Troop Thanks 2007

Troop Thanks Jason’s Group in Kuwait
Baghdad Fun Run
Baghdad Fun Run

Tuesday, 2007 Dec 18 (Snail Mail)

Dear Karen & Landstuhl Hospital Care Project

Thank you. These two little words say so much……because what you’ve done has meant so much.

Thanks for the towels and blankets. I love the in Honor of “……”. It makes me work harder for every soldier to come home to their families.



Saturday, 2007 Dec 15 (Snail Mail)


Mrs. Grimord

I wish to thank you on behalf of the soldiers of Task Force xxx Multifunctional Medical Battalion. The blankets and quilts “went like hotcakes”. Our folks here loved all you sent!. I’ll confess, there are some of our folks that I’ve not seen as happy as when they received a qwillow. Thank you once again for your generosity and outstanding support!

May God Bless You,

Task Force Chaplain

Saturday, 2007 Dec 8 (Snail Mail) parts of letter deleted

Holiday greetings from the Al-Anbar province!

Being that this is the holiday season for many of us, I thought I would write to you and tell you all the wonderful gifts that I see around us everyday that sometimes get lost in the daily shuffle.

We’ve entered the holy days here for all of us. Many of the folks here will start to observe one of their major events of the calendar, the Hajj, the holy pilgrimage to Mecca the place where Muhammad had a vision from Allah. All Muslims are to make the pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca at least once in their lifetime if they can afford it. So two weeks from now people of Islamic faith will be journeying to the western Saudi Arabian city to honor one of the five major tenets of Islam. They’ll join in marching clockwise seven times around the grand mosque following the movement of the sun. Following the hajj they’ll observe Eid Adhar to close the hajj and return to their homes. The Seabees haven’t let this go by unnoticed. Travelers from this part of the world have to cover a huge desert to get into Saudi Arabia then continue on to Mecca. The Seabees, in conjunction with local Iraqi engineers, are drilling a well hundreds of feet deep to tap into an aquifer. Pilgrims will be able to stop on their way south and fill any container with fresh water for drinking and cooking or auto maintenance. We all know what valuable commodity water is. Especially when weeks ago homes were burning up in super arid conditions. This is one project that has many of us really excited because we know the value of it in so many ways. Yet in essence we’re simply providing a drink of water, how is that for diplomacy and peacemaking?

The other morning I heard the rumble, a very common event. I just figured it was the usual artillery fire going out, it kept going, a continuous roll of thunder. And then it repeated itself many times. Finally a thunderstorm! Being from Iowa originally, I truly love a thunderstorm. My plywood and sandbagged windows prevented me from catching the accompanying light show. The aroma of a fresh rain was wonderful and it is truly a gift to enjoy such a shower. There were two gifts there, the rain and stepping into a new month which means being just one step closer to going back to the states.

……I have heard that a Marine has not died here since 8 Oct. That has been nearly two months since we’ve had a casualty in this province. Include this with the satellite imagery which shows increasing light in this once very dark country and you can see that, together with the people here, we are making strides toward peace. As the peace grows people are coming home, and the need for electricity grows even more. That is a good challenge. Best of all Iraqi Sheiks are making pacts to work together to defeat those who try to undo these successes. The Iraqi Army is taking a more aggressive posture in protecting the Iraqis as well. These are great signs that this country is moving in the direction they desire.

As I stress that this area is growing in peace let me assure you we’re not there yet. Recently one of our Marines lost both feet to an IED. Convoy teams continue to find or get hit by those hidden devices. The courage and conviction of these teams to their nightly missions and the bigger mission over here of helping the Iraqis to re-build this nation and get back on their feet is inspiring for me. We are making great strides here but this won’t be over for quite some time. Be encouraged that your people in uniform are helping the Iraqis to change things here. it will still take time to continue repairing damaged roads, restoring electricity and water and sewage and re-establishing a security force capable of keeping the people safe from tyrants and insurgents.

To close, I want to say a huge “thank you” to those who have been supporting Seabees, Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, and Airmen here and abroad with unbelievable gifts. ………..You have reminded not only us here but the gals and guys in uniform that we treat that we matter to you. We’re so grateful for that support. It is always a blast to give out your gifts……………thank you for your kind benevolence!!!!!

May your holiday season be safe and blessed. You’ve made mine unforgettable. Karen, thank you so much for everything. We appreciate everything, especially our support and prayers.

Sunday, 2007 Dec 9


Just to let you know that the boxes mailed 27 November arrived yesterday and have been delivered to our medical facility.


Command Chaplain 

Monday, 2007 Dec 3


It has been a long 14 months. You have definitely made it easier for us. Unfortunately, we are not being replaced by another medical company. I do know of a medical company that will be going to Taji. I will give them your contact information. I’m sure they could use as much help as you have been to me. I will contact them as soon as I can. Again, thanks for all you have done.

Sunday, 2007 Dec 2


I am leaving in a few days. If you could go

ahead and make sure you send nothing else our way I’d appreciate it. We have all appreciated all the time and effort you put into it, to support us. I cannot express enough how grateful we are. You have truly made our deployment easier. We all appreciate all the support and hope you continue. Thank you so much.

Camp Prosperity

Tuesday, 2007 Nov 27

First of all I want to thank all supporters for your heart filled letters and packages, they mean a lot to all of us.

 Saturday, 2007 Nov 24

The blankets and flip flops got here today! Thanks! We really need nice blankets for patients when they fly. Its getting cold here. They will look nice on the beds too!

We have some blankets “from home” which add an at home feel, but some don’t warm the body as much as they warm the heart. The blankets you sent are perfect to add warmth. Thanks again!

Happy Holidays!


Tuesday, 2007 Nov 20

Good Morning Ms. Grimord,

I hear the weather there has gotten pretty cold. Here it gets some heavy fog in the morning but the weather is nice other than that.

I hope my letter was received already. I can’t thank you all enough for all that you have sent to us. Everyone just loved the hand sown quilts.

The shower shoes were a big hit, the hospital was thrilled to receive a whole box of them. They also have a day room where the ‘wounded warriors’ stay, if you have some donated movies I know they would sure appreciate it.

Thanks you all again for what you do!

Monday, 2007 Nov 12

Hi Karen –

I wanted to let you know that I received the “America Supports You” T-shirts (2 boxes) yesterday, and passed many, many of them out today (almost all!) People were tickled to get them, especially since it was the day after Veteran’s Day, and I tied the two in together. Thank you for them – they really made a big hit!!! Take care and hope to hear from you again soon.

Sincerely – xxxx 

P.S. Thanks also for the tip on the website, I’ll check it out “fer sher”. 🙂

Friday, 2007 Nov 9

I received boxes today from you! I wanted to thank you for all of the great stuff:) Please keep in contact 🙂

Wardmaster, ICU 1

Thursday, 2007 Nov 8

As I get ready to redeploy, I just want to say thank you again from all of us here at the 28th CSH especially my unit – ICU-2.

I hope that you received your flag set in one piece and that you enjoy it for years to come.

28th Combat Support Hospital
Ibn Sina Hospital

Sunday, 2007 Nov 4

Hi Karen,

Got two more weeks and I’m headed back home. Thank you again. You should be getting a package soon. Here is a video clip of me on AFN news.

God Bless,

Friday, 2007 Oct 26


We received the three boxes. Thanks. The timing was perfect.


Thursday, 2007 Oct 25

Hello from Camp XXX Again.

We have gotten a surge in patients since I last requested anything. We have almost diminished all the things you have donated. We are very low on blankets again, now that the air is cooler especially up high in the black hawks we have been using a couple to bundle up our air evacs. I even ran out of those shorts you sent and I am almost out of T-Shirts.

I didn’t think I would need that many because it has been slow for awhile, but of course when you think that way that’s when you get busy again. Please keep me on your mailing list. My unit should be replaced sometime in the next few months, so another Level II medical company will take over this clinic. It will about 15 months we have been here.

Thank-you for all the help you have given us. May I choose someone from the other unit to keep in contact with you? You have been a great help. I think if you didn’t help us we would have ran out of some things (like blankets) or not have clothes and things to give trauma patients after we cut theirs to pieces. If you also ever get donated socks we use those all the time too. I sent you a thank-you gift just because we are all grateful. This is the only mailing list we are on I think maybe except for the ones where individual soldiers get adopt by someone.

