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I do not like military training days.  The hospital staff is gone and it makes for some very long hours.  I went to work at 9:00 and left at 2:30.  This morning, I worked with a very nice couple from Utah that is here for 18 months with their church doing work.  We stocked shelves and straightened up.  Other than that, it was very slow.

It is interesting to hear stories from those that come through here.  I met a woman who was a state trooper.  She had never served in the military, nor gave it much thought.  She joined the Army a few years ago because it was something she felt she needed to do.  She is now at LRMC because her back is really bad.  She would like to stay in, but thinks that she will be told she has to leave her military service due to her condition.  Because the doctor had given her a shot in her spine, she was unsteady on her feet.  So, I walked with her to the barracks and carried the duffel bag full of goodies we had filled for her.

LRMC is in need of some small tubes of toothpaste here.  With Sharon’s work-a-thon for my trip here, LHCP has been able to purchase 5,000 tubes of travel size toothpaste.  I thank all of you for your contributions and I look forward to seeing if our goal is met.  Our shipment should last them for a while.

Judy B., thank you for the comfort pillows that went out on the shelves today.  I can tell you 4 of them went on the shelf and I remember one being camouflage fabric.

Our Kohl’s order of towels is still holding strong and more of them went out today.

We could use 3 or 4 pairs of women’s size 5 and 6 running shoes.  They must be running shoes.  We have many of the larger sizes, but once in a great while, a very small woman comes in and we need a smaller size.

We also need men’s small flannel pajama bottoms.  I would guess 15-20 pairs will be enough to last through the chilly weather.

The mother I met yesterday was back today.  We talked a while and she is doing much better today.  I gave her my contact information, so she can let me know when her daughter is back in the States.  I will go to Walter Reed then and see if we can help with any needs they might have.

I worked 5.5 hours today and wish to thank Alice Blanchard for her contribution to the work-a-thon.

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