The Mission

Landstuhl Hospital Care Project’ 14-year mission of providing comfort and relief items for military members who become sick, injured, or wounded from service in the Middle East continues, but under a different form.

Like the vast majority of small nonprofits, finding and maintaining sufficient resources to continue to effectively and efficiently complete the nonprofit’s mission is a continuous and never-ending reality. Over the last year and a half has been especially difficult for LHCP.

So LHCP’s Board of Directors decided it would best to permanently discontinue operations and close as a stand-alone non-profit organization effective December 31, 2019.

3 thoughts on “The Mission”

  1. My husband, Cpl, Billie R. Cline was stationed at the 583rd Medical Ambulance Company at Landstuhl from 1951-1953. He was proud to serve and always told us stories of his time there. He has passed on now to his eternal reward 27 April 2014. His memory lingers still.

    Zelia H Cline

    1. Dear Zelia, I hope you may be able to assist my research. If you are familiar with John Newton Williamson who died in Mississippi in 1909, please note the following. The info stated he was a drummer during the Civil War and had been wounded in the ankle. It further stated he had a brother named James Dorsey Williamson. If yourself or another family member with info could please contact me, I believe I have some much valuable info to pass along. I am currently writing a book of a North Carolina unit in which I believe, the two brothers belonged. It matches very well (as Newton Williamson was listed as a musician). He also had a brother in the same company (James D. Williamson). I apologize if I have contacted the wrong person, but if not please contact me. I have provided the info and my e-mail. Thank You, Brett

  2. From the day I first read about LHCP when I was searching for an organization our Boy Scout could support with a drive in the early days of LHCP, to years of working on the newsletter and being a board member, to this day of reading about LHCP ending its stand-alone nonprofit status, LHCP has a been a difference maker with each and every package shipped. Thank you to all who have supported LHCP with monetary and in-kind donations, who have stood and packed alongside Karen, and who have devoted time and energy to serve our military through LHCP. Don’t forget the mission continues. I came online to make a donation to LHCP. Now I’ll be doing it through the Stafford American Legion Post 290 Foundation. Please join me in showing support for this next endeavor.

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