Also thank you for the baby blankets. There are so many. We do get local national child trauma patients ever so often. I always try to give them some stuffed animal or something. One child got all the doctors giving him dollar bills. I think he had about 6 dollars by the time he was flown out to the level III. It sure made him stop crying and being scared. Since I have so many baby blankets though, next time I go on CME I will take some to give to the many babies and toddlers that come to get free medicine from us. We go out with our infantry units to do this, because they need female medics for the women and children civilians who show up. It’s a way that we can earn the peoples trust and respect, so they know we are not the bad guys. The civilians are starting to be a big help in turning in insurgents and actually actively protecting their own communities.

Sunday, 2007 Oct 21

Happy almost Halloween to everyone!

I wanted to thank everyone for all the boxes of decorations and goodies that you all have sent so far! What a morale booster! The patients love

everything from the goodies, phone cards, comic books, hand made pillows, decorations, etc. So thank you so so much!

Thank you again for everything that you all do and for your time spent thinking about us! We all here at Fallujah Surgical, staff and patients, appreciate everything you do!



Friday, 2007 Oct 12

We received your shipments and have distributed the last of them today.

The Soldiers really did like them. I had to fight my staff off…smile.

Thank you in advance. I may have more orders coming your way.

Sunday, 2007 Oct 07

Hello Karen,

I guess that you receive this mail after you’re back home with your beloved ones and I truly hope that you’ll arrive safe.

Let me say thank you for your friendship which you passed over to me during the last weeks.

The naturality with which you interact with other people makes you absolutely outstanding. You’re always smiling, always happy and showing so much positive attitude that our wounded warriors feel comfortable and beloved as they deserve it.

Thank you for your caring touch to everyone’s soul every single day; you’ll be missed so much from all of us.

Yeah I say us because I feel like a part of all those who serve them brave men and women who gave so much for our peace and freedom.

May you be blessed for all those needed things you’re doing and may you receive as many love as you show to others.

I am proud you call me your friend and have the honor to know you.

If you need me at Landstuhl I am there – any time

Your personal Security Officer

Hartmut “Bob” Hausser

Tuesday, 2007 Sept 18

Thanks for the watches. They got here today and I gave them to our Soldiers of the Month Thanks for all you do.

Cco, 15th BSB, 2BCT

Thursday, 2007 Sept 13


Just a quick note to say the box of pillows arrived. We loved them.

Some were used on the flight that went out yesterday. It had extra special meaning as the flight was headed to Landstuhl! Thank You!!!

Thursday, 2007 Sept 06

Hello! Thank you very much for the heating block it is greatly appreciated. Please also pass the thanks on to the company that donated it.

Thank you very much. On another note, we leave country shortly and I will probably no longer be checking my AKO. Haha. I just want to say that your help and support has been wonderful and absolutely made life easier. I know I speak for everyone when I say that. I will be sure to pass on your email address to those that replace us.

It was a pleasure to work with you. Take care and God bless.

Thursday, 2007 Sept 06


Thanks so much as you really don’t know how you have been a blessing for this unit. We were able to handle the largest mascal incident in theater and have depleted our resources as far as t-shirts are concerned. If we could get more that will be a blessing. I will be here until early November so we can still receive shipments. Thanks again for everything.

Saturday, 2007 Sept 01

Hello, I received the medical gloves in the mail yesterday. We really are pretty good on supplies right now however we were really short on large gloves so it just so happens that the package came at a good time. Thank you for the gloves and support, I don’t know if Josh told you or if he even knows but my unit is on it’s way out of here. We have under 90 left in country. Thank God! And hopefully most of us will be home for Thanksgiving at home. Although I will be sure to pass a long to the next unit coming in your email address and let them know who sent off all the good gloves.

Thanks A Lot! 

Wednesday, 2007 Aug 29


We received the box of shorts a few days ago…thank you. Also received the second PDR from in theater, again thank you. As you know I am leaving but I am including my replacements email address, he should arrive soon! Lets just say we move to tents this weekend to make room for them! YIPPEE

As for needs, I think we already discussed travel pillows, sleep masks, flip flops and maybe some more towels. I can’t believe I’m saying that but yes towels. Other than that we are doing pretty good.

Again thank you so much for all you do. Please pass along our thanks to all involved in the process.

SFC Kimberly D

Thursday, 2007 Aug 16


You are such a saint. We are well stocked on everything for now, thanks to you. Have a great trip. I will be turning over to the next group in about 2 weeks. I will pass on your name and email. You have been so wonderful to us. I can’t thank you enough. I will be in touch again before we take off.

Fallujah Surgical

Tuesday, 2007 Aug 7


Greetings once again, this time from my home in North Carolina and not the Cardiac ICU at Walter Reed. :0)

I wanted to get in touch with you and find out what I and my motorcycle chapter might be able to do to help you and the LHCP.

What you did for me really touched me and it is such a wonderful thing you do. I talked to my bike chapter about helping out and they would like to know what we can do to help you meet some of your needs.

If you could give me some ideas that I could take back to them on how we can help, I would appreciate it.

Thanks again so much for everything you have done for me. I look forward to giving back.



Troop Thanks Natasha Lavinski Hospital
Troop Thanks Natasha Lavinski Hospital

 Saturday, 2007 Aug 4 (Snail Mail)


The soldiers, patients, and staff of the 28th combat support hospital in Baghdad wish to say thank you. The support you expressed by sending needed items touches all of us. I wanted to personally say thank you.

We’re here performing a mission, providing patient care irregardless of the political climate. We’re fulfilling an obligation and oath by being here in support of our brethren.

I thank you again and ask that you pray for our safety and strength.

Bless You,

Cheif Ward Master

Friday, 2007 Aug 3

Hello Karen,

We received the cargo bags, blankets and crystal light drink mix. They came in extremely handy as we had two patients who flew out last night that desperately needed them.

Again, thanks for all that you do as it is appreciated so much. We can also use some short sleeve t-shirts and pillow cases if they become available.

Major TH

Thursday, 2007 Aug 2

There is another RN that has been getting stuff from LHCP. Her name 1LT XXX. She had a drug book 2007 and I asked her if I could have it for me. She gave it to me and asked who sent it to her. Then

we both laughed and talked about how great you are and that you are sending us the valves. 1LT Kxx works in ICU 2 and I am the NCOIC of ICU 1.

Be Safe and thank you,


Tuesday, 2007 July 31


I got the canes and have shipped forward all but two.

And one of our downtrace elements, one with all the clinics, received the blankets and bags.

Thank you!


Troop Thanks Natasha Lavinaki
Troop Thanks Natasha Lavinaki

 Wednesday, 2007 July 18

Email received from one of our contacts in Iraq. She forwarded us another name who needed blankets and LHCP sent them the same week they were requested.


Thanks for the Blankets! See below!


Ms. Dxxx

The blankets arrived last week and they were needed at the time on ICW.

Thank You

SFC xxxx
xxxth CSH

Thursday, 2007 July 12

Thanks, the black shorts we will save for any patients that may need them. The blankets will be very useful at the Hospital any time and the patients will enjoy the DVD’s.

I want to thank you again for your support of our hospital. I talked to SGT Hxx and she said many great things about you and your organization.

Thank You.

Friday, 2007 July 6

Hi Ma’am,

Received your boxes and just wanted to thank you so much for everything. We really appreciate all that you do.

1LT Dawn

Troop Thanks Kim Mika
Troop Thanks Kim Mika

Troop Thanks Kim Mika
Troop Thanks Kim Mika

Troop Thanks Kim Mika
Troop Thanks Kim Mika

Troop Thanks Kim Mika
Troop Thanks Kim Mika

Monday, 2007 July 2 (Snail Mail)

Dear Ms Grimord and LHCP

TF XX Med received 4 boxes of linens and gowns recently. Thank-you so much for your generosity. These items are greatly needed & certainly put to good use!

We are all doing well in all things considered. Your daily support certainly helps us make it through each day!

Best Regards,

LTC xx
TF xx Med

Saturday, 2007 June 30 (Snail Mail)

Yippee, pillow cases arrived. I am so excited

Thank you

Saturday, 2007 June 30

Karen, Hi there… just a quick note to say the box of flip flops arrived today… thank you very much. You guys all do just a great job. I hope when I return to the states I can remain involved with some of the efforts that helped us while deployed. Thank You,


Troop Thanks 28th Delores 5k run
After 5k run in Iraq

Friday, 2007 June 29

We have pillows a plenty now thanks to you.

One soldier, she complained of her tent-mate keeping her up from months with loud noises in the night and snoring. I gave her an armful of the pillows and she is happily burrowing underneath them.

Thank you for caring about us and taking care of us.

Tuesday, 2007 June 26 (snail mail)


It is xx again! Not sure if I told you in the email that we got the eye patches. Got to say was disappointed not to find any flowery ones HA HA!! They are just hitting the shelves as that box didn’t get opened while I was gone.

