New Year

Troops in Harm's Way
US Troops in Harm’s Way

As we entered the new year with hope and optimism for peace & joy, lets not forget our fellow Americans in harm’s way. We can let them know we care in a big way by a small effort. Please visit our How to Help page.

Below is our first Troop Thanks for 2013. All LHCP’s Troop Thanks letters can be viewed here.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year



And Happy New Year again!

It is for us! Three (3!!!) more boxes of pillows arrived today!

The Soldiers love the themes on them! The non-theme are popular too. Besides sleeping on them, their are being used to make riding in vehicles more comfortable. The roads are anything but smooth and you can imagine that the suspension in these vehicles are a bit on the rough side.

I’ll thank you again – especially on behalf of those on the roads with hemorrhoids. We called the chaplain for him and his assistant to pick them up to push out to the 3 outposts around our Operating base!

The video games are a big hit too. Card playing doesn’t seem to be particularly popular.

You guys are the greatest.

We can’t thank you enough for all your kindness and gifts to our soldiers

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