Troop Thanks 2006

Troop Thanks Medic Frank and Gang
Troop Thanks Medic Frank and Gang

Wednesday, 2006 Dec 27

Thank you so much for all that you do- the support we get from you folks back home….you will probably never know how much it means to us.

We read about ourselves, our soldiers in the news everyday…you read the same things…and you are able to see the kids inside the uniforms here, not just the generic label of “soldier”.

My candle burns low at times, but knowing that people care…helps strengthen the flame in all of us.

Army Nurse

Friday, 2006 Dec 22

To All;

I wanted to thank you for the time and effort your group has dedicated to providing comfort to our troops.

In May 2003 I was a patient at Landstuhl and arrived with a trashed uniform that was promptly thrown away, when I left Landstuhl for Walter Reed I was given socks sweatpants and a sweatshirt. I was grateful for the clothes and simple pleasures like those items really helped.

Thanks again for your efforts!

Dan Tingwall

Wednesday, 2006 Dec 20

Karen was sent a U.S flag to be auctioned off to raise funds to support our wounded troops.  This email goes with it.

Karen,  I will like to know how much you raise with the flag.  I kept the it in the original box for you.  Remember that it was flown on a dust off mission with a patient on board.  Another important meaning for you….Every patient that we dust off has a little part of you.  We send them with 2 to 4 blankets to keep them warm during the mission.  This is critical since the cold can decrease their survival rate.  This is why we ran short at one time…..

Thanks for everything that you have done to support our troops and making my deployment a successful one.  We had a 100% survival rate leaving our doors, this is also due to your assistance.

Please keep in touch as I consider you as my friend……Starting mid January, please send any messages to my yahoo account…


Troop Thanks-Stephanie Buffet Afghanistan

Thursday, 2006 Dec 7

I got a confirmed box count from the “helpers” that took your donated boxes up to the ICW- I am “up” and I thank you immensely! We were running low on sheets and blankets for the beds on the wards (the laundry gets done in the “red zone” and we curiously receive back less than we send…hmmm!?)

Thank you so much to the entire LHCP group- you all work seamlessly to get us what we need/request and I truly think you are all the “Angels” of the CSH and the rest of the service members downrange here.

I hope you have gotten through your door Karen- since it was piled with boxes when you returned! lol

God Bless you all!


Wednesday, 2006 Dec 6

Shipment received! Thanks much!The break-a-ways continue to bring smiles
to the faces of those who need something adaptable (and still look decent).  Thanks tons!


Troop Thanks-pilots
Troop Thanks-Pilots
Troop Thanks-Helicopter Crew
Helicopter Crew



Friday, 2006 Nov 17

Hello from Camp Xxxx, Iraq.  I am Eric Lxx, an orthopedic surgeon and I wanted to thank you for the wonderful gifts.  It means a lot to me and my fellow soldiers. Thank you for your support.

Eric Lxx
PS Happy Holidays

Monday, 2006 Nov 6

Hi Karen,We received our shipment this month and the pilots and staff gobbled the power bars in about two weeks. So that was a good item.  And you’re doing an excellent job by far! October I think was chaotic month over here….

TSgt S

Monday, 2006 Nov 6

Karen,I have to just say thank you for all that you are doing, for the fervor with which you conduct your business, for your generosity, and for your concern for the men and women in the Armed Forces who are living the daily struggle out here.  My hat is off to you.  Indeed, I salute you, and your staff.

Capt Axxxxx

Saturday, 2006 Oct 28

Karen,We greatly appreciate all your staff and yourself for all the great effort that you put into each of your packages. We received the last shipment that you sent today, and to be honest it was like seeing children with candy. For as hard and as tired as many of us are to see their faces when they saw what you had sent for us, it was refreshing. They were actually arguing over who could have which set of sweats, and what kind of drink mix to have first, some of us didn’t get to get any but it was worth it to see the face of some of the young Corpsman light up with what might have been the first smile since we arrived in country. Thank you and your staff so very much, if there is anything that I can do for you please let me know. I have included a picture that was taken today after we open the box; I thought it would be nice to see the faces of those you have given more than hope to.