Thanx Again


Tuesday, 2007 June 26

Dear Karen,

The cute pillows arrived today.

They are going out to our most remote base.

That and a box of leggos from a well wisher.


Troop Thanks 28th Delores
Troop Thanks 28th Delores

Tuesday, 2007 June 26 (snail mail)

Appreciation Letter for LHCP

The XX XX Med Chapel staff here at Joint Theater Hospital in Afghanistan would like to thank you for your generous donations. The sewing machine and throw blankets were a wonderful way for your organization to show your support for our troops deployed here in Afghanistan. The blankets are greatly appreciated by our injured airmen, soldiers, marines, and navy men.

The sewing machine will be of great use to our troops on Wednesday Craft Night, which is headed by SFC xxx.

Your enormous generosity reflects great credit upon yourself and is appreciated by all fighting for Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

NCOIC Chaplain Assistant

Monday, 2007 June 25


It has been determined that the screen is a hit. The pictures are sharper and clearer. The viewers can actually understand what is being presented to them. Thank you so much for arranging this to be sent out to us.

Saturday, 2007 June 2 (snail mail)

Dear LHCP,

Today my DCSS Col, xxxx brought a box to me with new patient gowns. WOW, what a lift some of ours are looking a little worse for wear.

How nice for our patients to now have some new ones.

You are so thoughtful to be so kind and help us in what we do. Our patients can now feel a little better because of your help. Believe me they are so thankful and so are we.

From Task Force xxx CSH nurses and medics we thank you

Chief Nurse

Troop Thanks 28th Delores
Troop Thanks 28th Delores

Wednesday, 2007 May 30

Dear Mrs. Grimord,

My name is Monica Fxxxx and I just wanted to extend a warm thank you for all the work that you do for our service men and women. My brother in law is currently at Landstuhl Hospital recovering from wounds received last week in Baghdad.

While I was on the phone with him yesterday he was telling me about how he was able to get some lounge pants and slippers from the Chaplain because people donate them. I thought that was so wonderful that I had to research who was doing this. I came across you and your Care Project. Some people may not understand how something as simple as a pair of pants can make our soldiers feel and it is heartwarming to know that there are people, like you, who know that every little bit helps. Not only was it nice for my brother in law but it made me feel so much better knowing that he is being taken care of, even down to his feet, while he is away from my sister and his family.

So, again, thank you and everyone who works so diligently with you, for all of your hard work and dedication and love and support that you provide to Our Troops.

God Bless You,

Monica Fxxxx

Tuesday, 2007 May 29

Dear Karen,

Welcome back from your trip!

We have received wonderful boxes from you. Thank you. The contents were shared over an area the size of New Jersey and delighted many. Because you’ve been able to deliver such large quantities, the supplies are easily split up. I also hold back segments so that those not available at the initial distribution have a chance. Various soldiers, the ones with great domestic responsibilities and relatively little earning capacity are high on our list as well as the soldiers who just don’t get mail, let alone packages.

Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns.

I hope your dreams are no longer resembling a Tim Burton/Office Depot nightmare.

Some of our brothers are at Walter Reed, so it did my heart good to read that you and your husband made a visit.

Tuesday, 2007 May 15

Dear Karen,

An enormous box just arrived with a delightful variety of items for our soldiers. The GS made several banners which I will have pictures taken of and copies sent to you as well as the medics I work with. Some of the materials are being sent out to our outposts, but I won’t be able to take pictures there for you. The colorful pillow cases that one soldier re-named AWOL hobo bags because some of them look like that bandana that would hang from the end of a stick.

This is the first time I have seen music delivered and that was picked up quickly also. I imagine if sports equipment or musical instruments were sent someone would pick those up also. If someone sent an oboe, that a soldier would step forward who was an oboe player and we would be hearing renditions of the grandfather from “Peter and the Wolf” in no time. Thanks for all you do.

I will personally see that it is properly distributed. 90 is great thanks again. Keep this up and you’ll put our Dental Corp out of business.

Diane Payton
Diane Payton

Troop Thanks CincoDeMayo
Troop Thanks CincoDeMayo

Chow Time
Chow Time

Tuesday, 2007 May 15

I’d say– I’m impressed, but you seem to be able to get your hands on anything AND everything! I will let her know to expect it in a few weeks. She’s not going anywhere. I, on the other hand, have 1 day and a


Hit hard on call tonight. Will hopefully be able to send you the party pictures after I check on my new folks and the instruments from the cases. OK, I have to say it….I’M IMPRESSED!!!!


Tuesday, 2007 May 8

Did I mention I got the pillows? You made some nurses very happy.

They didn’t bring “real” pillows.

In a 2nd email dated the same day.

Oopppss…also got the big box of snacks today. You made some OR techs very happy too.

Friday, 2007 May 4


Thank you sooooo much for the wonderful packages. I was away on leave and they must have just forgotten about me over at the hospital because I didn’t even find out about the packages today. I will be sure to put the 2 DVD players and the 2 CD players in the patient hold area of our level 2 treatment facility for the soldiers who are bored staying overnight. The candy will be a big hit with all the soldiers. They sure do have a sweet tooth here. The phone cards will also go to the next soldiers to be evacuated. Thanks for all your kindness.

Everything from sheets for the guys to sleep under to pillows to put their heads on, you have been more than gracious with all LHCP has done.

On behalf of all 4,000 men and women here thank you.


Thursday, 2007 May 3

Hello Karen

On behalf of the 28th ICW, we would like to extend thanks and appreciation for the play station that we received yesterday along with the games. The soldiers were very happy as this was a motivating factor for all. We really appreciate all that you do for us and currently we are in great shape in all

categories. I thought I would never be able to say that we have more than enough supplies at this time (personal hygiene items, etc.). You don’t realize how much of a blessing your group has been.

Troop Thanks Tyskie
Troop Thanks Tyskie

Wednesday, 2007 May 2


Just wanted to let you know that I received the box of much needed pillows. They are sooo nice! Thank You! Would it be possible to get plastic covers for them to keep them sanitary. We get a lot of bloody head traumas and oozing burns… I split the box of 12 between the 2 ICUs.

Thank you again.

Baghdad, Iraq

Tuesday, 2007 April 24 Snail Mail

Through such simple acts as being kind and encouraging to others, we bring a smile to God’s face. You bring a smile to my face too! Thank You

The 28th Combat Support Hospital, Mosul would like to extend a sincere thanks for the DVD player, blankets, hand towels, and wash clothes. Your support and kindness is greatly appreciated.

Major TH 

Tuesday, 2007 April 24

Dear Karen

I would like to thank you for your much needed support of our mission over here in Iraq. You and your affiliates have made the standard of care and moral increase, which is certainly needed in these times of uncertainty. It touches my heart to see such acts of kindness. Time and time again your organization has come through to meet the requests of not only my medical facility but multiple others in both theatres. All of this through countless hours of volunteer work done by you and a group of others. Again I thank you and I cannot tell you or show you mine and everyone else at this medical facility, both worker and patient how much we appreciate your organization and support. Too many times the supply system is slow or does not have the needed supplies in order to improve our patients lives and the standard in which we perform our mission. Thank you !!!


Tallil AB, Iraq

Sunday, 2007 April 15

Received the packages yesterday. Mailroom folks called me to come get my mail! It took up the entire corner of the room. Big thanks to you and the folks at LHCP!

Flt Chief, Surgical Services

 Thursday, 2007 April 5

I love what you have done to the your new site and the honoree section was touching (the pics/stories).


Wednesday, 2007, April 4


I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for us here. We are redeploying soon so please extend are gratitude to all.

God Bless,

SGT Fxxxxx

Troop Thanks Jason's Group in Kuwait
Troop Thanks Jason’s Group in Kuwait

Thursday, 2007, March 29 Snail Mail

Karen & LHCP,

Thank you so very much for the blankets you sent to us here in Iraq. I really appreciate that you took your time to do in sending them. I hope all is well with you and all that belong to LHCP and that you continue to keep all those working over here in your prayers as we will now keep you in ours.

Thank you SSgt BFB

Al ASAD, Iraq

Thursday, 2007, March 29 Snail Mail


Your box of blankets, scrubs, and a PDR arrived today–it must have been Providence because we needed another PDR. Now we are fixed.

Warm weather is on the way, but we still have cool days. We gave blankets to the returning wounded. At our medical facility we see the patients prior to their return to their unit, making sure they are fit to go. We do not do major procedures here.

I read the story of Randy Newman on the box-very sad. I taped it up so others could read it.

Thank you for your kindness. I will try to answer the many cards in the box.



