Mom is watching

Jim Spliedt, Vice President

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blog #7

It is Spring Cleaning Day at the Wounded Warrior Ministry of both the Clothing Closet and onsite storage areas.  Several other volunteers showed up and everyone worked hard all day, ensuring that all the areas were cleaned and all the storage racks straightened out.  All of the clothing on the shelves was checked, organized to ensure everything was in the right space, and clothes neatly folded.  The bins with the hygiene items, such as toothpaste and soaps, were inspected for outdated items and wiped clean.  In the afternoon, all of the clothing shelves and hygiene bins were restocked.  As part of this effort, I helped move the clothing storage racks and scrubbed the floors underneath, including a few hard to clean places.  A chapter of the DAR generously sponsored to have the volunteer’s lunch catered.

During all this, we did have patients coming in and being assisted by the volunteers.  One young Marine had a broken leg and was in a wheelchair.  He stood up out of his wheelchair to look at some item of clothing, and a few seconds later Karen was telling him to get off his leg and sit back down.  When he stood up a second time, Karen gave him another warning to sit down.  Both the Marine and I came to the conclusion that it was like having your “mom” watching you.

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