Post Master Pays

Karen & Hat
Karen gets hug from patient “Hat”

I have arrived in Germany and in one piece, 45 min early.

I mailed 20 pillows to the hospital in Iraq on the way to the airport. As I was waiting for the total and the post master to take my debit card, he pulled out his own wallet and paid the total shipping. He thanked us for everything that we do. If someone else could pick up the other 10 and mail them to me, we will be finished with this month’s support for the pillows to the hospital in Iraq. THANKS!

We still have the request for the towels and if you would like to purchase them yourself instead of us purchasing direct from the distro people, I have no problems with that. I would just like to know so that I could let the hospital in Iraq know when they might expect them.

I start work tomorrow, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the time difference does not kick my butt like it did last time.


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