We Support Stateside VA Hospitals And Homes Too

Landstuhl Hospital Care Project


While the Landstuhl Hospital Care Project main focus is to provide comfort and relief items for military members who become sick, injured, or wounded from service in the Middle East, we also support stateside VA hospitals and homes too.  A project early this year was to make baskets for homeless veterans making a new start in their new home.  The baskets included everything from towels and wash clothes to pots and pans for the kitchen.  Below is the very first letter we have received from this project from Robert. These type of thank you letters will be added to our Troop Thanks pages.


Friday, August 16, 2013 Snail Mail

To: Landstuhl Hospital Care Project

I’m Robert. O. McXxxx, Jr. and I truly like to say thanks for your service to assist us, the veterans.  I’m moving into an new home and everything I received is just what I needed to help me with making it a home and comfortable.  Again, I am very happy that I could get your help.  The basket full of goods something for every room I appreciate everything and all you do for the veterans.  Pots and pans are wonderful.  Thank you all so much.

Robert O. McXxxx
Columbus, GA