How Much Does It Cost?

I unpacked a box today from a U.S. patriot who has their heart in support of our troops. Unfortunately, I had to throw away more than half the box. There was crackers, loose candy, cookies and other snacks in with large bottles of shampoo, magazines and pens. The weight of the shampoo smashed the crackers and they were all over the bottom of the box. The cookies were flattened like a pancake and about one-third of the candy had become unwrapped. The large bottle of shampoo will not be used here, since troops are not here for long and don’t like to carry it home with them. The pen must have gotten jabbed in the side of the box and it was broken. The 2 puzzle books were good! All of that in a flat rate box and more than half had to be thrown away. Very sad!

A young man came in today and said he just wanted to look around. He looked and looked and when I asked if he was sure I could not help him find anything he said no but asked where did we get all of this “stuff?” I told him it was donated by non-profit organizations, church groups, boy scouts, girl scouts, veterans organizations and individuals that all cared about him. He asked how much did it cost? I told him it did not cost him anything. Good thing our heads are attached as his would still be rolling around in the WWMC. He said “really.” I said “really.” I asked him if he could now use some of it to stay warm in the colder Germany weather and he smiled and said, “Yes ma’am!” I believe this young man was just a little afraid that he could not afford all the things he found in the WWMC and was thrilled that people like those at LHCP were here to support him. I now know why LRMC is saying no more quilts or blankets. They have received so many fleece blankets that were just cut and sent to them. The ends are not hemmed and some of the sides are not even.

Tomorrow we are supposed to have some dignitary come in but I am not sure whom.

Well, it is late again and time to call it another night. 10 hours worked today in thanks to Karen Monk and her contribution to my trip.

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