Monday, 16 January 2012 (Snail Mail)

Dear Friends

We at the Schinnen Commissary would like to express our heart felt thanks for your time and concern in our Military families here in the Netherlands as well as all over the world.

You taking the time to help our families make ends meet as well as your sincere efforts in letting them know they are in your hearts and minds.  We at Schinnen commissary take pride in continuing your efforts by putting these coupons to work on all products that we have available here and will continue to do so as we are here for our soldiers, airman, sailors and marines.  We will continue to try and bring them a bit of home with the products and services they have come to know at homes and with your help we are stretching their food dollar.

Let’s tell you a little about us, we are located in an area called the try-border as Germany and Belgium are our neighbors, we provide services to a large community from marines at the consulates in Dusseldorf and Totterdam to our NATO contingent of Airman at Geilenkirchen air base and headquarters Army Brunssum to include our American Civilian work force, Canadian allies, retires and their families, as you can see you have a great impact with your kindness to a wide range of folks here all trying to defend freedom loving people all over the world.

Again thanks from the people who serve those that serve and we wish you all the best.

Schinnen Commissary the Netherlands
Management and Staff.

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