Your friend,

XXXXXX Iraq Flight line aid station

Tuesday, 2006 Oct 24

Karen and Company,Just wanted to let you know that the box of sheets, blankets and medicine bags arrived here yesterday to Baghdad XXth CSH…just in the nick of time- we were down to the bare minimum of sheets!All the staff and patients want you to know how much the items were appreciated and that you really make us proud to be Americans and in the military- without your support emotionally and through gestures like this, it would be hard to get through some days.I feel so honored to be here and to be taking care of our wounded soldiers- this is the reason I am an ARMY nurse and not a civilian one, hoooah!Let me know if there is anything I can do for you from over here- sorry, camels can’t be shipped though! lolI am going to send a few pics of our staff when I can get them downloaded to a disk- put faces with names.


Tuesday, 2006 Oct 17

Ms. Grimord:My son is in your hospital on xxxx. His name is Cpl Christopher Txxxxx, USMC. He is the sunshine of my life and I reached him by phone today and again he praised the hospital personnel. He said everything was very good even the food. He especially enjoyed having a Coke. So, I’m sure you can imagine how happy I was and the big smile I had hearing his great news. THANKING YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU DO FOR ALL OUR MILITARY!… especially for the soldier you were a surrogate mother to last October. When I read the
article on the website I cried. (Hopefully, my son won’t need surgery…but if he did, I’d handpick you too!) I was trying to find out about Landstuhl hospital and in just about every “google” search listed you were on there in some way. I feel so lucky and blessed that my son is at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. ..because I know they are all…….KARE-N people!


Update on Christopher……My name is Rose Txxxx.  I have a Marine son, Cpl Christopher Txxxxx… being treated at Landstuhl Hospital at this time.  I am so happy to know of all this group does that I wanted to help and contacted Karen to join in.My son is doing very well.  He is in a brace but he walks, talks, eats, etc.  We feel so blessed and have no complaints.Karen was very helpful to our family and I can’t express how grateful I was that she contacted the correct people and they paid Christopher a visit.Anyway, the e-mail below said to contact Sharon with  a donation and we would feel honored to help out.Chris is married to a beautiful woman Crystal Rose and has a 4yr old daughter  & 2yr old son. Coincidentally, …Chris’ wife is named Crystal like my daughter and Rose like me.

Sincerely, Rose Txxxx

Update Nov 6


Just wanted to let you know Christopher will be having spinal surgery tomorrow morning (Tues. Nov. 7)

It will be done through an incision in his throat.  While the recovery time is lengthy, the Doctor expects a full recovery.  After today…Chris’ neck brace will not be needed.

Thanking you for your prayers.

Rose (MOM)
Mom and son share special time together!
Mom and son share special time together!

Monday, 2006 Oct 9

Karen,I just opened up the news letter and was browsing through it. The Honored Soldier for Sept. PFC Zieske. I worked on him outside of XX between XX and XX. It’s weird to see him in here. Just a reality check I guess. Just thought I would tell you.Take Care Talk to you soon

Frank Medics who save
Frank Medics who save

Thursday, 2006 Oct 5


Sheets are in very short supply here, and would be much appreciated. Thank you so much for all you do to support us out here. I got word today from the chaplain that the EOD units are low on candy. I thought that was weird, but he said that they give the candy to little kids, and the kids tell them where the IED’s are. Maybe some hard candies to give to the EOD guys? We’re pretty stocked up on goodies and drink mixes and what not here at the hospital, so we don’t really need any of that.We could use some kids clothes too – we see a fair number of Iraqi children that get shot/blown up. They range in size from infant to adult, and they don’t stay very long – 3 or 4 days at most, so I can’t be specific about what we need. We do have a little 6 year old girl here now that really enjoyed the crayons and coloring book we gave her. Maybe stuff like that or comic books would be helpful to have.You are wonderful, is there any way we can help you? Does your organization accept donations (the CFC is just around the corner)?



