American Legion Visits

Oct 2, 2007

Today was a very busy day. We went through so many boxes from the warehouse it has to be getting smaller. The bad thing is that we also threw away a bunch of items. Most was expired food or toiletries.

A photographer and reporter came through today. They are with the American Legion. I had some things to tell them since I was not to happy with the way LRMC was portrayed in a letter by the Commander of the Legion, the President of the Auxiliary and the commander of the Sons of the American Legion. I was told it was a misunderstanding and done to help raise funds, but the backlash here cause major problems for those at the WWMC. Anyways those that know me knew I had to put my two cents in.

They took some pictures and asked why I was there to volunteer so it will be interesting to see if they use any of it.

We sent out about 13 boxes again today.

The nice part of the day happened after I left work. I went to the club on base for a beer. Four Army guys came in still in uniform. We found out they were from a Wisconsin unit and had been delayed in Germany overnight. Some of you may not agree with it, but a beer was bought for each of them, since it will be the last beer they have in a VERY long time. For three out of the four this is their first deployment. The youngest kid is actually the one who has served two deployments to the Middle East. They thanked everyone back home several times. They all have my business card so if they need anything we can help out.

Today I worked 10 hours in thanks to Maria Waddell who contributed to my trip.

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