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Eight Men Out Press Copy
Eight Men Out Press Copy

 Karen – During my second deployment to Iraq as a Company Commander with the 1st Armored Division – I was hurt after only 1 month in Iraq and was medevac’d to Landstuhl Hospital for surgery. While I was upset that I had been hurt and needed to have surgery, the most upsetting thing was leaving my troops in combat while I flew back to Germany.

Ironically it was my 30th birthday when I went into surgery – but when I came out – I ultimately received support from the LHCP. I’ll never forget how I felt to receive help from complete strangers when I was in such a rough state of mind. It was a bit emotional – that people out there who didn’t know me – really cared about the situation I was in – and wanted to help. I was stationed in Germany at the time but as the whole brigade was deployed – I felt completely alone. LHCP made a lasting impact on me and really helped me through those trying times.

Fast forward 4 years later – my knee is in great shape (thanks to the Landstuhl Med staff and the Physical Therapists in Hanau) – I’m no longer in the military but work in a company that hires a lot of prior military officers. For the past 6 months – seven co-workers and I have been on a weight loss challenge. Each one of us committed to trying to return to our military bodies 🙂 The target was to loss 15% of your body weight. And we wanted to make a financial sensitivity apply – so depending upon how much you lost – determined how much money you would give to a charity. The winner would be allowed to direct all of the money to a 501-c-3 charity.

I won this morning and while it’s not a huge amount of money (approximately $2,400) – I would like to direct all of our checks to the Landstuhl Hospital Care Project. Due to tax reasons 🙂 — I’m letting each of the guys write their own checks and I’ll collect them and mail them all together. But I wanted to (1) let you know who we were and (2) verify that we’re sending the money to Sharon Buck in Ft. Mitchell, AL?

Having served 9 1/2 years in the Army – and going on multiple deployments to the middle east – I can attest to the stress the force is under during these times. And having been a patient at Landstuhl during my command – I can attest to the greatest your organization is doing to every Soldier, Sailor, Airman and Marine it touches!!

I couldn’t think of a better place for our money!!

Thanks again and all the best –


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