Operation Popcorn and Blankets

Popcorn and Blankets
Popcorn and Blankets

Following their annual popcorn drive Talakto District of the Greater Alabama Council held what their Popcorn Chairman, Lynn Sevigny, called “Operation Popcorn and Blankets for Soldiers.”

This was an opportunity for local corporate organizations to support our service men and women that are serving overseas thru the Landstuhl Hospital Care Project (LHCP).

Lockheed Martin & Miltec Systems both made contributions to BSA by supporting the annual popcorn fundraiser to purchase 12 cases of popcorn to send to soldiers in the field and our wounded military personnel at the Landstuhl Hospital in Germany .

The remainder of their contributions was sent to Landstuhl Hospital Care Project to purchase comfort and care items for our wounded or to purchase much needed blankets for our soldiers in Iraq , Afghanistan and other locations as needed.

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