Soldier Hubbard’s Cupboard Drive

LHCP has 9 units leaving Afghanistan by the end of August.  This is awesome news that they’re going home, but it also means that their support teams are leaving.  And they leave earlier, so our guys are left eating MRE’s.  They are not the tastiest things in the world, and they really don’t provide enough calories to sustain our military. 

So we are jumping in.  We prefer the food items to be healthy, and would like a lot of protein.  They can be microwaveable.  Below is a list of items and amounts.  Now, we are asking for these items in these amounts for EVERY month through August.

  • 300 chicken or tuna snacks/meals
  • 500 protein/snack bars
  • 25 beef jerky bags
  • 200 canned soup/fruits  (please don’t send the plastic containers, they break during shipment)
  • Any other items you can think of, let us know!

While some of the requested items come in multi-packs, the number is different depending on what you buy.  So, we are requesting in terms of individual items.  Please don’t remove them from their packs when you ship them.

We need a lot of food to take care of our units.  So please be generous!  This is a great time to talk to your church and civic groups to do a food drive.  We can also accept monetary donations.

If you want to order online, there are a lot of places you can use: (some items if you order up to $25 have free shipping!),, Dollar Days, etc.  Let us know if you find any good deals!

Please ship food items to:

Karen Grimord
29 Greenleaf Terrace
Stafford, VA  22556


For monetary donations:

Sharon Buck
LHCP Treasurer
4214 Silver Terrace Court
Phenix City, AL  36867


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