Horseshoe Tournament

Horseshoes Stafford LHCP president talks with 1st Vice Commander Bruce Miller before event.Horseshoes-Stafford-01Brownie Conley looks over competition as horseshoe teams from all over Northern Virginia prepare to battle it out for “Top Dog” position and trophy.Horseshoes-Stafford-02Beck enjoying the day, without rain!Horseshoes-Stafford-03Looking for that perfect shot.
Horseshoes-Stafford-05JayMike and Brian check out how close that toss was!Horseshoes-Stafford-07Brian prepares to toss and hopes for ringer.Horseshoes-Stafford-08Mike Lee’s turnHorseshoes-Stafford-17Second round of shoes for play offs.
Horseshoes-Stafford-09Horseshoe teams battle it out 1st place.Horseshoes-Stafford-10Jerry Howard American Legion Department commander talks with vistors about competitionHorseshoes-Stafford-11New friends and great supporters!Horseshoes-Stafford-12LHCP volunteer, Sherry, exchanges raffle tickets for money.
Horseshoes-Stafford-14Ann, Evelynn and Francis help out at LHCP support our troops card signing table.

Horseshoes-Stafford-16Ron, Gary and Day all caught with food in their mouth. MUST BE GOOD!

Horseshoes-Stafford-13Sherry caught selling more tickets to AD Carter and his lovely wife.Horseshoes-Stafford-15Jim does great job cooking hamburger and hotdogs!!

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