Tuesday, 2006 Sept 5

Dear Karen Grimord

On behalf of the xxxd Expeditionary Aerospace Medicine Squadron, I would like to personally thank you for the generous donations of underwear, briefs, and foot powder and support that your group provided for our injured war heroes who are awaiting airlift transportation to a safer area. Your continued commitment in providing for our troops is sincerely appreciated by the troops themselves, their families back home, and the Contingency Aeromedical Staging Facility (CASF) medical staff.One of the many missions of the CASF is to provide the incoming heroes with a quiet resting area, warm shower, clean change of clothes, and the small but meaningful extras that remind the troops
just how much we love and support them. Donations from supporters like you help to ensure our heroes are comfortable and well taken care of as they continue their homeward journey.I would like to personally acknowledge your support for our troops and can not begin to tell you how much your support means to all of us. To know that we are remembered is a wonderful gift. Thank you again for your generous donations and continued support.

Mike XXX, Col, USAF, BSC
XXX XXXX Commander

Medic Frank and Troops
Medic Frank and Troops

Tuesday 2006 Aug 29

Hi Karen, how are you? All is well here. Bed wedges came in today, everyone was excited!! Thank you so much for all you do! Have a nice day!

Upper Ohio Valley Troop Thanks
Upper Ohio Valley Troop Thanks

Tuesday, 2006 Aug 15

We received the shipment today.  I took the liberty of posting the dedication to Anissa Shero on our lab wall.  It reminds us of how we are all connected and continue to support each other through this journey.  Hope you like that?

Grimord With Some Local Hoodlums
Grimord With Some Local Hoodlums

Wednesday,  2006 Jul 26

I have been out with the team an many missions. I received a box with the PDR and sheets Thank you so much… You and your team are angels… I will try and write more soon.


Here is a picture of me and some of my medical staff… the 2 guys standing by me are my platoon SGT’s (Iraqi) and outstanding medics They saved 4 US soldiers last week that were trauma pt’s and had them evac’d to a US FOB great guys….

Saturday, 2006 Jul 15

Karen, this has been an excellent newsletter.  Please make sure that everyone know that we are thankful for all of the support here at FOB XXX, Iraq.This was the first time that I’ve received this newsletter please remember to send it to us in the future…………..I will be finishing up my stay here in Iraq soon I would like to pass on your information to the new unit if that would be alright. Please reply to let me know if so.God Bless you in all your endeavors

Henry from FOB XXXX

Sunday, 2006 July 09

This is from hospital receiving med bags.Karen, We received the shipment. Thank you and your friends. It is very appreciated!

David & Brian-Baghdad
David & Brian-Baghdad

Troop Thanks- Frank- Medic

Monday, 2006 June 12

I can’t thank you enough for all that you do for our deployed military members.  Kathryn  has told me of all the great things you have done in the past.  We will put your kind works to good use here at the XXX XXXXX.

Warmest Regards,
Commander, XXXXX

Sunday, 2006 May 21

My name is XXXXX.  I am a battalion surgeon for the XXXX XXX Division.  I was recently re-deployed to FOB XXXXXX to cover for their surgeons vacation/leave.  While there, your care package arrived.  The medic who it was mailed to, XXXX, shared its contents.  It was definitely a morale booster in a very austere environment.I am originally from West Virginia like CPL XXxxxx.  I now live in Georgia in a small farming town named XXXX.  It is about 45 minutes from Savannah.  I live there with my wife, XXXX, and son, XXX.  My family and I often miss the more mild weather in West Virginia and Virginia.  There is no doubt that Iraq only worsens that longing.  It is very hot, dry, and dirty here.We are near XXXX, Iraq.  The locals are mostly Kurdish and pretty warm to our presence.  The Arabs are much less supportive.  The local sites to see include the Actual Eternal Flame and Daniel’s Tomb both sites are important to Judeo–Christians and Moslem’s.CPL XXXX is busier than I, but he wanted me to thank you for the package.  We appreciate the time it took.  It came right at the right time since the post store or PX burned down about a week ago.  It is too bad the chow hall could not burn down. The meals they serve should be illegal.Each package mailed is a reminder from the people of the U.S. we are not forgotten and the snacks soothe our taste-buds by allowing us to avoid the food of the chow hall.Thanks Again


Tuesday, 2006 May 02

Dear LHCP,I would like to thank you for the recent shipment of items.  We did receive everything that we requested.To the supporters of America’s freedom, I would like to take this time to say thanks for all of your support.  Your support has helped to bring us some comforts of home and allow us the ability to accomplish our mission of bringing democracy to the Iraqi citizens.  We fight here a long distance from our shores so that our family and friends can sleep peacefully each night …… For freedom has always a price and we are the men and women of the XXX XXX Division that has answered that call of duty voluntarily.  We are happy to defend our front door.Thanks for not forgetting us.For we are the entrance to Freedom’s Front Door for the Iraqi people.Thanks again,

