Phone card needs at LRMC

I appreciate your interest in donating telephone cards to the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center’s Wounded
Warriors.  I also appreciate your concern about the sensitivity of the Army providing phone access to both in and out patients.  I thought it best to take a moment to explain the need to you.

LRMC in-patients are given a control number for one call a day with no limit on the duration of the call.  However, LRMC in-patient’s also have  friends and extended family members that are part of their primary support network that they want to update.  They also have friends outside of their downrange unit who they can’t call if limited to only one call per day.

This is why telephone cards are LRMC’s fastest turn over item that LRMC issues out to the wounded warriors.  The USO has graciously provided LRMC with up to 600 cards per month, but even with that LRMC has had some shortages but so far they have not run out of cards.  LRMC depends on donations without solicitation.

Their needs go out to the community in three ways. First perspective donors call them and ask what the needs are and they send them their “donor letter” highlighting their standing needs.  Second donors pass this information by word of mouth to other donors or groups.  Finally there are several web sites by organizations that publish LRMC needs such as the Landstuhl Hospital Care Project.  LRMC can and do make spot purchases of needed items from AAFES to include phone cards from funds donated to the Installation Management Command-Europe’s Chapel Tithe and Offering Fund Wounded Warrior sub account.
Unfortunately AAFES has been transitioning from per unit cards back to  the older more desired per minute telephone cards so LRMC has not been able to buy enough cards from them to cover some of the shortfalls.

Bottom line is that since the cards don’t have a shelf life and the  numbers LRMC use can vary each month by as much as 200-300 patients above their normal average of 750 patients a month they need a constant flow of donated cards.

The kind of phone cards LRMC is looking for are NOT international cards but the domestic 120 minute or greater cards.

Again thank you for your generous and compassionate concern for our nation’s Wounded Warriors.