Too Funny


Yesterday and today were very slow days for patient arrival.  We did have some come in the Chaplain’s Clothes Closet to pick out their free clothing.  After all these years, they are still surprised that so many people back home still care enough to ship care packages.  One of the young men that came in could not believe that we gave him a brand new duffel bag.  He asked how it was possible and one of the volunteers told him who I was and what LHCP does.  She told him that all the duffel bags were from LHCP and he just stood there like a deer in headlights.  Then he gave me a big hug and said to tell all of our donors thank you.

This afternoon I was out distributing supplies.  When I returned to the Chaplain’s Clothes Closet, one of our wounded warriors saw me before I saw him.  As soon as I walked into the Closet, he jumped from around the corner and scared me.  He was laughing so hard, he could barely speak.  I do not handle being scared very well.  My son scared me once in the dark and I took him to the floor with one punch.  He was on his back with legs and arms in the air laughing and saying, “Mom it is me, it is Jeremy.”  My daughter turned on the light before I stopped.  Thank goodness I did not hurt him; even though I was punching him, he thought it was very funny that he scared me that bad.  The patient had the same reaction as my son.  I told him that he was lucky that I did not hurt him.  He just kept laughing saying it would have been worth it.  MEN you really have to wonder about them sometimes!

Today I also got to Ramstein AFB to visit the CASF.  The Ramstein CASF receives patients who are medically evacuated from the Middle East to LRMC.  The CASF also helps evacuate patients back to the Middle East or stateside.  LHCP has been supporting them for several years.  They seem to be well taken care of right now.  The items they are in need of will come from the LRMC surplus.  We may be able to delete them from our web page since they are well covered from the local community.  That is great news!!

I have been tasked with being the A driver for the wounded warriors tour tomorrow.  I hope it is not much walking, because my feet are starting to swell.  I walked 5 miles just in the hospital today.

That’s it for now and it is bedtime once again.  I worked 9 hours today.

My work Saturday, Monday, and today was in honor of Deadra Nelson.  Deadra is another long-time supporter of LHCP and I want to thank her for her years of support to our wounded warriors!

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