X/XXX Infantry REG, XXX XXXX Division
May God Bless you and for everyone keep you all

Thursday, 2006 April 13

Dear Karen & LHCP

My apologies for not writing you sooner.  Being at XXXXXX we remain constantly busy.  I’d like to start by saying thank you for all those who support you.  I’ve received all of your packages and they have made a big difference.  The guys loved the batman blankets.  It’s not so much what’s in the packages that’s as important as that you’re sending them.  You have improved the moral of my men.  Thank you for that also.  That’s not always easy to do.  If you have some where to put a photo please let me know and I’ll do my best to send one of the men you’re helping.  I don’t have much time now, but thank you.  You’ll never know how much your time and effort means to men like me and the soldiers under me.  Until next time.  Take it easy.


Tuesday, 2006 April 4


Yes, thanks for the shipment.  It got here about 2-3 days ago.  The pillows and towels are great!  Everyone here appreciates what you all do.

I hope you are doing well.  It is already in the 80’s here; hot!

Best Wishes,

Thank you's Iraq
Thank you’s-Iraq

Saturday, 2006 March 11

Dear Karen Grimond and fellow supporters.

I would like to thank you for the boxes of pillows which your project donated the XXX XXXXX here at XXXXXX AB, Iraq.   Your generosity and kindness has really helped many wounded US, Coalition soldiers and civilians.  The pillows have been a great source of pain relief and comfort over the past three weeks since we received your shipment.

I thank you for your kindness to the troops and the patients we care for here at the XXX XXXXX.

Clinical Nurse

Wednesday, 2006 February 22


I was laughing when I read this email because it is sooo you!  You are a Mom/Sister/Buddy for anyone who walks in there . . . . It is too bad you only get to be at “the closet” for a few weeks at a time . . . . Those guys need that kind of support everyday!  I pray for all my fellow soldiers over there.  And please let the guys know that there are lots of us great nurses here stateside who will take great care of them, OK?

2nd to None
1LT Michele XXXXX

Troop Thanks Our Marines
Troop Thanks Our Marines

Monday, 2006 Jan 30

Dear Karen,I am LCPL XXXXXX’s mother.  I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being so kind to my son!  I also want you to know that you are an answer to my prayers.  I’m sure that you understand how difficult it is to have XXXXXX so far away from home, possible hurting, and not be able to be with him.  It is like torture to know that he has been going through all of those tests and not being able to be there to talk to the doctors and make sure that he is being taken care of.  I have prayed for God to put someone there with him who would care for him as a person.  Not just another Marine who needs to get back out in to the field, but someone’s son; you are that person.  You’ve proven it by taking your time to send this picture.  My prayer will be that God blesses you abundantly and just as you have provided for my son that there will always be someone to care for you and your children.  Thank you!

Kind regards,
Executive Assistant

Troop Thanks Hard Work In Reeds
Hard Work In Reeds Troop

Saturday, 2006 Feb 4

We got the pillows just in time!!! We were down to three when they arrived.  I can’t figure out how you managed to stuff all those pillows into that box.  You should have seen us unpacking them.  It was like watching pop corn pop (or something like that).  They just kept growing.  One of our patients almost fell out of bed laughing at us.  It was a sight to see.  Thank you so much!  On behalf of the XXXX staff, YOU’RE THE BEST!!!

Executive Assistant

Saturday, 2006 Jan 28

I received the items from your store/shop the other day just prior to boarding my bus back to XXXX.  Besides the items, the people who worked there were very supportive and just real friendly.  For the 2 minutes I was there, I felt somewhat normal again and not as if I was in a uniform and had been in a combat environment for the past six months.  I thank all who were thee and I in turn was thanked for what I did.  I didn’t leave without a hug either.  I also found that one of your staff was there on a volunteer basis.  She said that she was to be there for 6 weeks and I thought how great is that that someone volunteered to help me in some way shape or form.  It was really good to hear.  Know that your service is a great one to provide to our injured service members.  I cc’ed my wife because I want her to know as well that there are people here besides the MD’s who go the extra mile.

