Not Fighting Merely to Make The World Safe for Democracy

Well, the store rooms are looking fantastic. Our shelving did not come in for the new WWMC, so the shelving in the new WWMC can not be moved back to the store rooms yet, but they are cleaned and getting organized thanks to having 5 volunteers

Bins of New Items

this week so far. The patient load has been really light and that has helped with spending more time with the sorting, cleaning and moving of the old WWMC and the connecting store rooms. I mailed out about 32 boxes of excess supplies from LRMC to our contacts in the Middle East. There are 6 more ready to go and 8 more standing by as soon as they come from the warehouse.

This will probably be the last post before I leave as tomorrow is my last day at LRMC and the WWMC. I am leaving Kathi’s care tomorrow morning and will be moving in with a preacher and his wife. They will help me turn in my rental care and get me back to LRMC Thursday morning. Then I have a liaison who will be taking me the 1 1/2 to 2 hours to Frankfurt. We understand that there is some major construction between here and there now and so we will be leaving at 6 in the morning on Thursday to go to the airport.

Wall of adaptive clothing that needs a full day of work to inventory

I have had several people ask for pictures of patients. This is strictly forbidden and would ruin any chance of me returning to LRMC to work in the future. Sorry, but I won’t take that chance.

As this trip ends, as usual I have mixed feelings. I will be glad to get home. The air mattress is great, but nothing like your own bed and hanging clothes in a closet. However, I will miss the men and women that come through LRMC. They are young and old, man and woman, from every state of the union and even different countries around the globe, every shade of color God created us, but they all have one thing in common. They all took up the call of duty to serve and they need us to share in their suffering if only for 5 minutes a day.

More Bins to Inventory

Today at the bus stop, there was a heated discussion about the war between a woman who was obviously against it and some of the wounded and ill. One of the guys told her that he was not fighting merely to make the world safe for democracy, but he was there to protect the roots of democracy. One of the other guys today said that they are making a big impact with the children of Iraq. The literacy rate for Iraq is 40%. If they can teach and help the children, that is where the difference will come from. He saw big changes in Iraq and he wanted to go back after receiving care at Walter Reed.

Tomorrow will be spent finishing up the last little bit of the store room and I can only hope that the new shelves come in so that I can say I saw them on this trip and help complete the NEW and IMPROVED WWMC.

As Peg would say “As the Landstuhl Turns” has come to an end again this year. If I have internet access tomorrow, I will post again, but it will probably not be until I return home.


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