More Than Enough

Today is the first day at the WWMC. I arrived at 0730. It was nice to have the chaplain walk in and see me and say, “Some things never change”. He was happy to see me there so early. He gave me the key and I went out to see what might have changed from my last visit.

Monday mornings are always a restocking day from the weekend, so I went to work on the boxer briefs and went looking for sweats. There are very few or , so it looks like that will have to be put on the urgent list. They also had no white large under shirts. I noticed that there are LHCP comfort pillows on one of the shelves and I stocked LHCP Edina High School Pj’s. It amazes me that even with our list of what not to send, people still think that they know best and send what they wish. They have 2 or 3 large boxes of ceramic coffee mugs with pens and candy inside of them. I guess they have been sitting there a while because no one wants the coffee mugs. They for sure have enough blankets for right now. So we need to send ours down range. In fact the patient that came in today did not take a blanket from the WWMC because she brought one from down range. I was going to try to remember who made the pillows from our group but I am going on 3 and 1/2 hours sleep and my memory is not the greatest right now but if you made blue and white stripe pillows they are on the shelf. Someone else made some pillows but they are not stuffed as well as ours and LHCP did a much better job. Thanks SoL!

Chaplain Assistant with Patient
Chaplain Assistant with Patient

Some of our duffel bags are still here. In fact one of them went out today to a Navy woman. Some of our LHCP pins are still here and so I put them in our duffel bags left on the shelves and they will go out with our bags now.

We need deodorant for men; please do not send any for women, as we have more than enough. We got a box in with about 7 in it and that is all that is in the box right now.

I read an article about LRMC having no reading material, CD’s or DVD’s. Well, I don’t know why this group would say such a thing, or what they think all the books and CD’s and movies here, are, but I wanted to come and check again for myself and they are misleading their readers. In fact, while I was walking by the bus stop there was a young man reading a Hunters magazine. I imagine that DVD’s are something that is always needed, but to say there are is a misstatement of the truth. Remember, non-violent, quality, not quantity, if you would like to send movies. Movies are needed at all CSH, BAS, EMEDS, LRMC and VA hospitals.

I left LRMC today at 12:30 p.m. so that I could get to security to get process through with my ID card. I also only got 3 1/2 hours sleep last night so I am hoping to get on the right schedule here quickly. I put in 5 hours today thanks to Ann and Cornelius Day and their contribution to my trip.

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