You rock!

Tony and Karen at McGuire
Tony and Karen at McGuire

Wednesday, 2006 Jan 11

Hi,XXXXX is the Trauma Center here on FOB XXXXX (or XXXXX Regional Air Base). We support 3 other outlying FOB’s for emergency and trauma care. We have everything from Orthopedic Surgeons, Oral Surgeon, Psychiatrist, Nurses, EMT’s, medical technicians, respiratory therapists and the list continues.We treat all soldiers and airmen for everything to sprained writs to amputations. We are fully functional for most types of traumas ad are ready for anything. We also treat foreign nationals who have been wounded as a result of Coalition action. We’ve treated small children and adults. We work a lot with the Iraqi Army and the Iraqi Police Force, as they are an integral part of returning Iraq to their people.I first got here in November of 2005. Most of our patients were wearing hospital gowns. Supplies are always hard to come by, but especially things like that. Our supply of gowns kept getting smaller and smaller, and then we finally ran out. We were having fellow soldiers donate whatever extra things they had for patients that stayed longer than expected. Not to mention the “hey, your gown Is open in the back: jokes.I was put in contact with XX, Karen’s contact information. She has come thru unbelievably!! All I did was ask, and she coordinated everything. Our thanks goes out to here and every single one of you that took the time and effort to support our wounded! We use the sweats every day. They are such a blessing! (especially now because it is the rainy season, cold and wet). Our patients are glad to have them. Attached is a picture of one of our patients (in the sweats you sent!!!) (that’s me in there too). He’s comfortable and happy!!

God Bless all of you!
P. S. I take horrible pictures, so NO LAUGHING!!!!!!!

Monday, 2006 Jan 9

Hello My Dear Friend Karen,Happy New Year!

Hope this email gets to you. I must have been typing your address wrong . . . they were all coming back. I have saved your address so for me . . . I got you locked in (smile)! I just kept trying and got it right . . . I am doing well and at this time do not need anything. THANKS!! You really helped me and were a friend to me during my time at Landstuhl. I will tell my mother hello for you and will continue to keep in touch with you.

So you are gong back for another 45 days . . . I guess the weather will not be the same this time around. Now that I have your email address correct, will drop you a line from time to time and keep in touch.

Karen . . . you are a very nice lady. During my time in Germany . . . there were other guys that I talked to and they said the same thing.

Troop Thanks Stephanie Buffet Afghanistan
Christmas at the Combat Support Hospital

Troop Thanks Stephanie Buffet Afghanistan
Troop Thanks Stephanie Buffet Afghanistan

Tuesday, 2006 Dec 12

Oh WOW! Thanks from all us downrange too for the scrubs! We tend to have ours wear out quick due to lots of staining and bad laundry/water!

Thank you so much for your support! All the soldiers downrange here say “HOOAHHH!”

I feel a little like that hair club for men ad “I am not just a member, I am a client”…well, I am not just a member of LHCP, I am deployed to Iraq and a client now! Thanks!


Friday, 2006 Dec 8

Hand written Christmas card-


Your packages are so big and we have the best stuff.

The hospital and outpatient clinic will use every ounce of what is in those boxes.

Thanks again! for the glucometers and the blankets.  Believe it or not-it gets pretty cold at night and that is when we get most of our pt’s.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
Keep in touch

Christopher Thompson Clinic-Iraq
Christopher Thompson Clinic Iraq

Monday, 2006 Nov 27


I received 2 boxes today, it has the blankets, towels, treats, cards, and the Glucomters.

Thank you, Thank you!


Friday, 2006 Nov 17

(Handwritten note dated Oct 2006)

Dear Karen-

Thank you and your Landstuhl Hospital Care Project.  The gowns, sheets, pillow cases and scrubs were exactly what our patients and staff needed.

The beautiful light blue sheets brighten up our unit and allowed us to remember that many people care and support the job we do.  Thank each and everyone who has had a part in the process of helping-they are truly great Americans!

On our way to Iraq we stopped in Ireland-Please keep this Irish Blessing as it demonstrates the peace and good fortune that have been brought by your organization.

Thank you, a grateful soldier.

