LHCP 2009 Scout Project of the Year

Jarom Jones of Ogden, Utah

Jarom Jones
Jarom Jones

I must say this is a great honor, thank you so much. I look forward to see you this coming month. The following is the small article you requested:

Since my early teenage years I have been involved in the Boy Scouts of America. To receive the final rank of Eagle in the organization, scouts are required to complete a service project showing their leadership skills.

Many of my friends who had received and completed their projects had chosen such service as cleaning trails, painting curbs, and food drives. Although all of these projects did great good for the local community I simply felt that none of them were right for me. I wanted a project that would not only complete the requirement for my rank, but one that I truly cared about.

When one of my mother’s friends told us about the Landstuhl Hospital Care Project I immediately knew this was the service I was looking for. I have a great love for my country and the freedoms and prosperity it provides; and I have great respect for those men and women who sacrifice so much to protect these freedoms. I quickly learned of the great work LHCP was doing for our men and women overseas, and how easy they made it for a scout like me to get involved.

With the help of family, friends, and the community I was able to put together a drive where we gathered everything from clothing to DVD’s for those troops in need. I believe that the project brought out the best in our community.

I was gratefully surprised to find how many still remembered our troops and were so willing to help. I know the chance to do my small part brought out the best in me as I was able to give back to those who have given so much to me.

Thanks again,
– Jarom Jones

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