PS I hope you don’t mind, but we washed the scrubs and let the wounded wear them while in their room at night. They usually have minimal clothing.

Tuesday, 2007 March 27

Karen, I gave your LHCP vibrating pillows as 1st prize for a MWR event…these 2 worked out hard to earn these things!


Troop Thanks Med Supply Swept The Competition 1st Place Male
Troop Thanks Med Supply Swept The Competition 1st Place Male

Monday, 2007 March 19


I am now redeployed. My husband and I have been blessed and are expecting our first child. A little surprise to say the least, very unexpected event during my leave. I want to again thank you for all of your support. Please forward all items to MAJ XXX at the same address. I will forward your address and let him know to email with future requests. Again thank you and God Bless.

Very Respectfully


Thursday, 2007, March 8

Hi Karen,

I would like to thank you and everyone from the Landstuhl Hospital Care Project who support our men in women who are injured and who care for the injured in Afghanistan.

Our combat wounded soldiers have their

clothes cut off upon arrival to our Emergency Room and have been grateful for the sweatpants, sweatshirts and socks you sent. Many of the blankets you provided were given to the wounded to use in the hospital and take with them as they are Air Evacuated out of Afghanistan.

The Physician, Nursing and Support Staff have appreciated the blankets and sheets as many did not realize how cold it was here in the mountains. Our Intensive Care Ward Staff have been very excited at the response they have received in giving the local nationals their medications at discharge in the brightly colored medication bags you sent.

Finally, I want you to know that the Breast Pump and bottles will allow mothers of injured children to continue to provide their child with breast milk instead of resorting to formula which is not sustainable in this environment.

The work you and your organization are doing for not only wounded military, but also for deployed medical staff and the people of Afghanistan is remarkable, significant and graciously appreciated!

Thank you,


Monday, 2007 March 5

Dear Ms Grimord,

The sheets came in on Saturday! Thank you again for your tremendous support both in Iraq and here on the home front. I know that a multitude of young lives will be touched by your generosity to our troops fighting the fight around the world. Please thank all of the supporters and tell them what a difference they have made in the lives of these young Marines and sailors!

Very Respectfully,


Monday, 2007 March 3


I just wanted to say thank you for all of the shirts and shower shoes and the other things that you sent to us. The soldiers loved them. Thank you again for all of your support and dedication.

Monday, 2007 Feb 27


Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you for the scrubs you sent us. All my medics and docs are wearing them. I just got the Pink ones today and the had a cat fight over them. They enjoyed the books, candles, blankets, and books. It all turned out fine. They all appreciated them We will be

sharing them anyways. Well, it’s starting to heat up out here. What are the chances of getting an 220 A/C window unit sent out here. Not sure if anyone has ever asked for one or if that’s out of the question, but you never know unless you ask. My address has just changed to:

Thank you for all you do. We do appreciate it.

Monday, 2007 Feb 27

Good Morning Ms. Grimord,

We are so happy to see the oral hygiene kit that we received from xxx. It was like Christmas all over again. I received two boxes and gave one box to the other ICU. I had placed a special order to Med Supply and still waiting. This order was placed back in November 2006. I am asking if you could give more info of how you were able to get this awesome product because both ICU require a lot. Thank you, thank you so much.

I am also searching for Safeset product that we use for drawing blood from the A-line pressure lines through hospira. The website is www.hospira.ca/english/safeset.aspx

We had four needle sticks already from our nurses drawing blood from the A-line. Please, if you could help find this product or if I could get some samples.

Thank you so much,

Monday, 2007 Feb 27


I received 4 boxes from you- is that correct count? I thank you so much! There were PJ’s, scrubs, dark towels, slippers, very nice girlie hygiene items (thanks so much…lol…they were gone in like a snap!).

The towels were definitely needed for the host nation ward-they were running very low, and as you know, we care for a very high volume of Iraqi patients here as well as our troops.

Please let everyone in the group know that all of us at the CSH are so very thankful for the love and support that is shown to us and to all of our patients!

Monday, 2007 Feb 19


Just a quickie…got lots of “customers” today- thank you so much for the boxes of scrub bottoms, PJ’s, sweats and other items- we were almost out of bottoms…again…and it is like I have a Angel watching that lets you all know just when is the perfect time to send something out.

Thank you so much- everything we do, it is done better because of your group…whether it is clothing to send someone home in or brightly decorated bags to carry all our warriors papers and meds in….it truly makes a difference.

God Bless, XX

Thursday, 2007 Feb 15

Hello LHCP!!!

Thank you for all the shipments. My troops really appreciated all of your efforts and hard work. We are sorry for not staying in touch as promised. A lot has been going on around here and we’ve been very busy. Our Internet connections has been off most of the time due to OPSEC and tragedies. We did receive all the packages and we all enjoyed them very much.

We are coming toward the end of this deployment and will not be able to receive any mail soon. I will get in touch with the on-coming unit and establish a point of contact for you. I’m sure they will appreciate it as it made our deployment a whole lot better.

The last day to receive mail for this unit is 1 FEB 07. You can remove me from the March mailing list. As soon as I make contact with the other unit, I’ll provide you with an POC. Once again, thank you for all that you do I will never forget your name.


Friday, 2007 Feb 09

Wow- that was quick…I received a box from you today with sheets, towels, scrubs, slippers, and 2 very nice massage pillows!

I hope you won’t mind- I was going to use the massage pillows as “fabulous prizes” for an MWR event coming up? You are wonderful!

I am sending you a great big hug from all of us here at the CSH- God Bless and thank you so much for keeping all of us here in the “sandbox” in your thoughts and prayers.


Wednesday, 2007 Feb 07 Snail Mail

Karen and LHCP,

This will be my last note as we are preparing to turnover soon. As soon as I know who the next person will be I will email you name/email address.

Thank you so much for what you do. Your support and dedication to this cause will never be forgotten.

All my best,

Troop Thanks Michele warriors digging into boxes
Troop Thanks Michele warriors digging into boxes

Thursday, 2007 Feb 01

From a LHCP yahoo group member

Karen, I have attached a wonderful photo I received with the unit’s Doc treating a shepard boy that works to support his family from dusk to dawn everyday.

I received this message from Iraq on the photo below. Have a good day.

Tell them to go ahead and they don’t need to blur his name. His full name is (HM3) Jerry Wagner. We are all doing very well, things are going good for us here.

Take Care,
1st Sgt Gary J. Bass

Monday, 2007 Jan 29


I will be leaving Iraq in about 30 days. Thank you for all your support! It has been wonderful to know that you are there.


Wednesday, 2007 Jan 26

Greetings Fellow Americans, I hope this posting finds you all healthy, happy and weathering the winter.  I have heard from so many of you that you have had very strange winters!  The sun came out today and it was in the 40s.  We all thought it was Springtime!!

I would like to let you know that with the new Air Force crew on board, I have had an address change.  It is almost the same and anything you have mailed in the last weeks I’m sure will reach me.  I received 6 packages  this evening.

You may notice that the name of the Hospital has changed.  Even though we didn’t move into the new facility, we are now the Craig Joint Theater Hospital named after a soldier medic who gave his life in support of Operation Enduring Freedom here in Afghanistan.  He paid the ultimate price as seeking to offer this country freedom.  He will not be forgotten.

I have mentioned the bookshelves that you have kept full of reading material for all the Military members who work at and pass  through our facility and I have finally included a picture for you to see how big the bookshelves are.

We had a group of 25 soldiers who were bought in from one of outlying operating bases, all being seen for sick call this afternoon.  As I was passing through the waiting room, I told them to feel free to take a book or two.  One young soldier found me in my office and asked if he could take several.  I provided him with a small box and I think he found 10-12 to take back to his base with him.

The next two pictures include the Intensive Care Ward staff (first picture) and one of our public health NCOs (second picture) in front of the Any Airman, Any Soldier, Any Sailor, Any Marine gift shelves.  I tried to really stock the shelves well the day these pictures were  taken as it was the first day that the new Air Force compliment was all at the hospital.

I have to tell you that the shelves were bare within 1 hour.  I think I restocked that day and the next morning to their delight.

Around the middle of  January, I cleared off all the Christmas letters and started posting your cards and letters.  I’m already wrapping around the corner!

I can’t tell you how many people I see on a daily basis reading your words of encouragement and letter sharing your lives with us.  Because my office is on the other side of the wall, I hear the conversations about what wonderful support you are providing our staff.

 I just wanted you all to know that you are touching so many more lives than the 25 men and 25 women I indicated on my initial application.  I was considering it today and I think that you have been supporting more that 200 soldiers on a regular basis!  We have over 140 Airmen on staff and have at least 100 people through our facility on any one day!  Each one of you is a blessing to our entire staff and to our patients through your thoughtful words of encouragement and kind actions.