Chief Nurse
Camp XXX

Troop Thanks-Building
Troop Thanks Building

Monday, 2006 Nov 6


The last box of underwear and socks was perfect.  I can use tee-shirts, shorts, underwear, socks, sweatpants, sweat-shirts, or any other type of clothing.  Any size is okay too.

It has been a very busy month for us in Xxxx.  Please know that well all appreciate what your organization is doing for us and the wounded soldiers here.  Thank you for all the help.

Sgt. Exxxxx

Monday, 2006 Nov 6


XL or tall scrubs would be lovely!  Thank you so much again for all you do for all of the servicemen and women down range.  I couldn’t believe how many sweatpants and shirts were sent our way.  I can say that they are very much appreciated by the folks that receive them.  You do a wonderful job of organizing, directing and ensuring completion of people’s charitable gifts.  I so wish that your organization was on the CFC – I’d personally promote you to everyone I meet (not that I don’t anyway).


Lori Nelson's Group
Lori Nelson’s Group

Tuesday, 2006 Oct 31


I received your VERY large box of “linens and things” for the XXth CSH-
Thank you so much! We all truly are grateful for all of the support and also the effort that you put into providing us with these desperately needed items.
Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and in your hearts- we just couldn’t do it as well as we do without the support from back home!


Tuesday, 2006 Oct 24

Karen and LHCP members,

We received a package from you yesterday, thank you very much.  The staff is quite excited that you guys care so much as to support us the way you do.  Thanks!

XXth Combat Support Hospital

Littrel Iraq hospital staff with sheets and med bags
Hospital staff receiving sheets, medicine bags and sweats.

Sunday, 2006 Oct 15

Karen and Crew,

I got your email r/t the October shipments…wow! I cannot believe the sheer magnitude of the support you send out every month! I am grateful and thankful to all of you for supporting our troops who are wounded downrange by sending out the sheets, blankets, towels, sweats…

God truly blessed me when I crossed paths with Karen in Germany and became a “pet” (lol) of your organization.

The Army has us covered when it comes to “beans and bullets” but there is a lack of the details…like something to put on our hospital beds and on our patients when we cut their clothes down to look for injuries.

Have a great day, and I will let you know when the shipment you sent is here!


Singing Warrior
Singing Warrior

Saturday, 2006 Oct 14


We appreciate all that you and your volunteers do! I have included a picture of some of our group since it is almost impossible to get all of us together during the day due to missions. I hope that now you can put a face to some of those that you are all helping. During this time of year it is great to know that there are people such as your volunteers and yourself that are willing to show your support to our fighting men and women. Please let us know if there is anything we can do or that you might want from us here in Iraq .

My sincere thanks,

Medical Support

Troop Thanks-Timberlake
Troop Thanks-Timberlake

Friday, 2006 Oct 6


Is it too greedy to ask for 3 dz towels and another box of sheets and a box of blankets? If so…sorry…send what is appropriate…lol! You all do such great work- I am amazed…I think you need a vacation!

Monday, 2006 Oct 2

From Iraq

I didn’t get the chance to thank you for sending the sheets and towels last month. Thank you.

What your group is doing is great things. The soldiers that come in to our hospital are fresh off the battlefield. Many don’t even have a shred of clothing on their back by the time they arrive. By providing small comforts it makes the transition from soldier to patient a little easier. I know many of the brave soldiers that have benefited from your program can not say thank you, but for all of them I will. Again thank you.

In regards to items that would be ideal for our situation, any clothing items such as underwear, socks, shorts, tee-shirts, or any like items. The soldiers again often don’t even have a uniform by the time they reach our CSH so anything to wear for the trip to Germany would be great.

Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you, it would be my honor.

Sgt. xxxxx

Monday, 2006 Oct 2

I wanted to let you know that we have received all your September packages! The blankets, sheets, and gowns are really needed, so they will definitely help us tremendously.

I will keep you updated with our needs.

Again, thanks for all your support!

XXX Capt,

Tuesday, 2006 Sept 26

Karen,Hello, how are you? I’m getting excited, so excited my time is getting closer. I have received the towels, sheets and gowns. As time will get closer I will be leaving you my replacements name as soon as I start training them.Everyone here gets excited when we get new stuff. You and your organization sure know how to put a smile on our faces. Thank you so much for all your support. Take care and have a good day!


