His Condition Is Unknown


I just wanted to pass on to everyone that I have been able to see the work Karen is doing here in Germany at the Chaplain’s Clothing Closet for our soldiers. I stopped by to just say hello and she had a few come in. She sure does know how to work her magic with them. The ones I saw today were so appreciative of the help and thoughtfulness she gave them. One gentleman was in just to tell her thank you again for helping him at another time. Didn’t need anything, just wanted to say hello. So seeing it close up now I have to say this is a great program even though I had no doubt before, but seeing it in action is amazing. Also, she only has a week left here in Germany so I am sure will be busy making sure the clothing closet has what it needs and getting ready for the trip back to the States. I am glad I was able to meet her while she was here and will miss her. She is a super lady, 🙂 Ok I will hush just had to share with everyone.

Sheila R


Sometimes checking my email just sucks. I was getting ready to post an item of interest to you guys tonight and checked my email first and got a very short note from the mom of the patient that gave me the angel that I told you about. Justin was doing good and she had just come home after spending a week with him at the hospital stateside. It looked like smooth sailing for him other than rehab. The email states that he has had a stroke due to a blood clot. His condition is unknown. She flies in the morning back to the hospital. I had to reread the email several times to make sure I had it right. It could not be XXXXXX that she was talking about.

I will try the items of interest later.


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