Still shipping to the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center?

Yes. The Landstuhl Hospital Care Project is still shipping comfort and relief items to Pastoral Services Department at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC) in Germany. We recently received this letter from the Chaplin Clothes Closet (CCC.)

Clinical Pastoral Division
Chaplains Clothes Closet
Mrs. Karen Grimord
Landstuhl Hospital Care Project
29 Greenleaf Terrace
Stafford, VA 22556


Thank you for your generous dedication to the Chaplains Clothes Closet (CCC.) Your donation will be used for direct support of our wounded warriors.

The CCC started in October 2001 at the onset of operation enduring freedom and continues to date for my closing covered items for wounded warriors who come to logical reason medical center for treatment. Frequently, a right here with minimal clothing items. The CCC provides the essential clothing and toiletries items for these men and women.

The chaplains closet serves more than 350 warriors each month. The chaplain closet is a non-unfunded humanitarian into the within the Department of Defense, we reliably generous donations of fellow Americans and others. One hundred percent of all donations directly support our wounded and ill service members.

Our goal is to respond immediately to donors as contract contributions are received. Please include your email address with your next donation. This will help us follow up with you and confirm receipt of your generous donation.

Please continue to pray for our wounded warriors and their families, and I can’t thank you for your generous donation.

Sincerely, J. Luke Pittman
Chaplin Col., US Army
Chief, Clinical Pastoral Division


Handwritten note, Karen, blessings to you and the Landstuhl Hospital Care Project.

LHCP shipment

2 thoughts on “Still shipping to the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center?”

  1. Need HELP. My group, Wounded Warrior Quilt Project, sends 150 quilts a year to Landstuhl.
    Usually we get an email or a letter of acknowledgement but this year, nothing.
    Maybe they don’t need our quilts any more?
    Who can HELP us?
    Thank you. I’ve tried online but only get the Dept. of Defense.

    1. Landstuhl Hospital Care Project is still sending quilts to different locations in the Middle East, however we are not sending quilts to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. They have down sized and now working out of a connex. LHCP was at LRMC in Oct and they were giving their excess donations to all employees at LRMC to include Germany nationals, retired and active duty military members and their family members. I will be returning to LRMC next month and will have a better handle on their wish list. Thank you for your support. Karen Grimord, Founder, President and Cheif Packer for LHCP.

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