Wednesday, 2006 Sept 13

Motivational thanks posters from schools and local organizations to put on our wall would be nice, the troops like reading them when they come in. Again thanks for your support.

Troop Thanks-Michele
Troop Thanks-Michele

Thursday, 2006 Sept 7

Before I leave I would like to thank you for your kindness and dedication to our military men and women.  Great Americans like you make everything we do worth the sacrifice of being away from family and in harms way.  We can never thank you enough for all you do.  You are a true patriot and I thank you for your service.With deepest gratitude and respect,

Stephen G. XX,
Colonel, USAF, BCS
Commander, XXX EMEDS

Sunday, 2006 Aug 27

Hi Karen,We finally made it to Ramstein after six days so our time there was limited and I did not get to Landstuhl.  However, on the way out, I was in line to check baggage with a soldier who had a familiar looking black duffel bag and he told me he really appreciated the service.

Keep up the great work.


Tuesday, 2006 Aug 15

We received the gowns, sheets and cases.  The corpsmen were excited.  We used one the first time yesterday.  Thank you so much.  I think it is important to do what you can for patient comfort and privacy, even in a war zone, if possible.  Thank you, too, for trying to help with the CBC analyzer.  Will be mailing it soonEnjoyed your sweet dedication on the front of the package.  I am sure that Anissa Shero’s family would be touched by your remembrance of her.

Bless you for your kindness.   You will never know what your gestures mean to so many.

Very Respectfully
Senior Medical Officer

Thursday, 2006 Jul 27

Hello!!!Just received a shipment of sheets from you!  Thank you very much!  The story on the package was about Chris Thompson.  Our wing clinic on mainside is the Christopher Thompson clinic!  Appreciated you putting his story on that package.  I’m sending you a pic of it.

Still no word on the CBC analyzer.  Will keep you posted.

Thanks again for all you do!


Thursday, 2006 Jul 13

Thank you so much Karen and your group…. I really appreciate your hard work. I am amazed at you everyday, you NEVER give up. I want you to know that I have learned so much from you and you have become an inspiration, I just can’t get over how you do it????!!!!  I’ve never seen anyone with the heart you have. It renews my faith in the human race!!!


FOB Med Group
FOB Med Group

Friday, 2006 Jun 30

Thank you so much for your efforts on our behalf.  I continue to marvel at the great folks, like you and your group, that we have supporting us.  Your kindness will directly help our ability to care for our hero/patients.

Thursday, 2006 Jun 29

Ma’am,I thank you for taking the time to make this happen.  Your consideration of our mission, and efforts to procure this centrifuge, will provide us with an essential piece of equipment that we literally can not operate the blood bank portion of the laboratory without.Please know that your kindness has secured the future health and quality care for our soldiers and that this is truly an act of heroism in itself.  You can never know the lives that you will be indirectly responsible for helping/saving, but know that, in fact, it came down to the use of a centrifuge…and you were the one who got it to us.Again, I can not say thank you enough or impart upon you the impact this gift will have on our mission here is IRAQ.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

XXX, Colonel, USAF
Commander, XXXX

Monday, 2006 June 12

I can’t thank you enough for all that you do for our deployed military members.  Kathryn  has told me of all the great things you have done in the past.  We will put your kind works to good use here at the XXX XXXXX.

Warmest Regards,
Commander, XXXXX

Tuesday, 2006 May 16

Hi Karen,We’ve received the toothpaste, toothbrushes, ankle socks, floss, etc.  Awesome timing, as always!  Thanks so much for LHCP’s continued support.  You all are truly making a difference!

God bless,


Troop Thanks - Feels Like Christmas
Feels Like Christmas


Tuesday, 2006 April 4

Karen,We sure did.  I’m sorry, I thought I told you!! Nice packing again on those pillows!! Cpt. XXXXXXXX and I opened them together.  (We were a lot more careful this time!)

I wish you knew how much of a HUGE blessing you are to the troops.  I could never repay you for the things you guys have done for us.


Jason Kuwait

Tuesday, 2006 March 21

Hello Karen & LHCP,I know that it has been a while since I received your package. I’m pretty bad with writing and have been really busy with my many responsibilities.  I would like to take this time to let you know how much your gift was appreciated.  Thanks for taking the time to think of us.  I hope that you and your family enjoy your holidays.  Thank you so kindly.