Tuesday, 2007 Dec 25

I’d like to say thank you for the generosity of your organization on behalf of the xxth Combat Support Hospital. We really do appreciate all that your organization has done for the soldiers who are deployed and the patients that come through our hospital.

Actually, CPT Kxxx of the xxth CSH stated that your organization has been instrumental in providing much needed items to their hospital. We at the xxth CSH are looking forward to your kindness during our deployment.

Thank You

Saturday, 2007 Dec 22

A great big HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you all!

I know this is a mass email and short, but I wanted to let you know that I have received all of your wonderful boxes and gifts for the holidays and they are wonderful! I had the opportunity to pass some of the items along to some of the soldiers out and traveling. I know they will be so appreciative of them! Thank you again, from all of us here at XXXX Surgical.

I have nothing new to report! Things are going smoothly here in terms of security and that is such a wonderful thing. I had the opportunity to help open a health clinic in the city of xxxxx and we saw close to 1000 people in the span of 4 hours. We are working on helping the people here trust again and learn how to do some of the things we are providing right now for themselves for when we leave…and we will. We will all soon come home. They are very quick learners and so wonderful to be around!

I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season and a wonderful new year!

I know you all have made mine to be a better holiday season.


Allie 🙂

Thursday, 2007 Dec 13

Hi Karen –

You know, you are the only one of all my donators that sends out these kinds of updates…. the “this-is- what-I-have-do-you-want-any” kind. Thank you for doing that – I wish more did. Additionally, I want to let you know that we received the flip-flops, cards, sweats, pj’s, t-shirts, and that they came JUST when we needed them most. THANK YOU most kindly!!! You are definitely making points in heaven!!! 😀

Sincerely – Linda

Saturday, 2007 Dec 8 (Snail Mail)

ICW-1 Medical Ward

Landstuhl Hospital Care Project
29 Greenleaf Terrace
Stafford, VA 22556

Dear Madam

On behalf of the soldiers of Medical Task Force xx Combat Support Hospital, Baghdad, Iraq, we would like to thank you for the care packages that you have sent. We are very grateful for the items that we received and most of all for the support you have provided. All donations are always appreciated and greatly needed. The generosity of your organization greatly impacts the morale of our soldiers.

We are so happy and blessed for all the donations. We also would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thank You again for your support.

Eagle Medics!
Sincerely, Donation Committee:
First Lieutenant/Army Nurse 
Private First Class/Army Medic

Saturday, 2007 Dec 8 (Snail Mail)

Letter dated 24 November 2007

Greetings from Iraq

On behalf of the soldiers and airmen of Task Force xxx Multifunctional Medical Battalion, I wish to thank you for your support! Being away from friends, family, and loved ones can make someone feel alone, but your contributions really make a difference in the morale of our personnel. The items that come in, whether packages or notes of encouragement are distributed throughout our 700+ soldiers and you should see the joy they bring to the faces of our men and women in uniform. Thank you for what you sent and for caring about us here in Iraq.

May God Bless You,

Task Force Chaplain


PS Thank you for the blankets! We got them to our folks at the Air Force Theater Hospital and they were very thankful! Thank You Again!

Saturday, 2007 Dec 1

Chaplain’s Office

Dear Ms. Grimord

On behalf of the Soldiers of the Medical TF xx Combat Support Hospital, Baghdad, Iraq, we would like to thank you for the care packages that you’ve sent. We are ver grateful for the items taht we received and most of all for the support that youv’e provided that directly impacts the morale of our Soldiers.

We are so happy to know that you are praying for us as we continue to do the job that we are called to do so all of us can be safe.

Thank you again for your support and prayers. May God Bless you!

For God and Country!
FS, Jr
Chaplain (Major) US Army
Hospital Chaplain
Staff Sergeant, US Army

Chaplain Assistant

(This letter is also signed by 6 other service members)

Thank You!!
Thank You for Your Support!
It’s nice to know that we are in your thoughts, your support is greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much for your selfless service and support to our troops. Head nurse ICW2

Thursday, 2007 Nov 29

Hi Karen –

Thank you for the update on the incoming shipment. It is EXACTLY what we need right now. I also want to THANK YOU for the past shipments

that we have received recently, and have been meaning to write to you about.

The towels were awesome and were swept up like crazy! Also the t-shirts, Christmas wreath, flip-flops came at a very needed time. Not to mention the white boards! OMYGOSH – my command was so thrilled that they couldn’t believe that you sent all of them at once! THEY send you much THANKS as well. And did I tell you that the “America Supports You” t-shirts came in right after Veteran’s Day, so we gave them out to everyone we saw in support of that day. Troops were impressed and tickled I have to tell you!

The bottom line is that we are so thankful for all you do to support us! You are an amazing lady and you do an incredible job! You will never know the extent of your good works and number of lives you make better with what you do. Much love to all of you from all of us!

Sincerely – L

Saturday, 2007 Nov 24


I just wanted to say thank you for sending the quilts and blankets to our FOB. It was a nice surprise and the quilts were beautiful. I already distributed them among EMEDS and our Army clinic on the FOB.

They were much appreciated. Next time you’re in Landstuhl, let me know, because I have one of my sergeants that works there with our Soldiers.

Take care, hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

Very respectfully,


Monday, 2007 Nov 19 Snail Mail Received

Dear Friends,

The entire staff of this hospital wishes to thank you for the donation of the following:

21 boxes of “T” shirts-72 per box @$4 each total Value of $6,048.00 (LHCP does not determine the value of items donated. This value was determined by the VA hospital)

Everything that is done to benefit the veterans at Hunter Holmes McGuire VAMC is greatly appreciated by the patients, the entire staff, and the volunteers. Words cannot express our gratitude. Mere works cannot express how much your donations mean to the patients!

For God and Country,

Mary L. Byam
VAVS Representative

Tuesday, 2007 Nov 13

I thank you for the PJ pants, movies and the Xmas items, I received your box in good condition two days ago. My medics and I am so excited to decorate for the upcoming Holiday season. We appreciate all that you do and thank you for your dedication and compassion. Love xbct xID

Aid Station

Friday, 2007 Nov 9

Thank you so much for being so generous! My team is doing very well here in Afghanistan. I received your blankets, they were very much appreciated by patients and staff (it’s getting cold here!) The scrubs and robes were also needed very much. Thank you. We see many patients with external fixators on their femur or tib/fib, so we need pants that are easily cut or manipulated for lack of better words. We do however need larger sized scrub pants. Some of our patients are very large males. We have plenty of tops. We just realized last week that we do not own a single toddler sized gown, or small children’s gown….(This was on the way to the OR, we had to improvise with a scrub top!) Last but not least, we are going through bed sheets like crazy. Thank you so much for your patriotism and continuing generosity!


Thursday, 2007 Nov 8

Hello Karen,

My replacement for xxth CSH xxx is SSG xx and her e-mail address is xxl. Again thanks for all your help and we have a great group replacing us and extremely excited to start work. You were a true blessing to us and may God Bless and keep you.

Thursday, 2007 Nov 1

Dear Karen –

Thank you for the update; I am looking forward to getting your wonderful donations you outlined soon. I also wanted to thank you for the last shipment we received (on Oct 25th) of blankets, binders, decorations, shower curtains, etc. They are so needed and we sooo appreciated them more than words can say!

Per your request – for the November “wish list”, although we just received blankets in your last shipment, they are so needed right now, that any additional blankets you want to pass on to us would be great.

The need for the white boards I would like to explain, so that it may give you an idea how many to send (as you know, I am not at liberty to give you numbers). Our command has asked us to affix one of these small dry erase boards on the outside of our living quarters so that if we are to be away from our rooms for very long, or if a critical message is needed to be passed on to a soldier, these can be used for the messages.

This is very important in our area in case of a medical emergency, or something of that nature. I hope this helps in your planning for the shipment. Also, flip-flops are ALWAYS in demand. Seems like we go through them faster than toothbrushes! Towels, PJ’s, sweats, are all items we could use right now as well.

Please know that we are so grateful for your generosity and support! I can’t imagine trying to carry on with all that we do here without that support from you and all those that work with you. Hope to hear from you again soon.

Sincerely – xxxxx

Sunday, 2007 Nov 4

WOW, I am totally blown away ! you are all incredible. I am just blown away by you generosity.

I will make sure that all the items are handed out to our needy service members.

Our conditions in the outlying FOBs / FB are about as austere as I have ever seen in 20 years of service.

I will say thank you for everyone now cause I may not get a chance to do so later.

