Refused Two Medivac Flights

I don’t want you to think that our U.S. military does not have those that whine, we do. Anyone that has been around the military long enough knows that. I’ve even listened to a hand full from down range, but I think the majority follows in this kid’s boots.

He refused two medivac flights until his replacement could come into the field. He was finally ordered by two COLs to leave the AOR and get on a MEDFLIGHT. When the liaison brought him in, he did not want anything. He said he would be going back down range ASAP. Now, this late 20 to early 30’s man had an injury that is life altering. The liaison had been trying to explain to him that he would be there for a while and he would need clothing other than the uniform he had on. She told me, “I need your help!” This is where the “MOM,” not “mommy” hat comes out. I put hands on hips and say, “OK, Why are you here?”  He tells me. I just give him the “MOM” look. The one he has obviously seen before because he starts in about he is the only one that does his particular job for his unit. His buddies needed him. They depend on him 24-7. His is the one on call. So I listen intently to his babble about his injury was not so bad that he could not do his job. I waited for him to totally finish.

Then it’s my turn. I told him, “I understand your concern for your buddies. However, if you do not get this fixed, you never know when it will get to the point that you can’t do your job. It may be during a period that is quiet, but it may be during a time that your buddies need you more than they have ever needed you before and you’re not able to be there for them because you waited too long to get this fixed.”

This soldier just stared at me for a couple seconds and then asked me if I knew COL Xxxxxxxx. I said, “No, why?” He said, “That is the exact same thing he said.” I said, “GREAT, now if I think like the COL, how about helping me, help you put this bag together.” He looked at me, we stood quietly for a little bit and he said, “I would like medium boxers.”

Another point for all the MOMs out there; we won another one. Hoorah!!!


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