Tuesday, 2006 March 21

(This is from the hospital in Iraq.)

Thank you Karen, group and all!!

All is appreciated!!  We did get the box of ladies underwear and baby wipes.  Thank you so much and thank all of your counterparts as well.

I am glad to hear that you made it back to the states all right.

If we need anything else, I will surely email you.


Wednesday, 2006 March 22

Hey Karen,So are you back in the USA or still in Germany?

I am doing well and looking forward to going home in May for a break.  It’s funny how some times I get tired of working here . . . . .   SO I try not to think about Iraq too much.

Karen, I do not need anything for now.  Thanks a million!!

I met a young man just the other day at the Burger King from Huntsville . . .  wow . . .  its small world  . . …

The weather here is nice for now, not hot not cold.  But the mosquitoes are starting to come out.  Everyday they are spraying for them and that’s good.

Some days I think about Germany.  It was a nice break.  I did not like being under the weather . . . . But it was nice.

Karen, it will take a long time for Iraq to get on their feet . . . . Many  years.  Everything we see on TV is not always the same as on the ground.

Don Xxxxx

Friday, 2006 March 3


Sorry I didn’t get a chance to give you a hug goodbye, but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work you have given Pastoral Services, Landstuhl, and most importantly . . . the wounded warriors during your visit.  I am sorry there were some difficult times.  But know that anything said about you does not take away from all you have done and continue to do.  The scriptures say by their fruits ye shall know them, and your fruits (what you do) speaks loudly that you care deeply about our country and the men and women who serve it.

Thanks again and keep in touch.

Chaplain XXXX

Friday, 2006 Feb 17

Wow … Thanks for the box, Karen.  Today was like my B-day.  I have a new stuffed friend on top of my PC.  I really like these shows . . .  they are so Cool.  Thanks for helping to bring me up to date on fashions.  Karen, you are a very nice lady to do this for me.  Many thanks to you and yours.Thanks,


Monday, 2006 Jan 30

Hi.  My name is Sgt. XXXXX. I recently had surgery in Landstuhl hospital in Germany.  I was a soldier that was hurt in Iraq.  I would like to thank you for all the support for the troops.  It is such a warm feeling, knowing that some people really care.  When I received clothes and hygiene products from you at the store I was amazed.  I ho no clue nothing like that existed.  It brings tears to my eyes knowing you want to help.  I will be heading back down range here soon.  I will never forget the care I received from your organization.  Tell everyone I said thanks.  May we never forget freedom isn’t free!


Troop Thanks Chopper Out
Chopper Out

Monday, 2006 Jan 30

Note from Karen:  I received a VERY special gift from the field today in the mail.  It is an American Flag from a Marine Detachment that we supported.  It was flown in honor of our unwavering support.  The letter says:

“This Flag has stood watch over America’s Sons and Daughters who are in harms way in the country of Iraq.  It has stood watch through the joys of the Holidays and sorrow of Marines giving the ultimate sacrifice that can be asked of them.  It was flying when the Iraqi people voted in the first free election in over 50 years.  It has been a beacon showing us the way home and an inspiration of things to come for the People of Iraq.  It has flown high and protected us from harm.  I’m sure after being packed in a box and shipped halfway around the world it will be a little wrinkled and still have sand in its folds, but it is our most prized possession.  It was flown for you, for the uncompromising support you have shown us.  May it always protect you and those you love as it has protected us.

The papers with the Hadji script are actual voting ballots used during the election.  Hopefully they have started a chain of events that keep us from ever having to return here again.


Monday, 2006 Jan 30

Hello Karen!!Thank you so much for your speedy reply.  The only things we really need are male shorts, male pants, sweats, any female clothing (we hardly have any), and hospital urinals.  The address here is


Jesse with contraband
Jesse with contraband

Monday, 2006 Jan 2

Thank you so much!! We have received the sweats and are using them!!! The guys in the ward said to tell you thanks and they appreciate everything. I can’t tell you how much it means that they’re comfortable now. We are so grateful!!!!

God Bless!
Casualty Liaison
US Army

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