LandstuhlHospitalCareProject 2011 – 2012


Landstuhl Hospital Care ProjectI am often asked why we are still shipping boxes since our troops are no longer in Iraq. It is easy we still have units in Afghanistan, Qatar, Kuwait, and more. Then I am asked well you must not ship as many boxes. As of this morning we have matched the number of boxes shipped all of last year and we still have just over a month left to the year. Many of our units explain that LHCP is the ONLY non profit supporting them. LRMC told CBS News that we are their largest supporter. Many non profits have closed up their doors or moved to different efforts. YOU have made it possible to continue to support our wounded warriors and those that provide care to them.


Karen Grimord
Founder, President and Packer
Landstuhl Hospital Care Project
Awarded Independent Charities Seal of Excellence
CFC #12282

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