Provided by the government

Why do you ask for items I feel should be provided by the government such as sweatpants, shoes, underwear, towels, etc?

I can explain why we send sweats, tennis shoes, underwear, sundries, comfort supplies, etc.

These items are not in the Army classes of the supply system.  These items have never been in the Army classes of the supply system.  It has never been the policy of the military to provide civilian clothing to military troops.  Towels are provided for inpatients by the hospital.  Out-patients purchase their personal towels or we can donate them so they do not have this expense.

The Chaplains’ Closet issues the donated civilian clothing because wounded warrior’s military clothing most of the time does not arrive at LRMC with them.  Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Brook Army Medical Center do not have the same sort of program LRMC has because they are not the initial port of entry to the medical system that LRMC functions as.

As you might not know most of the wounded patients arriving at LRMC are wrapped in hospital gowns or blankets.  Sweats provide them with something comfortable to wear that is not as revealing as a hospital gown (which is issued by the US government and the same standard you would expect at any civilian hospital).

Although the wounded troops do receive a $250 clothing voucher they can spend at the Army/Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) very seldom  are they able to use the vouchers because of the physical distance to a AAFES facility of any size (Ramstein AB is 5 miles away, Vogelweh AB is 10 miles away and Kleber is 20 miles away) until they reach the USA.   The USO and the Red Cross do not meet this need and so the Chaplains’ Closet run by the Pastoral Services Division does so with donations they receive by nonprofits such as Landstuhl Hospital Care Project.