“I see all,” “I know all,”

Most members of LHCP know I say things very straight forward so here goes.

I have a contact in Afghanistan that needs help with some children’s items.  Some of the items are for the military members to send to their own children, or read to their children over the phone and some of the items are for the local children when the unit goes on humanitarian missions.

LHCP will not take part in this mission so DO NOT send these items to me.  If you do they will go to Good Will.  However, if you have been in good standing (only sending the items we request for units is a good start) and a long time member with LHCP I will give you the contact’s name so that you can ship directly to this unit.

Some of the requirements I have when I do this through LHCP members is that you ONLY send what is on the list, you stop when the contact ask for shipments to stop and you please mention LHCP.  This contact will be given a list of those shipping to them for security reasons and will be asked to let me know if there are any problems.  Since I will be in direct contact with the military member down range as my grandmother used to say, “I see all,” “I know all,” so please let us help this unit but stay within the guidelines.  If any member of LHCP steps outside these guidelines, they will be removed from the group.  I have only had to remove a member once, but we have a great place in our military members’ hearts and I wish to keep it that way.

The unit is requesting:

  • Children’s books
  • Children’s clothes
  • Children’s shoes
  • School supplies

Again please stay with in the guidelines as they have a long list of items they DO NOT wish to receive anything such as candy, ADULT reading material of any kind, playing cards, etc.

If you wish to help within the guidelines and have been an ACTIVE member, please email me privately for the information.

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