On-going LRMC and Field Hospital Needs

Monetary Donations

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Many LHCP supporters find it easiest to make monetary donations rather than keeping up with the changing needs of the hospitals we sponsor.

We often use these contributions to buy in bulk, making the most of each dollar given. Landstuhl Hospital Care Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

If you would like to send a monetary donation, please make your check payable to:

Landstuhl Hospital Care Project
29 Greenleaf Terrace
Stafford, Virginia 22556

If you wish to contribute by credit card, please use our Pledge button.

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For more information, please contact LHCP Treasurer.

Should you wish to donate in honor or memory of someone, we have donation cards for you to download and print.

Individual Projects

Landstuhl Hospital Care Project’s mission is to provide the items most needed at LRMC and field hospitals. We stay in close touch with our medical staff to keep abreast of their ever-changing needs. However, there are some requests that are always the same, so we have established projects to help organize the collection of the items. See below for a description of the projects, or to see a list of all the current needs, go to our How to Help page. We also encourage you to join our Yahoo Group to find out more.

Please include an inventory in your shipment.

Penny Drive

The Penny Drive is a fun and easy fundraising idea suitable for any organization that can be separated into groups for some good-hearted competition. Penny Drives are especially successful at schools and scout troops.

The idea is to earn the most points for your group. Each class or group decorates a large jar to be used for collecting money. The jars are set up in a protected, yet accessible place. The basic format is to put pennies in your group’s jar (positive points for your group) and all other change or bills to your competitor’s jar (negative points for them). At the end of the Drive, the group with the most points – or usually the least negative points – wins. Generally, prizes are given to everyone participating, such as last place groups get ice cream cones; second place receives a sundae with whipped cream, syrup, bananas, the works; and first place wins a pizza party and sundae!

The Penny Drive thus can raise a generous donation for LHCP, and everyone participating has loads of fun!

Penny Drive Option 1: A school ‘Penny War” with the classrooms competing against each other for a set time period, usually nine weeks. In elementary schools, the classes can be divided by teacher or grade. For older students, the best way to the group is by homerooms or grades. Jars are placed outside of each classroom at the start and end of each day, with appropriate monitoring. For every penny added to the jar, a classroom would receive one point. For every nickel, dime, quarter, or bill added, points are subtracted according to the value. (Nickel = -5, dime = -10, quarter = -25, dollar bill = -100 etc.). Kids are allowed to place coins and bills in any jar they want, so they could make a classroom with the most points that day lose points by placing everything but pennies in the jar. The money is counted and points posted every day, student helpers can wrap the coins. At the end of the nine-week period, the class with the most points wins a popcorn/movie party.

Penny Drive Option 2: Another school “Penny War,” the starting set-up is the same as before. Instead of awarding points, for every.10¢, you award one link in a chain. Each link is a strip of construction paper that is threaded through another link, stapling the ends to form a circle. Each grade has a separate color so that when you hang the chains they can see what grade is winning. This Penny Drive option is especially successful with younger children.

Penny Drive Option 3: A church penny drive – have the whole congregation bring in their spare change and keep track of it somewhere (maybe 5-gallon water jugs in the back of the sanctuary). Think of a way to get people competing for weight (pennies are better) and/or for the amount (dimes are better). Allow people to put in bills, but take them to a bank and get change. Have a huge change counting party. (A goal may be 5 pounds of change per youth or the minister’s weight in change). Or, set the drive up the same as a school Penny War, but make the competitions between Sunday School classes.

Penny Drive Option 4: Divide your group into two teams. Give each team a large container and tell them that the group with the most pennies, nickels, dimes, or quarters in their container one or two weeks before the event will be declared the winner. The losing team must serve the winners at a special dinner in their honor. The two teams can get pennies from anyone (people in a church, school, parents, friends, etc.).

Stitches of Love

Stitches of Love (SoL) is a group of LHCP members who sew, knit, and crochet items for the troops. We make drawstring medicine bags, travel and twin pillowcases, comfort pillows, and quilts. Our needs for these items grow monthly. These are great projects for sewing and quilting groups!

These items are made to specific sizes as requested by LRMC and the combat hospitals. For more information, please join our Yahoo Group or contact LHCP Stitches of Love Coordinator Rebecca Lambert.