Saturday, 03 March 2012

Dear Karen, and the team at the LHCP–

Thank you for your continued support you and the Landstuhl Hospital Care Project provide to our Soldier, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines. I would particularly like to thank you for your support of the xx Combat Support Hospital, and our predecessors in this mission, the 115th Combat Support Hospital. Our mission here is evolving, and the medical foot-print in the theater is shifting from large hospital centers to smaller forward surgical elements, and luckily our patient population is shifting away from US Forces to care of the Afghan Army as their Soldiers take the lead in their own national security. So our needs are changing, and I would not like to continue to use your resources if they can be used better in other locations.

Since I am often in other locations across the task force– I would like to introduce to you via- e-mail Captain MH one of my super-star ICU nurses at Camp XX. She is a great resource manager, and can better help your organization determine what our support needs might be. She can also make sure our forward elements have some of the comfort items you provide. Please use her as the Xth CSH and TF MED SW point of contact– and continue to let me know how I can help support your mission.

I see our Marine patients almost daily receive and appreciate the
kindness and gratitude of Americans like yourselves who selflessly
support their service. They rarely know where the kindness comes for–but deeply appreciate the generosity and the small items of comfort; on their behalf I offer my sincere and humble thanks.



Colonel, Army Nurse Corps

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