Packages shipped each month

How many packages do you ship each month?

We send packages based on our sponsorship donations for each month and on requests from hospitals. We do not ship boxes to individual wounded. We would not want to give a pair of socks to someone who had lost their legs or pack a box with a CD player for someone that had lost their hearing. When I visited a VA hospital, we gave out toothpaste and toothbrushes. We ran across a man who lost part of his jaw and had no use for either of the items. So, we allow the Chaplains at the hospital to give out the items that each wounded need. If the wounded are able to walk or get about in wheelchairs, they are able to come to the Chaplains’ Closet to pick out the items that they wish to have.

Our donations/sponsorships in the past have allowed us to ship very large shipments in one month.  LRMC sometimes receives items that they do not require or that cannot be distributed under their guidelines. So Landstuhl Hospital Care Project only ships what LRMC or the field hospitals require on a month-to-month basis. Needs are verified before we ship or place any orders. Their needs can change very quickly due to donations arriving from other groups.

One month, LRMC needed sweat suits. They received over 2,000 from one supplier so they no longer required them for a while. The hospital has so many personal hygiene items that they are sending them into the field when they can find a group that needs them. One battalion in the field required personal hygiene items and within a month they were announcing that they did not want anymore and could no longer give it away because the American public had sent so much and they had nowhere to store it.

So in short, to answer your question, in our efforts to remain responsive to the needs of Landstuhl Regional Medical Center and the field hospitals we support, each month the size of our shipments are different due to requested needs and incoming donations/sponsorship.