Items to Support LRMC

LRMC Bus Unloading

LRMC Chaplains Clothes Closet is doing inventory and will inform us when it is complete.  Until then they are not asking for new donations. LHCP is still supporting units in the Middle East.

Please do not send the following items:

LRMC no longer has a DO NOT SEND LIST. Only the items above are being accepted or requested. LRMC does not have the man-power to distribute excess items. Nor does the military allow them to ship items to other units. Please follow our list to prevent any hardship on the LRMC staff. Thank you!

As a courtesy to our donors, we are providing a sheet for you to keep track of your non-cash contributions to LHCP. Consult your tax advisor for what non-cash contributions are tax deductible.

Please send all items listed above to:

Landstuhl Hospital Care Project
29 Greenleaf Terrace, Stafford, VA 22556

To inquire about organizing a drive or fundraiser, contact LHCP President Karen Grimord.

The Landstuhl Hospital Care Project Yahoo group will keep you up-to-date on our efforts and items that the hospitals need. Please consider making a donation to Landstuhl Hospital Care Project. Your donation will help our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines know that they are supported.