Thank you for everything you do!

Tuesday, 2007 Oct 23

Again, thanks for all you do. We do appreciate it very much. I should be leaving in early Jan. I will pass on the new 1SG your name and email so that he can get the same support I have gotten if you don’t mind. Thanks for keeping me on your list. God Bless!!


Tuesday, 2007 Oct 16


Thank you for all of your support, I received a box today with socks and candy and before I could put the socks on the shelf they were gone. Thank you once again. My prayers are with you and your family.


Sunday, 2007 Oct 07


I just recently received your bath robes. They are so nice and perfect for our drafty bathroom!!!! Thank you so much for making my day! I asked our Commander and he said we could use some blankets, not too too many, just a nice stack! lol. Thank you so much for your support Karen.


German Guard and MRS KAREN GRIMORD
German Guard and MRS KAREN GRIMORD
Inside Wounded Warrior Ministry Center at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center with Landstuhl Hospital Care Project’s personal “security officer”

Tuesday, 2007 Sept 18

Dear Friends,

I hope this finds you well. I am writing to once again thank you for all you have done for us here at Fallujah Surgical. Our time has come and we are to leave in about 48 hours.

It has been a great tour and a big part of that is because of what you do. Listed below is the name of my replacement. She is great and will be a great contact for you all. I have cc’d her on this email so feel free to contact her immediately.

Once again, thank you.

Take Care,

Thursday, 2007 Sept 06

Hi Karen,

I wanted to let you know I received the package you sent. Thanks so much for the labels and hard candy I really appreciate it. We are still fighting this battle with getting them ordered but hopefully what you sent should get us through until we can order them ourselves. Now that you mention it if you have any available movies. We only have a few to play while our patients are waiting to be seen, that would be great and we have run into quite a few more patients with a wool allergy than we thought we would. If you have pillows and cotton sheets that would be great. We could use roughly 10 of each but whatever you could spare would be great. Thanks again.

Thursday, 2007 Sept 06

Good Morning Karen,

How are you? I am doing good and excited about going home in a couple of months. My replacement will be here next month and I would like to pass this on to her. Please, know this that I am still

thinking about you and very thankful to have known you thru email and all the wonderful products that you have given to us for our wounded warriors.

I received the box of shorts, scrubs, and pillows. My Soldiers are asking if they could have the pillows. I will give it to the wounded warriors first, and then any leftovers, I will give it to my Soldiers.

Thank you so much,


Wednesday, 2007 Sept 05


Thank you ever so much for the packages I received this week. The socks, t-shirts, magazines and pillows (oh how we loved the pillow cases) were a necessity! Thank you and your organization for all that you do, you make providing care for the soldiers of our facility a daily task with a special treat at the end like a kid at the bank with mom and dad. Of the items you listed, movies, blankets, flip flops, pajama pants, head scarves, tank top t-shirts and medicine bags would add to our aid station which appears to be the talk of our current location.

Believe it or not soldiers go out of there way to come by for a magazine, snack or a new pair of flip flops. Anything else that you can think of would be a true blessing, thank you for all that you do, we couldn’t thank you enough.

Our time here is just beginning, but to know that I have a support network like yourself to see my soldiers thru I am truly grateful. Thank you and God Bless!

Saturday, 2007 Sept 01

Dear Karen,

The shorts you sent us arrived yesterday. They made a lot of Soldiers very happy! We are due to leave in less than 45 days.

I will keep you posted.
How are you?

Monday, 2007 Aug 20

Dear Karen,

We received a huge box from you this last week that was full of shirts and shorts. Thank you so much. We are fully stocked for the next month or so.

We are at the end. Our replacements will be here in 10 days. We will be leaving in 26 days. We are very excited. I want you to know that our tour and our patient’s stays here were much nicer because of you and your colleagues.

You have done an amazing job clothing and stocking our American and Iraqi wards. We were very lucky to have you.

I will be in touch with a new name in the beginning of September.

Take care,

Wednesday, 2007 Aug 15

Karen Grimord & LHCP

How are you ? Fine, I hope, I just wanted to thank you for all of your support. I received the blankets, boxers, sheets, flip flops and towels. You are truly been a blessing to our unit and this war effort.

Every time some one comes to sick call for evaluation it is like Christmas morning for them. I would like to applaud you for all your assistance. You are truly a blessing, We will attach photos in the days to come.

Thank you once again from all of us to all of you. God Bless!

Troop Thanks Natasha Lavinski Feeding Woman
Troop Thanks Natasha Lavinski Feeding Woman

Friday, 2007 Aug 3

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to my replacement- MAJ xx. She has graciously offered to continue to be a conduit between you/Landstuhl Hospital Care Project and our hospitals/clinics.

Thank you for your support this past year. You and your team have made a huge difference. Our Soldiers greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness, dedication and hard work gathering and shipping badly needed supplies to our wounded warriors. You have made the world a better place.

Feel free to contact me at xx@us.army.mil if you need anything from me personally. I will be moving to San Antonio, TX by 1 Oct and would love to take you to dinner if you are ever in my neck of the woods!

G-1, Task Force 3d MEDCOM

Friday, 2007 Aug 3


Thank you, I know that SGT xx will be very happy to have the heating block. We received your box the other day and we can use all the items you sent to the hospital to make life a little easier for our patients.

I will let SGT xx know about the heating block. Thanks again for everything.


Friday, 2007 Aug 3


I just wanted to say thank you for the blankets and the duffle bags. They will come in useful especially when the weather starts to get cold. I am so thankful that you are here and that you support the troops. It is nice to know that you always seem to get what we need when we can’t get it through our channels. Again, I really appreciate your support and help.

Thank you,


Wednesday, 2007 Aug 1

Received 5 boxes of duffels and 3 boxes of breakaway pants yesterday at the WWMC. RP2 said there were at least 4-5 more boxes of duffels still to pick up. Thank you – they came just as we were running very low again!

We appreciate all you and LHCP does for the the troops both here and downrange. Thank you very much.


Sunday, 2007 July 22

One box of microscopes arrived as did the rest of the blankets. Thanks again for all your help with this.

We will be delivering the books and microscopes to the medical school within the week. I will send pics of the event.


Saturday, 2007 July 21

To each and everyone of you. I can not say how much each of you has touched my heart during this deployment. It is much because of you that I have maintained some sanity over here. Your letters and care packages have brought more smiles and comfort to so many more than I could ever name. Most of you know that I took my position on AnySoldier.com very seriously and made sure that your gifts and letters were received but others whether in our Task Force at the hospital or some else out there in need. I am writing today with bittersweet news. We are going home in less than two months…. most would ask where is the bitter in that. But I have come to know and love each of you and will miss each of you and the impact that you have made on my life. I hope that when I leave here our relationships don’t end. Ok I guess I have rambled on long enough. I write while you guys are sleeping so you will wake to my email. Have a wonderful day.

Thank You all from the deepest corners of my heart.

SFC Kimberly Mika

Wednesday, 2007 July 18 (Snail Mail)


SUBJECT: Appreciation Letter for Karen Grimord/Landstuhl Hospital Care Project

The Task-Force Med Chapel staff here at Craig Joint Theater Hospital in xx Afghanistan would like to thank you for your generous donations. The sewing kit that you sent was greatly appreciated by the TF Med personnel. We are grateful for what you do for our troops stationed here in Afghanistan and people like you remind us everyday that we are not forgotten. Your generosity reflects great credit upon yourself and is appreciated by all fighting for Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

NCOIC Chaplain Assistant
Task Force Med Chaplain

Monday, 2007 July 16

Dear Karen,

Thank you for the wonderful D rings.

They are very helpful and every soldier is always looking for an extra one.

Thank you again for helping soldiers.

Wednesday, 2007 July 4

Hi there everyone,

Happy 4th of July! I am enclosing photos of our 4th of July celebration…. it was a wonderful day. Fun for all not just xxxth but the base as we had a great turnout for the boxing match that followed our cookout.

Hope you enjoy these pics. Anyone wanting more just let me know. I tried to include a few from different things. They shaved heads today too… it was a great morale booster.

Troop Thanks Kim Mika
Troop Thanks Kim Mika

Troop Thanks Kim Mika
Troop Thanks Kim Mika

Troop Thanks Kim Mika
Troop Thanks Kim Mika

Troop Thanks Kim Mika
Troop Thanks Kim Mika

Friday, 2007 July 3

We could use about 6 to 8 blankets for our Patient Hold.

Those spray bottle fans were a hit with the Soldiers in the heat. I did get them out to our guard towers and gate guards in the blistering heat. If you can send more of those please do. It is just staying around 115 degrees right now but I’m sure the 130s are just around the corner based on my last experience here. Anything to beat the heat would be appreciated.

