Patients Always Leave With Somthing

OK been busy the last couple of days. I have the boxes that have come in sorted and the boxes that had to be mailed out finally finished and Jennifer mailed them all this morning. We mailed 4 boxes total. The tampons and pillows are on the way to the 1st hospital. Some phone cards and blankets are on their way to the hospital in Afghanistan. One large box is on its way to the 2nd hospital in Iraq full of woman’s clothing. I have more women’s clothing that I picked up today to mail to this hospital that I have to find a large box for shipping. I also got the phone cards from Kathy and the church members at Riverchase and if they don’t mind I think will mail some of these to Afghanistan also. I’m still waiting on our sweats to arrive here and hope to see them early next week before I leave. I have the cereal for our AF guy coming soon to also mail.

I have a reputation in the closet for finding something that these patients need even when they say they need nothing. Today I thought I was going to lose that rep though. There was a young Army troop in the WWMC for a good hour just talking and every time someone would say “Oh I don’t really need anything” I would say “Oh do you have a hat” or “Do you need gloves,” “What about dental floss”, “Chap stick.” Each time the patient would say “Sure I could use those” or “Yeah, I could use some of that”. This kid would laugh every time the patient would leave. The other volunteer told him that I always find something that they need and no one leaves without getting something. Well, this group of 4 walked in and I said how can I help you? The last guy said “Oh I don’t need anything”. The kid that had been in there for the hour started laughing. He said you will walk out of here with something; she will make sure of that.The 4th young man again said you will not find anything I need. I asked the other volunteer if she could help the other guys and I turned to the 4th guy and said lets have a talk. Everyone started laughing. He was half in the door and half out of the door and he started to leave and said we can talk out here. I said what are you scared of “ME?” He looked at me and said “OH I was going to play that card.” He came into the closet and I started with my normal list that always gets everyone. He was not going to take anything just because he knew I was working so hard at it. So we played this game back and forth for a while and then I noticed he did not have a pen in his arm pocket. I said you need a pen for writing. His buddies all chimed in and said “YES HE DOES” he always has to ask for ours. Before I could just turn around and grab one he was out the door. So of course I had to purposely walk out the door and give it to him as his buddies were all chiming in “SHE GOT YOU.”

We got everyone to sign out and he gave me a hand shake and hug before he left. Had to work had for that one, but my record still holds!!! LOL The young man in the closet was laughing when those guys left. He could not believe that I got another one.

I need everyone to keep all these patients in their prayers. I meet a man Monday that was not doing well. He was crashing right in front of me and there was nothing I could do to help him except get the doctor in the hallway.


This is from the nurse that was the escort that I told you about that I meet last fall while I was at the hospital.

Karen, I was laughing when I read this email because it is soooo you! You are a Mom/Sister/Buddy for anyone who walks in there…it is too bad you only get to be at “the closet” for a few weeks at a time…those guys need that kind of support everyday!

I pray for all my fellow soldiers over there- and please let the guys know that there are lots of us great nurses here stateside who will take great care of them OK?


2nd to
1LT Michelle XXXXXX AN, BSN 

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