Shot Between The Eyes

Sept 21, 2007

Today started good. I did not have to use my ID card to scrap the windshield. It had to be the most interesting day I have had since I have been here. I thought about my previous trips and was thinking that this trip was much different but did not put my finger on it until this week. I was not sure about it until today when I spoke with a doctor that has been here for about a year.

A troop’s injuries are serious to that troop and their family, and I am in no way making light of any of the injuries that I have seen, but since I have been here this trip the injuries are much less severe than those I have seen in the years past. I did not know if it was just me, this past week, so I asked a doctor working at LRMC. He said that the injuries are less severe. They used to work all night in the OR and now are finished by about 7. There are less wounded and less severely wounded troops. He said that he was not sure about the about the build up and thought it would just mean more injuries and lives lost but it seems to be working.

I have not seen the number of wounded that I saw in my last two working visits. There seem to be a lot of back and leg injuries, but just not the same as before. TBI injuries seem to have increased.

I will tell you that I met a kid today that is blessed to be walking among us. He told me he had just had enough of the bullets. Well, I was thinking I had enough of them in Bosnia and the land mines drove me just about crazy. I heard them going off all day and all night long but I did not go home because of it so there had to be more to his story. We got started talking and he said he was shot between the eyes. Shot between the eyes! Now I have to tell you he WALKED into the WWMC and the words came out of his mouth. No slurring or anything. I am sure that my mouth was probably hanging open not sure to believe this kid or not, until he lifted his skullcap and there it was, right between his eyebrows. I asked him if the bullet went from right to left and he said no it went straight in and had to be pulled out. Now I have to guess that it did not go in that far, but still, shot between the eyes!! I asked him if he knew how lucky he was and he said “yeah, that is what the doctor said, too.” We got talking about his family and he said that his family calls him “sniper” because he is a good shot and goes hunting in S.C. I think that is kind of strange nickname just for that reason but he said that they told him that it looked like “a sniper got the sniper.”

We need ankle socks. They work well with the guys in leg braces or wrapped legs that can’t wear socks up their leg but can wear a shoe. We have here. Please send them to Karen ASAP so that she can get them in the mail with some other items I have her mailing. If you wish to donate to the purchase of them post to the database and send a check to Sharon.

The NCOIC here has told me that I cannot leave. I have not figured out how to tell my husband that, yet, but they have decided to keep me here until the war is over. I told him I did not think that was possible. He pulled out his wallet and said he had $3 would that help. I am glad to know that I am a big help here, but I think LHCP can do more stateside and Brian might send out the search & recovery team if I did not come home. 🙂

Today I worked 9 hours thanks to James Spliedt and his contribution to my trip.

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