What is a 501(c)(3 ) Charitable Non-Profit Organization?

It means LHCP has been recognized by the IRS as eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions (IRS Determination Letter.) It means that each year we must file a 990 with the IRS and be audited (our tax information.)

Why does LHCP not belong to Charity Navigator, independent charity evaluator, who works to advance a more efficient and responsive philanthropic marketplace by evaluating the financial health of America’s largest charities?

Charity Navigator works to guide intelligent giving. They help charitable givers make… more

I am wondering, is it possible to visit Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, even if I am not a relative of a patient at LRMC?

Visiting your own family, friends, and coworkers when they are sick and injured is a great thing to do.  Patients must… more

Can I send ” A Recovering American Soldier” or “Any Wounded Soldier, packages to Walter Reed?

The Walter Reed Army Medical Center will not receive letters that are not addressed to a … more

What is your non-discrimination policy?

Landstuhl Hospital Care Project prohibits discrimination in all its programs, services and activities on… more

Can you tell me about phone card needs at LRMC?

I appreciate your interest in donating telephone cards to the Landstuhl Regional Medical Centers… more

How many packages do you ship each month?

We send packages based on our sponsorship donations for each month and on requests from hospitals. We… more

Why do you ask for dark color sheets?

Dark colors will help hide medication stains and drainage from wounds.

Why do you ask for t-shirts free of logos and only particular colors?

Black and brown t-shirts can be worn under uniforms, logos prevent the wounded from being able to… more

Why do you ask for items I feel should be provided by the government such as sweatpants, shoes, underwear, towels, etc?

I can explain why we send sweats, tennis shoes, underwear, sundries, comfort supplies, etc… more

What is a litter?

A litter is a basket or frame utilized for the transport of injured persons; a device (as a stretcher) for… more

What is Down Range?

“Down Range” is the area between the radar and the ground projection of the target (for surface-based radar – vice versa if the radar is airborne and the target is on the ground.  “Downrange” is what military personnel in Afghanistan and Iraq call their area of operations.  In other words, “down range” could be anywhere, anytime, under any conditions.

What is a FOB?

A FOB or Forward Operating Base is any military unit used to support tactical operations without establishing full support facilities. The base may be used for an extended time period. Support by a main operating base will be required to provide backup support for a forward operating base.

What is a CASF?

Contingency Aeromedical Staging Facility provides extended care and prepares patients for transportation to a hospital in Germany.  CASF in Germany prepares patients for transportation to the US.  CASF is the point of disembarkation for all personnel needing air evacuation from Iraq. The CASF’s mission operates 24/7 to ensure patients are prepared clinically and administratively for air travel.

What does CCATT do?

The Critical Care Air Transport Team is a specialized medical asset that can create and operate a portable ICU on board an aircraft during flight.  The CCAT team consists of a physician specializing in an area such as critical care, pulmonology, anesthesiology, surgery, etc., along with a nurse and technicians.  The team can turn any airframe into a flying ICU within minutes.  The team can care for the critically ill or injured patients with multi-system trauma, shock, burns, respiratory failure, organ failure, and other life-threatening complications.

What is EMEDS?

Usually, consist of a medical staff of 25 but can consist of  as many as 85 personnel.  They are a highly mobile healthcare system, providing lab, pharmacy, radiology, blood bank, specialist care, primary care, surgery, and critical care.  Specialists can be added to the basic EMEDS capabilities. These include roughly a dozen specialties.  This transportable hospital in contained on about 20 pallets but the same level of care can be provided on a short-term from backpacks that this team carries.

What are common military terms?

DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms