Visit Landstuhl Regional Medical Center

Visiting your own family, friends, and coworkers when they are sick and injured is a great thing to do.  Patients must give the hospital their permission to release their names and locations, but in general it is good for the hospitalized patient, as well as the visitor.
If you are not a family member, personal friend, or coworker, Federal Law and regulations governing patient privacy have made “visiting soldiers” very difficult.  A member of the nursing staff must canvass each ward, asking if the patients mind having visitors they don’t know, and getting their permission in writing.  As the patient turnover is very high at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, this would rapidly become a full time job.
Large groups can create problems at times in providing care at critical moments. It is not possible to accommodate the many well intentioned requests by individuals or groups to personally tour wards and “visit soldiers” unless requested through USAREUR, USAFE or EUCOM Protocol offices.  In general, these VIP visits are composed of national or international officials, elected or appointed.  Examples are members of Congress, General Officers, Ministers of Defense, etc.
At Landstuhl, both patients and staff appreciate the spirit in which requests to “visits soldiers” are made.
The hospital is required by law, like every hospital in the States, to protect a patient’s privacy and do everything they can to make sure that individuals have the opportunity to begin healing from physical and sometimes emotional injuries.