Size Does Matter

Jim Spliedt, Vice President

Monday, March 22, 2010

Blog #5

This was my first day working at the Clothing Closet at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.  It was good to spend the day assisting all of the Soldiers and Marines that came in looking for civilian clothing and hygiene items.  All of them were grateful for everyone who spent the time and effort to send these items and for all the volunteers working at Landstuhl.  One nice thing about being here is that I do not miss the snow that is at my house.

It was interesting to see the items that the Clothing Closet has way too many of, or just not enough.  This morning I helped sort hundreds of decks of playing cards.  There were two large bins full of playing cards, so many that I think I could hand one out to everyone on base and still have some left over.  One item that is just gone is men’s medium sized underwear.  This bin was empty the whole day and we needed a dozen pair before I went home at 4:30pm.

Size does make a difference with items such as duffle bags.  The largest duffle bag LRMC has in stock is 25” and these were popular, but all of the 30” black bags were gone even before I got there.  What a couple of soldiers told me was that they needed a bag to carry the items not only from the clothing closet, but also their personal armor and helmet.  In this case, a black 30” duffle bag, like the ones LHCP sends, would work much better.

As a board member of LHCP, I was proud to note there was very nice pillow with a label from the Mounger Family of Texas and one that said it was from a “Stitches of Love” member.  Next to the pillows, there was a lovely quilt made by the Antelope Valley Quilt Association in California.

The chaplain’s office is planning for their annual spring cleaning this Wednesday, so this should be interesting.  I am looking forward tomorrow to assisting our soldiers and Marines, and working with all the volunteers and military personal that keep this small part of the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center organized and running smooth.

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