Hug So Tight


Short and sweet tonight as it is late, I’m tired as I’m still waking up at 0430 and not able to go back to sleep.

Today was slow, but Sharon B., I wish I could have seen the expression on your APE recipient’s face today. I was walking to the clothing closet this morning and there were 2 guys sitting waiting for appointments. There are usually some of our guys waiting in this one area, but this morning one of them was sleeping. I smiled and nodded my head at the other one and then that light bulb went off. The bright idea one of course, but more the one like I can get away with some thing here. So I put my finger up to my lips like to say shhhhhh. I took one of the APES out of the bag, looked to see who the sponsor was, and VERRRY gently placed it on this kid’s lap. The older soldier smiled as I walked away. I LOVE IT when I get away with something good. I just wish I could have seen his face when he woke up.

Kathy has ordered our sweats; they are being sponsored by the Lorton American Legion.

That is it for the night, told you short and sweet.



It is so cold here. It never got above 21 degrees today. I’m freeezzzzzing. All the trees are covered in ice. It is supposed to warm up slightly this weekend (2 or 3 degrees) and the temperature is to get even colder the next two weeks.

I met Xxxxxx the other day. Very nice young man. You know they are either in pain or really just need to talk when they ask if they can sit. I had been busy all day, but everything just stopped when he came in and needed time to vent. I gave him one of the apes and he asked if he could have one for his wife who was coming in the next day. As he sat there and talked, he played with those apes. He was wrapping their arms around each other as to give each other a hug and back and forth. When he started talking, he seemed to be on the verge of losing it, but those little apes and talking calmed him. We talked for about 30 minutes before I had a patient come in for help. Xxxxxx hung around until I finished with the patient and said he had to catch the bus, but he just wanted to thank me for the apes. You know that was not the reason, so Dianne, for you baby, I gave him a hug, and he squeezed so tight I was not sure he was going to let go. I just held on until he did. I walked him to the bus stop and said goodbye again. (24 and missing everyone he loves and everything he knows as being normal.)

This morning I carried in another dozen apes. Each time I passed a military member in uniform, doctors, nurses, patients, etc, I would say, “I have a gift for you,” hand them the ape and keep on walking. The response after they looked at it was, “OH Thanks, how cute.” After getting the keys to open the closet, I turned around and two officers were standing there.  I gave them each an ape and kept walking. I was about 20 steps in front of them. I heard one of them say she must be Sandy from FL, and then the other one said no mine says NY. The response was then, “we won’t ever know who that pink ape woman was,” I had to laugh out loud, but kept right on walking. I’m so glad we did the apes.

I made rounds yesterday with our quilts and blankets that came in. What a hit!!! Especially the deer, beers, wolf, and woodland colored ones.

Today we finally got 3/4 of our long sleeve t-shirts in. All the rest of the shipment – pj’s, gold bond powder, winter jackets are in. I was starting to worry. The shelves look great now that they are all filled with the right items on them. We should all be proud to know that we put them there.

The 3 winter jackets donated from Stafford, VA came in and went out today. The guys loved them.

The Gold Bond powder was only on the shelf about 5 minutes when 2 containers went. Thanks Bernie.

The men’s lounge pants from MN, WOW are they going too. They were put out first, but the guys were dealing on them. I will switch this color for that color. We can always use more of them and in the small sizes too.

I want to thank all those that were stateside to pack for this shipment. It was so nice to not have to fold today, but straight out of the box to the shelf. LOVED IT!!!

Heads up, Monday will be a long day starting at 0530 and I do not expect to post Monday night. I will be with XXX before and after his surgery. This young man has a tumor. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Ginger, your Burger King lunches will start with this young man and when he is able to have his first regular meal after surgery.

Good night everyone


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