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Soldier Down 2008

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Soldier Down Fundraiser
Fort Mohave, Arizona

Dear Sir or Madam,

Soldier Down
Soldier Down 2008

On October 18th, 2008 McCaa’s Enterprises will be sponsoring a charity event for the benefit of wounded American armed forces personnel. We are raising money and goods to support the Landstuhl Care Project (LHCP). The LHCP provides comfort and relief items for military members who become sick, injured or wounded from service in Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan.

Donated items are distributed to military patients at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, or are sent to field hospitals with needs that we have learned about from patient liaisons.

Many of the military personnel are grievously wounded and require long hospitalization and rehabilitation. The purpose of LHCP’s program is to enhance the morale and welfare of the wounded by contributing quality of life items such as sweat pants, sweat shirts, pajamas, lounge pants, boxers, socks, and seasonal jackets or coats. Combat Support Hospitals also receive items such as sheets, blankets, pillows, and towels. Each shipment that Landstuhl Hospital Care Project sends is sent in honor of a military member who has made the ultimate sacrifice and lost his or her life in service to our country.

We are approaching area business and individuals to help with our event by donating money, food, paper goods, raffle prizes, postage (to ship goods to the Virginia based LHCP) and any of the items listed on the attached flyer.

Soldier Down 2008
Liz Davis-Joyce and Rob McCaa receive certificate from LHCP Vice President James Spliedt

We hope that you can help us to help the men and women who have put it all on the line for what is still the greatest country in the world. Your donations will help our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines know that they are supported.

In exchange for your donation we can offer you publicized recognition at the level of press, radio and TV, as well as recognition during the event via announcements and printed materials (i.e., posters).

If you have any questions about our event or how to help, (or suggestions too!), please feel free to contact one of us at the numbers also listed on the flyer.

Liz Davis-Joyce
Lydia Smith
McCaa’s Enterprises – 1516 Courtney Pl Suite E. Fort Mohave

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