Please Stop!


I have arrived here in Germany and other than being tired and on the wrong time zone, all is well.  I start Red Cross training Monday and then other in-processing after that.



I’ve had to have shots because the military lost my records in the big military database in the sky and the paper shot records I had were not up to date enough. I can not start working until my shots are up to date on official records.



They are in urgent need of AT & T or MCI 120 minute (no more than that) phone cards. They also said to spread the word that they DO NOT WANT TOILETRIES. They have been sending their stuff into the field and even the field locations are saying PLEASE STOP!!! I have a Red Cross training class in about an hour so I have to go. More later.




I went to the Chaplain’s Clothing Closet today and I found the last two pairs of shoes that we sent back in Feb or Mar on the shelf – still with the sponsor labels on them. The volunteer there said that most of the shoes we sent were gone in less than a month. I don’t remember the exact number, but I think it was close to 200 pairs or was it 300?

I also saw the book that everyone signed from the benefit at the Lorton American Legion on a table in the Chaplain’s office. It is with boxes of candy and the pastries that Bernie sent.

I bagged some candy today for the welcome bags and went through custom forms to be entered into a data base for thank you letters. It was strange seeing my name and our project come through on the other end. If and when they need more bags, they have to be half gallon size, snack size is too small to fit movies in them. However, right now, there are no movies and we have more than enough bags.

There was a young man in the clothing closet when I was there talking with Jennifer, the volunteer and chaplain’s staff. The chaplain’s staff was telling the volunteer about our project and the young man came up and said to tell each of you “THANKS.”  He said that you truly did not know what this meant to him. He said that it was over 100 degrees in Iraq when he left and even though to us this was sweater weather, he had his long johns on and was wearing two sweat shirts. He is coming back to the States on Friday.


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