LHCP’s Visit to Germany 2019


From Wednesday, August 28th until Tuesday, September 3rd 2019, Karen Grimord, LHCP President and Donna Bolen, LHCP VP visited Germany to meet with three Landstuhl Hospital Care Project locations.

Karen & Donna with the DTC Staff
Karen & Donna with the DTC Staff

Deployment Transition Center (DTC)

It was undeniably clear that these ladies were on a mission. As soon as Karen and Donna arrived, they hit the ground running full speed. They met with the entire DTC team of 20 staff where the LHCP was recognized for all of their efforts and engagement. Next the ladies met with the leadership and closet representatives, they discussed the vision and expectations for the future of the organization. Then, they conducted a site tour and viewed the state of the closet. They accompanied the reps to the Ramstein Commissary to purchase a bulk of goods and supplies for the upcoming “surge” where 897 redeployers were expected to arrive within the upcoming month. These goods ranged from 4 pallets of water bottles to personal hygiene items like deodorant. The DTC found it difficult to imagine serving redeployers without the support and aid of LHCP.

DTC laundry items

Karen and Donna were highly engaged, with a hands-on approach they spent hours with staff dividing over 1,000 powdered laundry detergent bags and laundry pods (for sensitive skin needs) into 2 load baggies. They also dedicated a plethora of energy and time rearranging the DTC closet and stocking boxed goods. The selfless service and drive displayed by Karen and Donna served as a motivation and inspiration to the entire DTC team.

DTC closet
DTC closet

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