If you have any type of wall hangings to decorate the patient hold we would appreciate it also.

Again, thanks for all you do. We do appreciate it. Take care.

Monday, 2007 July 2 (Snail Mail)


Again you amaze me with the care packages! You and the folks there @ LHCP are wonderful & I just wanted to drop you a real THANK YOU ! It folks like you guys who make our job a little easier.

Thank You


Saturday, 2007 June 30 (Snail Mail)

Its SSG xx writing from Iraq again. …….

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your support to all servicemen/women serving overseas. Everything that you do to show support allows us to perform our duties knowing that there are great folks back home that truly do appreciate and support us.

Saturday, 2007 June 30

Thank you so much for the blankets. We got them in and they are already on the beds and on the shelves ready for use. Thank you also for the books. We have a great abundance of books from your donations, my medical school, and books bought for the medical school here. We will be delivering them over the next month and I will send you pictures of their delivery. Thanks again for all your help.


Troop Thanks 28th Delores
Troop Thanks 28th Delores

Thursday, 2007 June 28

The shower shoes and the movies did arrive and we have happy patients and staff. We have had a lot of soldiers with various illnesses and sports injuries rather from blast injuries lately. The soldiers are watching “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days” as we speak. Thanks again for everything.


Tuesday, 2007 June 26


Thank you for the PDR’s and the pillow cases, they have come to be very helpful. I appreciate all that you do for the soldiers.

Thank you again for all the support.


Sunday, 2007 June 17

Dear Karen,

The enormous boxes you send have been opened.

  • The 4 boxes of 100 tooth brushes each are being pushed out to 3 different operating sites and distributed to soldiers, foreign and local national workers.
  • The pillow cases are going to all three sites.
  • The pillows are going to the most remote site we support.
  • The scrubs have gone to the Medical Platoon.
  • The toothpaste is going with the tooth brushes.
  • The CDs are going north
  • The cassette recorder is going to a foot patrol Troop to play with the children.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

We never imagined Christmas in this weather.

We can’t thank you enough.

Thursday, 2007 June 14

This is a email sent after a unit received a projection screen for training.


The screen arrived yesterday. Thank you very much for coordinating this. We plan to mount it this week-end for it unveiling during our Monday morning training. You are right it is long…

Friday, 2007 June 1

Dear Karen,

We will use the pillow and pillow cases for

The individual soldiers who have been using the same pillow and “field expedient pillow case” (t-shirt) for the last # months.

Additionally, they will be used:

  • to soften the ride in the Humvees and convoy vehicles
  • to provide additional comfort for surveillance teams
  • for soldiers with suspected specific sleep problems in which multiple pillows are beneficial
  • for civilian hospitals and clinics
  • for tent/refugee situations when families have been displaced
  • for foreign nationals who have no access to other means of procuring additional bedding (they are often from countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Philippines, Bangladesh and India.

I’m providing these details so that you can see how we can readily utilize the supplies in ways anticipated and not anticipated. If you have any concerns or suggestions, let us know. The soldiers will be the ones taken care of first, but taking care of those who take care of us is a high priority as well as opportunities to generate good will in the community.

Thank you for taking care of us.


Troop Thanks Ricardo Young
Troop Thanks Ricardo Young

Sunday, 2007, May 27


We received a box of towels from you today. Thank you so much. You have no idea what a big impact you make here at XXXX Surgical. The Marines and Soldiers spend weeks in the field sleeping in vehicles and on the ground. It is so nice for us to have the option of offering our wounded new clean sheets, new pillow cases, clean clothes, good pillows, clean fresh towels for the shower, and some comforts from home. It is because of you and your fellow patriots this is possible. Both of our wards are something you all should be proud of. If it was not for your generosity, our ward would be full of old, used, stained bedding and we would have nothing to offer for clean undergarments and shirts. We do tell our patients that what we give them is from generous people state side. I wish you could see for yourselves what a huge impact you make on the quality of life for our patients.

Thanks for all you do Karen. I loved reading your handout “LHCP Update.”

Thursday, 2007 May 24

Thanks Karen, we just got the towels in today.

I am scheduling classes now for soldiers that are getting ready to go home, utilizing the books you sent.

Thank you again for the support you and others like you have given.

Well anyway it is getting hot here it is 1500 (3:00) and 115 and rising. It will be in the 120s soon.

Until later


Diane Payton CincoDeMayo
Diane Payton CincoDeMayo

Troop Thanks Diane Payton CincoDeMayo
Troop Thanks Diane Payton CincoDeMayo

Thursday, 2007 May 10

Hi Ms. Karen,

I finally got approval to order more of the oral hygiene care and the safeset blunt cannula. Thank you so much What other hospital care project can you guys offer. Please let me know. I’m attaching a picture of me and my ICU 1 when it was empty for a day due to construction. In fact, one of the ventilator has the oral hygiene care kit hanging on the vent. Just look closer. Yap, we are out of the ones that you sent to us. I am looking for a product called anti reflux valve. It is used for NG or OG

tube to clamp it when the patient is not hooked up to a suction. My orders have been passed back order.

Thank you


Troop Thanks 28th Delores
Troop Thanks 28th Delores

Tuesday, 2007 May 8

Thanks again for the address. (this unit was looking at a way of moving excess supplies they did not need. LHCP provided them with a address for another unit) They are going out this week. We are doing great.

We do need towels if you happen to have any extras. They seem to get used and then disappear.

Thanks again for all that you do.


Thursday, 2007 May 3

Hello Ms Grimord:

Thank you again for sending our patients at Fallujah Surgical the supply. You have made a big difference in their life quality while recuperating in our little hospital.

Currently we have received sufficient supply from you to last our patients for another 2-3 months. Please save further supply for other needier persons or units.

Again, I thank you, your staff, and all our friends out there who are supporting Fallujah Surgical and our American and Iraqi patients.


Wednesday, 2007 May 2

Karen, the SCD tubing arrived today…. thank you soooo much for your persistence and dedication. It will save lives as for sleep mask say start with 10-20 and see how they go. Just remember most of our patients are big burly marines!! That’s why I like pink ones… just joking! You’d be surprised what these guys do… they crack me up sometimes. Ok well I am on my way out the door for work so have a great night. Talk with ya soon and thank you guys sooooooo much for all you do.


Friday, 2007 April 27


Thank you for the Appeal for Courage email. I signed it and passed it on to the rest of my unit.

I can’t thank you enough for the support you have provided. As far as anything that we need here, towels would be handy; if someone needs the Play station 2 more than us send it to them. We have some PS3 Games that were donated so we will wait to see if an actual PS3 can be acquired somewhere. If you run across one great, but if not I want the PS2 to go to someone who will definitely make use of it.

You mentioned something about snack food and that is always appreciated (individual drink mixes, snacks, ready heat meals or anything else).

You also said you had an or some mental health books those would be greatly appreciated.

Again I want to thank you so much for your support.

Mental Health Specialist

Troop Thanks Tyskie
Troop Thanks Tyskie

Monday, 2007 April 16


First I want to thank you for your continued support of the medical units overseas. Your email was the first I had heard of your organization and I must say I am very impressed. I found your website very interesting and loved all the feedback.

The unit I am assigned to just relocated to a new area where we will be opening a brand new hospital in the deadliest portion of Iraq. We are hopeful that the location of this hospital will help to decrease the number of fatalities in this region. As we haven’t opened our doors yet there may be items needed that I am unaware of at this point.

Please accept my deepest thanks from myself and every medic serving his/her country for all that you do.

Saturday, 2007 April 14


Well today I received a box of shower curtains and hooks… wow…. we are brightening up the place with each one we hang….. As soon as we have them all hung I will be taking pics to send you. It makes such a difference I will have to send before and after pics. Take care and thanks again for all you do.


Wednesday, 2007 April 11 Snail Mail

Karen & Landstuhl Hospital Care Project,

I would like to take this time to thank you for your support of the xxx CSH mission in Al Asad Iraq. Our patients certainly make good use of the items (shorts & wash cloths) that you sent.

We appreciate your thoughtfulness and support.


Wednesday, 2007, April 4

Hi Karen,

We received the DVD player and all the other sheets you sent. I have another big box from you waiting in the mailroom that I will pick up today. You and your organization have been so wonderful to all the men and women at Task Force XXX! The Chaplain’s office will continue to receive packages for our facility, however, this Air Force group will be rotating out and I don’t have an individual to take my place for the program. I will be leaving theater in about 11 days. If anything comes with my name on it I have designated persons to distribute the items.

