowledging the troops the way you do. It touches me to no end to see what you do and the difference you make. You see my name is Mike XXXX and I am a contractor in Kuwait, supporting the US Army as they head towards Iraq and Afghanistan, and it is the best feeling in the world. I will have supported the US Army for 4 yrs as of Feb 1st 08 and get goose bumps knowing that I really make a difference. You and you’re team should be so proud of the Army here in Kuwait, what a fine group of men and women who are so genuine, professional and focused on their jobs. It is truly a great feeling and what a heartfelt feeling to be able to say “I AM AN AMERICAN”, as I support the awesome power that is the US Army………………………

Great Job ma’am
Michael A. XXX
SSA Warehouse Superviso
Certificate of Appreciation Kuwait Hospital
Certificate of Appreciation Kuwait Hospital