Jesus Fonseca

Jesus Fonseca, Jr.—March 2008 Shipment Honoree

In Remembrance of Jesus Fonseca, Jr

Source: The Gazette
January 15, 2008
Jesus Fonseca Jr.
Jesus Fonseca Jr.

Jesus Fonseca’s father feared for his safety and did not want him to join the Army.  But the teenager could not be deterred. “He wanted to be somebody.  That’s what motivated him,” said his father, who is also named Jesus.  “He didn’t make it.  But he tried.”  Fonseca, 19, of Marietta, Ga., was killed Jan. 17 in a car bomb exploded in Ramadi.  He was stationed at Camp Casey, South Korea.  Fonseca emigrated from Mexico with his family when he was a young boy, in 1980.  High school English teacher Sheila Evans said Fonseca often helped classmates who were struggling with the language.  She recalled one phrase in a class paper he wrote about patriotism:  “I think the best way I can love my new country is to serve my new country.”  The soldier was married in December 2003, the same year he graduated from high school.  His wife, Marlen, lives in the Mexican state of Jalisco.  Fonseca had been in Iraq for seven months and was scheduled for leave in January, but it was canceled.

Soldier from Georgia dies in Iraq

Source: Associated Press
Military Times

MARIETTA, Ga. — An Army private from Georgia was killed Monday in the western Iraqi city of Ramadi, the Pentagon said Thursday.

Jesus Fonseca Jr., 19, of Marietta was assigned to the 2nd Infantry Division based at Camp Casey, South Korea. He died in a car bombing with two other soldiers.

His parents, Jesus and Gloria Fonseca, told WAGA-TV in Atlanta that their son graduated from Sprayberry High School and had been in the United States for 10 years. They said they would like to bring his body from Dover Air Force Base in Delaware to Georgia, then bury him in Mexico in accordance with his wishes.

Message from Jesus’s family.

Thanks a lot for the Honor! And so much thanks for keep Jesus in your memories!

I just updated Jesus’ guest book with some pics.

Best regards,

Minerva Serna & Paul Fonseca

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