I want to thank you again for all you are doing for deployed American’s!

Working with you has enriched my life!!


Wednesday, 2007, April 4

Dear LHCP,

Thank you for the packages.

We really needed and could use the blankets, Girl Scout cookies and female hygiene items were a hit.

Thank you again for all you do.


Thursday, 2007, March 29 Snail Mail


I am writing to thank you for the sheets, pillowcases, and wash clothes. The soldiers and patients greatly appreciate your support. Without great Americans like you and your group we would not be able to support our troops.

Thank You and God Bless

Major, AN
Chief Nurse
PSS XXX was redeployed

Tuesday, 2007, March 27

Hello, Karen.

We received the wonderful blankets! Thank you so much! They will be a tremendous asset to providing care and comfort to our sick and injured Marines. We are so grateful for the sheets and the blankets, for all the ways you have supported us. May you be blessed for your kindness!

Very Respectfully,


PS (This is a picture of our Independent Duty Corpsman, “Doc” Shaw and me with our lovely box of warm blankets!)


Ward 3
Ward 3

Monday, 2007 March 3


I was ‘lucky’ to be given one of the blankets that you sent (without plastic cover-which is fine). WOW!!

The blanket is great!! We needed them in that it is very chilly at night (esp. in my can because one heater is broken and they have never fixed it!! You are wonderful.

Living in Stafford, I am sure your family is a USMC family. I was stationed in Quantico when I was an enlisted Marine.

It was wonderful of you to have your group send the blankets.

Thank you Brian XXX

 Monday, 2007 Feb 27


Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you for the scrubs you sent us. All my medics and docs are wearing them. I just got the Pink ones today and the had a cat fight over them. They enjoyed the books, candles, blankets, and books. It all turned out fine. They all appreciated them We will be sharing them anyways. Well, it’s starting to heat up out here. What are the chances of getting an 220 A/C window unit sent out here. Not sure if anyone has ever asked for one or if that’s out of the question, but you never know unless you ask. My address has just changed to:

Thank you for all you do. We do appreciate it.


Thursday, Feb 22, 2007

Good Morning Karen

Well I just arrived back here to Tallil. I received all the packages!!! It was awesome.

Saturday will be the first big game!!!! Thank you again for the mattress and pillow covers. If you have more we would love them.

Thank you so much for all your help I will send pics of the game. Take care


Troop Thanks Littrel Patient in Iraq
Troop Thanks Littrel Patient in Iraq

Monday, 2007 Feb 19

I wanted to let you know that we just received three more BIG boxes with scrubs, sheets, and 100 bright and colorful sweat/T-Shirts.

Since a lot of the shirts have big smiles on them we have set them aside for our next humanitarian mission along with toothbrushes, toothpaste and soap to do a little personal hygiene class.

The scrubs are going down range to one of our smaller facilities who are in great need!

It’s still cold here so, folks are drinking hot cocoa!

Thanks again for all you care and support,


Thursday, 2007 Feb 15


Thank you so much! I got the two boxes from LHCP on Wednesday…they were full of great stuff! I really needed T-shirts for the ER- we end up dressing everyone who comes through there if they are not sick enough to be admitted to the hospital…we also have to usually give clothes to the Iraqi patients who get transferred to us for release to the Baghdad hospitals.

The “Big Boy” sizes will be great- sometimes XLG is not quite large enough…we have some serious gym rats over here. If they are not out on mission they are in that gym!

Oh- I also distributed the “chewing gum” you sent…half is already gone! We had a young Stryker Brigade guy come in injured (not critically, thank goodness- He got a sniper round in his bottom- good thing we all have meaty backsides!) Any ways, his whole crew came in with him and were hanging out in the waiting area…I passed out a bunch to them to calm their nerves andtold them it was a gift from the folks back home that appreciate all their sacrifice and hard work…and to check out your website to see how much love there is for them.

Take care! Thanks again….XX

Thursday, 2007 Feb 08

Hi Karen, Just a note to let you know that we got your boxes. They were wonderful. Everyone appreciates all of the wonderful things tremendously. Thank you! Thank you again from all of us at XX.

XX Combat Support Hospital

Troop Thanks HM3 Jerry Wagner

I would like to share a story about one of the boys in the photos. You will see him sitting on the hood of a Humvee as our Corpsman, Doc Wagner, is treating him for an infection on his swollen hand. This boy is 8 years old and he has a full time job. His family is poor. Well, I don’t think the word poor does them justice, let me just say they have nothing. He told me that he attended one day of school as a 7 year old and then his father pulled him out of school and put him to work for a local family. In fact, his family lived in the desert miles away, over the hills and he lived full time with his employer. We were in his town for 3 days and I watched every day as he got up in the morning and fed the animals at 6am. Then promptly at 7am he released the flock of sheep from their pen and took them out to pasture. He returned in the evening around 5pm and then you could see him working around the farm. For this work his family receives 8 sheep per year. This is not uncommon to see the young working the fields and the flocks of sheep, but this case specifically disturbed the Marines and I later found out why. The family that this young boy worked for had a young boy of the same age, who did not work. He attended school for 1/2 day, and then played in the yard the rest of the time. It seemed unfair, that the 2 boys lived such a different lifestyle while living under the same roof.

Wednesday, 2007 Jan 31

Dear LHCP can’t tell you how much we appreciate your excellent efforts.  You showed a tremendous amount of love and spirit in putting together those packages.  Their enthusiasm was well received here.  War is dispiriting and robs young men, woman and children of the pleasures of everyday life.  SO when your packages arrived they injected joy into the soldier’s and children’s lives.  Medical City is the main hospital for the children of Baghdad who have been wounded by car bombs and gunfire.The male and female soldier’s like to know they are remembered back in the states.  Your gifts showed you went the extra mile in thinking of them.  The gifts were the perfect tonic for the men and women in uniform who have suffered serious physical and mental injuries.  I was impressed by your hard work and patriotism in thinking of our troops here in xxx.  The best medicine in the world is kindness like yours.  You should be proud.  Your gifts made a huge difference in a soldier’s and child’s life today.

Captain JS
Chief of Mental Health

Wild Wild West
Wild Wild West

Wednesday, 2007 Jan 26

Dear Karen You and your organization is awesome. I am so excited, I will keep it a surprise and setup a event for the guys. Take care Thank you again


US Medic and Italian Medic

Tuesday, 2007 Jan 09

Maam,I just wanted to thank you so very much for everything that you do. My husband was medivaced back from Iraq last January to Bethesda with head injuries and if not for the staff and support of all those hospitals…I don’t know how we would be doing it right now. I am a hospital Corpsmanactive duty serving in Virginia…I’m from New Jersey too…I went to school at Drew University 🙂 My husband is fit for full duty and left on Thursday with the 26th MEU for another deployment to Iraq. Words cannot describe the love and care that we got…the initial call from Germany, the doctors…everyone was sooo great…I am so thankful that he is alive and in one piece. Thank you so very much.

HM3 Natalie McEl

Flight Line Crew

Maam,I wanted to thank you very much for everything at you guys do. I am the wife of an active duty Hospital Corpsman that was medivaced back in January of last year to Bethesda, I too am active duty. I truly believe that there are angels among us and if not for people like you all the give your time and love; my husband would probably not be here. Thank you so very much.

HM3 Natalie McEl

Thursday, 2007 Jan 04

Hi Karen,

The boxes just arrived last night and everything was fantastic! The blankets were sent to the ICU and ICW, the sweats went to patient Administration for our military who need clothes after having their uniforms cut off and the medicine bags I’m saving for the Air Force when they come in to see if Pharmacy or the IC Ward could better use them. I know processes will change as the Army leaves and the Air Force comes in.

Thank you and all your volunteers for all you are doing for us!!!


Wednesday, 2007 Jan 03


I do not remember if I told you but, I did receive your latest package, everything was packed nice and no damage.  You pulled off a good one with the DVD player, The last one was packed up and sent with the firmer unit.  The patients appreciate using the DVD player.

I have a lab tech who is looking for an ESR machine.

Happy New Year
Tallil Iraq


Tuesday , 2007 Jan 02

Karen,Thank you so much! I received 2 boxes from you yesterday- the one with some XS scrub tops…well the girls I gave them to were tickled pink-and one said “Hey Ma’am, how did you all know I loved pigs!?” (there were pigs decorating one top and tropical print on the other. The Tinkerbell one was precious too! They are all so happy to have gotten a cute top to wear…I will try to get a pic of them.Thanks again for everything- I can’t list all the goodies we got, but rest assured they will all be snatched up before the end of the month!

Research Nurse
Ibn Sina Hospital, Baghdad Iraq